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Dark, moody and magical kids rooms

Dark grey and black may not be colours you would think about for a kids room. While monochrome rooms are very popular, they always have a lot more white, much more than black. White rooms may always look fresh and bright but black rooms bring a different kind of magic and enchantment. Very dark colours can work so well for a kids room.There is something utterly captivating about a black kids room and if you don’t believe me yet, maybe you will after you see these rooms. They work for boy or girl and are also great for a...

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A Charming Dark Kids Room

Anthracite grey paint scheme may not be the first thing that springs to mind when decorating a kid’s room or nursery. We know it’s an unusual colour for a child’s bedroom. However, dark walls provide personality and give depth to any room. Today we show you a real charming kids room. Dark grey paint combines well with white floors and furniture. The String System (shelves and desk) or a big wardrobe look really stylish with this anthracite canvas. The delicate details are all over the room: the mobile, prints and lamps…They add decorating accents and brightness to the walls while textiles...

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Beautiful Blue Rooms with Mustard Accents

Blue and mustard is a colour combo made in heaven. Any shade of blue goes so well with this deep, dark, rich yellow colour. Blue rooms with mustard accents are especially fab for kids rooms. We love that this colour combo works great for both boys and girls so it’s also a beautiful colour choice for shared unisex rooms. And when done right, it’s a colour scheme that will grow with your kids. No need to update the room every couple of years. The very dark midnight blue looks dreamy with the mustard accents in the room pictured at...

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Phil & Phae’s Basic and Cool Style

We love brands with soul, those with an own philosophy which is an important part of their product’s identity. Phil & Phae is a great example of this wonderful conception. This clothing company, founded by a talented designer called Barbara de Jonge, started its adventure in August 2016 and makes us fall in love with every collection. Phil & Phae designs comfy chic clothes for baby’s, toddlers and kids up to 4 years old. Simplicity, soft materials and timeless shapes are the key of these wearable and modern garments. Phil & Phae creations are designed with attention paid to details, such...

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5 Fresh Nature Themed Wallpapers for Spring

There is something so incredibly romantic about nature-themed walls. And with all the real life spring blooms, we are feeling very drawn to fresh and natural wallpapers. If you’re in the mood for adding a sweet, feminine touch to your daughter’s room, we’ve found some fab nature themed wallpapers and murals to inspire you. In spring, it feels like these wallpapers bring the outside in. But even in darker wintry days, they feel like a breath of fresh air.  So you can’t go wrong with these kinds of wallpapers any time of the year. We’re loving the vintage crib...

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GobabyGo, Exploring the World in a Stylish and Safe Way

Baby clothes are really special as they don’t only need to be cute but also safe to protect our helpless little ones while they start to learn and explore reality around them. Of course, quality is a crucial element but an intelligent design has also a great role to play. GoBabyGo is the perfect combination of all these concepts. This brand knows how to create cool and trendy garments specially designed to protect them from the typical accidents (such as slipping on smooth surfaces), providing them with more confidence to face their development in a better way. Rubber pads...

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A Fairy Tale Attic to Rest and Enjoy

The Belgian designers from  Van Staeyen Interieur really know how to create a fantastic little kingdom for our little ones. They have transformed the attic into a great shared bedroom with its own play area. Space is divided into two atmospheres by a cubicle covering everything from the ceiling to the floor.  There are two beds at the bottom of the cubicle and two desks on both sides of the space. The upper part is the play area,  the perfect refuge for kids. There, they can dream and imagine lots of fantastic adventures! It can be turned into a house, a...

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5 Beautiful Blue Rooms for Girls

Blue for boys and pink for girls, right? Here, we think boys and girls can have any colour they like. And we especially like blue for girls. Blue is a beautiful calming colour that isn’t just for boys rooms. There are so many amazing shades of blue, from soft pastels to dark petrol blues. When it comes to blue, there really is something for every taste.  You can use a combination of lots of different blue shades or stick to your favourite one. We are especially loving the richness of the deep petrol blues in the room above. Whatever...

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Creating an Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Nursery

Finding ways to keep your family safe and happy is priority number one on any parent’s list, and those parents expecting a new little one are sure to be searching for ways to outfit a nursery with the most comfortable and secure features. Creating an eco-friendly nursery is simple and affordable, and finding cute, sustainable features is easier than ever. It’s also never been more important to focus on energy efficiency; keep costs low and your new bundle of joy comfy with a few energy efficient home improvements. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to...

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Top Instagram: @christine_simplybloom

Have you ever seen some pictures of an interior design and instantly falling in love? That is exactly what happened when we discovered @christine_simplybloom on Instagram. Her eclectic home is a perfect combination of handmade objects, potted cacti, furniture and accessories in natural materials and bold wallpapers. The colours, the materials and textures of a decoration tell us lots of things about the owners of a house and could communicate some sensations to us, in this case comfortability, happiness, slow life… So today we want to share with you this gorgeous house and an amazing Instagram account. We are sure you...

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Beautiful blush rooms

Blush is a colour that’s here to stay. The blush trend started a while ago but thankfully it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s such a beautiful, soft and stylish colour that works so well with many other colours but we especially love it with lots of white for a kids room. A little bit or a lot of blush in a white room not only makes it feel cosy and calming but it’s also a great way to add a bit of chic style without a lot of effort. It’s easy to add a touch of blush to...

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The Ultimate Guide of Toddler Beds

Feeling ready to transition from crib to bed? It can be a fun new step, and picking the right furniture will certainly help. By providing an encouraging and exciting environment we can ease this phase for everyone in the family. Making sure the new bed is safe is surely important, but so is providing a certain level of independence in order for the little ones to be able to get in and out of their new beds on their own — it’s all part of the adventure! We want to share a few ideas to show that what can sometimes be perceived as...

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