Dark, moody and magical kids rooms


Dark grey and black may not be colours you would think about for a kids room. While monochrome rooms are very popular, they always have a lot more white, much more than black. White rooms may always look fresh and bright but black rooms bring a different kind of magic and enchantment.

Very dark colours can work so well for a kids room.There is something utterly captivating about a black kids room and if you don’t believe me yet, maybe you will after you see these rooms. They work for boy or girl and are also great for a shared unisex room. And the bonus – your kids will fall asleep in no time!

The room pictured at the top sets the benchmark for dark kids rooms. There is no holding back here – pretty much everything is dark and moody. But the atmosphere it creates is nothing short of magical. It feels like a room where imaginations can go wild and any adventure is possible.


This contemporary kids room shows a completely different way to go dark.The walls are painted black and are striking but they’ve added a bit of white with the dripping paint effect. That not only breaks up the black but looks so cool too. READ MORE


A Charming Dark Kids Room


Anthracite grey paint scheme may not be the first thing that springs to mind when decorating a kid’s room or nursery. We know it’s an unusual colour for a child’s bedroom. However, dark walls provide personality and give depth to any room.

Today we show you a real charming kids room. Dark grey paint combines well with white floors and furniture. The String System (shelves and desk) or a big wardrobe look really stylish with this anthracite canvas.

The delicate details are all over the room: the mobile, prints and lamps…They add decorating accents and brightness to the walls while textiles add texture, warmth to this room.

Let’s see a room plenty of charm. Enjoy!




6 Colourful Kids’ Rooms Full of Personality


Scandinavian and minimal trends have been showing lots of cool black & white kids room that make us fall in love, that’s true. But, sometimes, we need to see vivid atmospheres full of bright and funny tones as those used by kids to paint. At other times, we want an intense colour on one wall to add character to the room.

This is why we have selected six different ideas to create colourful children’s rooms full of personality and joy.

Study Areas with Funny Colours


This room has been taken from @_saarke_ on Instagram and offers a great idea: filling the whole room with bright colours which are mixed. Pink, blue and yellow are the perfect option for the details included in a white room.

Fresh Pastel Kids’ Room


Delikatissen shows a kids’ room with lots of colours on its walls. They have chosen a deep pink tone, really difficult to combine. However, the result is amazing thanks to that white furniture and some yellow details.

Kids’ Rooms with Colourful Textiles


In this case, they have been able to add colour without changing the base, just including some colourful textiles. It’s a simple way of changing a room’s look. A white room can be easily filled with fun with some textiles, like these ones which inspire us (created by the talented Jacinda Malloy  from Hide & Sleep Stylist).

Kids’ Room with Intense Tones


If you want colour but with an elegant touch, choose restrained tones. Burgundy or red browns are very original and intense colours, perfect to be combined with natural wood tones and brilliant white. Walls like this one keep all the attention and transform the room into something really unique.

Blue Nursery


Although we know that pastel tones are everywhere, we can also go beyond trends and include dark blue tones in the nursery. Decorating a baby’s room is a great experience and, if we want something special and personal, it’s a great option. Take a look at the wonderful aspect of the baby bedroom with all those light garlands and yellow touches!

Tell me, do you use colours in the decoration of your home? Do you prefer bright or dark tones?

First picture via Art.com 

Discover kids rooms and nurseries in blue, green, pink, gray or pastel tones o our blog. 


Childish Tales: Ferm Living SS17 Collection


The Danish home décor brand ferm LIVING has just launched the new Spring / Summer 2017 Kids collection called ‘Childish Tales’ which celebrates children’s creativity.

“Sparkles, balloons and games in shimmering sceneries. The Ferm Living Kids Spring/Summer 2017 Collection tells tales of whimsical parties, playtime by the seaside and magical dreams. They are stories that reveal the special childish creativity that unfolds when the setting is right”.

This brand draws on the Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm. For ferm LIVING, simplicity, a subtle palette of colours, and a graphic edge are the perfect base for the little ones to unfold their imagination.

ferm LIVING SS17 Furniture: Little Architect Series


We have good news! ferm LIVING has added a new kid’s furniture series, called Little Architect. It includes a table, chairs, a bench and desk in five different colours — dark green, Bordeaux, dark blue, grey and rose — that match so that you can mix them all together for a playful look.

These modern, stylish furniture pieces are made out of ash veneers and stand out by their simple and clean lines. You can attach a pocket to hold crayons, markers, stickers and secrets. A beautiful and functional idea!


ferm LIVING SS17: Textiles

Green Little Architect Bench Ferm Living ss17

In the new series of textiles, ferm LIVING has explored new textures, as you can see at the Popcorn cushions. You can also find new patterns for the bedding (Swan, Party and Seaside) and a new line in plain colours: Hush, for your children to sleep like a baby. READ MORE

When Wallpapers Add an Original Touch to Your Kids’ Room


Current trends consist of using white as a base to add everything we want to our children’s rooms but then there are several questions we have to face. How to transform those white walls into an original canvas?

Well, there are some ideas like this one we find at Gravity Home, with a wallpaper full of motifs, colour and everything we and our little ones love. When we describe walls as canvas, we are right. We can transform them into the picture we want. Do you like flowers? Take a look to this romantic and dreamy children’s room! This is only an example, there are many ideas, don’t miss them!

Enjoy Wallpapers in Kid’s Art Nooks


Spark your kid’s imagination designing an art nook. You know that crafts and art projects require a high dose of creativity so you can create an enjoyable atmosphere with a simple yet fun wallpaper and an original DIY  table.

Dream with Romantic Wallpapers


If you don’t really like flowers but you want a Romantic girls’ room with soft touches, add some whimsical wallpaper like this one designed by Mrs Mighetto, as Petiteinteriorco did. Black and white drawings that are almost unnoticed but with lots of stories to tell. READ MORE

10 of the Best … Polar Bears

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit


Image Credit: Boo & Bear

It’s winter over here in Europe – so what better theme than polar bears! Cute, cuddly and perfect for boys and girls alike, polar bears make a great unisex theme for nurseries and kids rooms, whatever the season.

We have hunted down our favourite polar bear finds, and here are our top ten:

1. Mr Sleepy Bear by Boo & Bear

Top of our list (pictured above) is this snuggly polar bear cushion by Australian brand Boo & Bear. Mr Sleepy Bear is made using soft merino wool felt with embroidered details, such as those adorable rosy cheeks and sleepy eyes!

2. Polar Bear Bedding Set by Lulu and Nat, and 3. Sleeping Bear Storage Bag by Tellkiddo, available at Bobby Rabbit.


This soft cotton polar bear bedding set is available at Bobby Rabbit and is hand-printed all over with hundreds of mama and baby polar bears! Made from soft cotton, it comes in cot bed and single sizes, and is perfect for both boys and girls. The sleeping bear storage bag by Tellkiddo is also available in store.

4. Felt Polar Bear Head by Fiona Walker England


Image Credit: Mocking Bird Store

The Fiona Walker felt animal collection is one of our favourites – and we were thrilled to discover that it also includes this polar bear! Hang him over the bed or on the wall for a fun feature that your child will adore. READ MORE

Toldina, Playful Chairs Inspired by Sunshades


Nimio — the company behind Toldina collection — includes a story and a soul in every single piece of their range of products. Francesco, the founder, uses all his love and talent to create amazing wooden furniture with lots of life and special spirits.

Toldina is a collection of lounge chairs and rocking chairs created with beech or pine wooden structures and fabrics that remind sunshades and all the concepts linked to them: summer, hot, sun, ice creams, fun, beach, friends…The fantastic design and quality turn this pieces into “that personal touch” every space needs. Simple aesthetics and colourful textiles make them suitable for all kind of atmospheres, don’t you think?



The collection includes furniture for both kids and adults so you can choose one of those little chairs for the play area or the kids’ room or the biggest for you (you won’t be able to resist it!).  READ MORE

Delightful Dotty Decor

polka-dots-room-top-image-1Polka dots have been around forever and they never go out of fashion. I love them for clothes, for home decor but most of all for a kids room. This simple dot pattern is so playful and stylish and can easily add bags of charm to a kids room. What’s more, they bring an instant sense of cheer and joy and always make me want to smile.

I love the idea of a dotty kids room where you have a feature wall of polka dots. There are lots of ways of doing this from wallpaper to wall stickers to hand painting the dots. And you can go for lots of dots or just a few. Whatever way you choose, you will end up with a beautiful and playful room. Here are some delightful polka dot rooms for kids to inspire you:


This dark green imperfect dots wallpaper make such a stunning feature wall. You don’t need to decorate with anything else as we can see from the picture. Add just one or two small decorations and you’ll end up with a space that is simple and striking. READ MORE

Decorate with Magical Fairy Lights


Every kids room should have a magical feel. The room should feel like a place where the imagination can run wild, a place where any adventure is possible. Things like hideouts, dark walls and inspiring artworks can all help create a magical room.  But my favourite way to add instant magic is fairy lights. These twinkly little lights don’t cost much at all and can so easily transform a kids room without any effort.

There are lots of ways to add fairy lights — from a straightforward chain of lights to something a bit more creative. But no matter what option you choose, those fairy lights will bring an instant touch of magic in to your child’s room.  To inspire you, I’ve found a few fun ways to include fairy lights:


Fairy lights and canopies are a match made in heaven.Whether the canopy is over a bed or in a separate corner of the room, adding fairy lights to it creates magic. In the room above, I love how they’ve trailed the lights over a picture, adding to the already magical crib space.


If you’ve got some Christmas fairy lights lying around, why not use them all year in your kids room?  I love this idea of creating an over-sized shape out of them. The heart shape is adorable but you can even create a moon, clouds, stars or anything you can think of. READ MORE

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Gorgeous Gray Rooms (that will calm any kid at bedtime)


Us parents often talk about downtime before bed.  A time when our kids can be calm and wind down for bed.  After all, we all want our kids to get the most restful sleep and this is only possible when they’re not too stimulated at bedtime. Creating a bedroom that is a calming haven is one great way to make sure your kids are relaxed at bedtime. The colour that does this best is grey — not just grey accents but a room where the dominant colour is grey.

Using soft grey tones works for boys and girls alike and also it’s a colour that your kids won’t outgrow. Not only does it create a calming space, it’s very practical too. Creating a grey room isn’t too hard either. I’ve gathered some pictures of beautifully simple and serene gray rooms to inspire you.

The first one pictured at the top has a matching medium toned grey wall with a very similar coloured bed, giving you a sea of grey. This look can be achieved with not much more than a pot of paint — paint the wall and paint whatever bed you currently have in the same colour.


This room uses a lot of different shades of grey from very light to dark. But the darker greys are used as accents and it’s the softer greys that dominate. It’s a very simple room with a look that anybody can achieve but yet it’s so stunning.


This room again uses lots of different grey tones but again the main colours are the softer greys.  The room shows us that grey can be as playful and fun as you want, which is ideal for younger children.  Those sweet grey posters and wall stickers add such a dreamy feel to this gorgeous grey room. READ MORE

Motoreta AW16 -17 – Standing Mobile

kidswear-motoreta-aw16-17-collection (2)

Motoreta’s novelties are here to remind that movement and changes are a very important element in kids’ lives. Everything is moving faster and faster while kids grow up to follow it. Theses concepts have been the key to create a dynamic collection plenty of funny details and infinite possibilities.

It is all about movement, about being changeable in appearance or mood but at the same time captivating the always curious child’s mind.

kidswear-motoreta-aw16-17-collection (7)

Vintage flowers prints and abstract graphics are combined with a huge choice of colours like navy, brown, blue or white to get wonderful designs inspired by Alexander Calder’s work. Natural shapes like plants or rocks are used as a source of inspiration to transform clothes into an ode to this changing and magic childhood every kid enjoys during the first years of his/her life.


We can clearly appreciate all the creativity and personality covering every single piece to make it special and lovely at the same time. That cosy look is like a warm hug at home because autumn is always a time to come back! Knitted garments, soft fabrics and quality materials to make them feel comfortable and warm during this new season. READ MORE

Baby Furniture Inspired by Nordic Style


Do you like pure Scandinavian style? Don’t miss this. If you are choosing the furniture for the nursery we bring you an interesting collection created by a new brand, Ollie’s Out. This Danish kids’ interior design company started its adventure with just some pieces of furniture inspired by the Nordic world. Pure soft lines and natural neutral tones for the nursery.

The subtle tones of the furniture allow you to glam up with charming bedding or changing gear of your choice. The furniture will simply create the luxury of clean lines and a calm base of the baby’s room.


The Ollie’s Out’s novelties include cribs and  changing tables. Both are really useful and functional in every nursery, in fact, they are the first thing we think about when we need to decorate a room for a baby, the perfect pieces for a baby’s room with a natural style. READ MORE

Cavalier Autumn / Winter 2016 Collection: Stardust


Cavalier is not just another kidswear brand. Their conceptual collections, full of references to street culture, music and art, and their playful, bold and accurate designed clothes make this label different and fun. Angela Chong and Perry Lam design comfortable and fearless clothes for kids.

The fall 2016 collection, titled ‘Stardust’, is strangely inspired by David Bowie. You can find literal inspirations like Ziggy Stardust’s lightning bolt makeup adorn the aptly named Ziggy Sweater, Leggings and reversible Aviator Hat as pockets and appliqués.

But you also can discover subtler arousals like the electric stripes from original Ziggy Stardust posters translate into tricolour, jewel tone organza layers on edgier pieces like the Stardust Motorcycle Jacket, Pants and midi Skirt.


As always, the collection is backed by CAVALIER’s signature grey tones and monochromes in easy to wear pieces like the Mars Dress — a kimono style midi with contrasting and overlapped cuffs and hem; Mars Cardigan — a reversible light and dark grey oversized, hooded cardigan; and the Spider Cardigan — the same cardigan turned jedi-esque in a slubbed wool blend. READ MORE

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Cosy and Imaginative Reading Corners to Inspire You


How do you encourage your kids to read? I tend to buy lots of books and I’ve set up a wish list on amazon where I encourage my daughter to choose books herself. At home, I have learned that placing books where kids can easily reach the books by themselves, makes them much more likely to read them. Think low shelves or even books lined up on the floor rather than high up or hidden away in closed cabinets.  And lastly, having a cosy reading corner next to the books is a great idea. Creating an inviting book corner where you can curl up and read with your kids or they can read by themselves is such a lovely little space to have in any home.

Creating a cosy reading corner can be easily done in even the smallest spaces. Often, all you need is a small corner of a room which can be in any room of your home. If you’re looking for ideas on creating a cosy and imaginative reading space, here are some book corners to inspire you:


One of my favourite ways to create a reading corner is using a canopy like this one. This can be added to a corner in any room and won’t take up much space at all.  Add a few cushions or a soft, squishy rug and your dreamy corner is ready.


An open space with a few low bookshelves works really well too.  I love the cute little decor touches they’ve added here to make the space inviting and fun. READ MORE


The Best in Botanical Wall Art for Children’s Interiors

Post by Deonne Rowland from Odd Sock, Odd Shoe

By Garmi print & card

The botanical design trend is everywhere in interiors at the moment – from frond-heavy wallpaper designs providing a busy background to simple schemes to snake plants in belly baskets in pared-back, natural nurseries – and it’s easy to see why. Adding botanical details, whether in abundance or tasteful moderation, brings a feeling of lightness and calm to all interiors and perhaps children’s rooms especially. Here’s my take on the best in botanical wall art to bring in some lightness and calm to your own nursery, child’s room or playroom.

Tree House print by Scout Editions

Tree House print

I like the smallness of this print in the A5 version as it emphasises the smallness and hidden-away-ness of a tree house itself. This would look sweet either nestled among other objects (or plant life, as here) on a shelf or as centrepiece art on a neutral wall in a minimalist scheme with dark wood details.

Monstera leaf in pine by Lala Loves Décor

Monstera leaf in pine

Beloved for its graphic, ‘swiss cheese’ shape, the monstera leaf is the star of a wide range of prints and textiles at the moment, and this substantial pine version is my favourite of all. The leaf is earthy and solid and works particularly well in neutral schemes where taupes, ivories and greys are offset against natural, textural materials such as pine or beech; cork or rattan.

My Deer Art Shop String of Pearls postcard

String of Pearls

This is available as part of a set of three botanical-themed cards in A5 or as an A3 print and captures all the spindly, spidery charm of the plant it depicts. To echo that delicate feel, lightly fix to the wall with white washi tape or place it behind the trailing tendrils of your own pearl plants.

Moebe oak frame

Moebe oak frame

These two sheets of acrylic glass with a frame free of all superfluous detail are a mini marvel of good design. Combine with a microwave flower-press and create your own changing displays of floral art. I’ve used nigella flowers here to create what my five year-old calls a ‘blue flower tree’ – lavender, poppies and almost any other flower you love would make equally good flower trees for your own little people.

(The  Moebe Pinch peg is also shown here with a floral illustration by Maartje van de Noort.) READ MORE

Favourite Five…Kids’ Beds

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit

JUJUZOZO-kids-roomImage Credit: Jujuzozo

When it comes to children’s rooms, the bed is the star of the show! After all, the bed is where they sleep and relax, so it goes without saying that it needs to be comfortable. And depending on the size of the room, the bed can also double up as a play area or den, or — in the case of loft or cabin beds — an invaluable space-saving piece of furniture.

With so many bed options out there, how do you choose?

Well, we have found five of our favourites to share with you today — favourites for different reasons as you will see, but all of them packed full of comfort, function AND style!

The House Bed

You many have spotted a few house beds around, and one of our favourites (apart from our own) is this stunning homemade creation by Jujuzozo. We love that it is low to the ground (perfect for toddlers and young children), and the irregular roof shape and chimney make it that little bit different… In addition, the soft grey colour is calm and peaceful: just what you need for a good night’s sleep! And by day, it makes a fun den and play space.


The Tree House Bed

MATEUSZ-MINIKINA-2Image Credit: Bedsign KidsMateusz Minkina

This amazing tree house cabin bed was designed by talented Polish brand Bedsign Kids. Cosy and light, with plenty of windows, the bed comes in 2 versions — a low version (with room for under-bed storage) or a slightly higher tree house bed, with room for a den or reading nook underneath:

MATEUSZ-MINIKINAImage Credit: Bedsign KidsMateusz Minkina


A Touch of Gold for a Kids Room


Gold is such a glitzy and glamorous colour. A little touch of gold goes a long way and can add bags of style to a room. But gold isn’t only for grown-ups.  It works so well in a kids space too, so I often wonder why it’s so under used in kids rooms.

The best part about gold is that it goes with any colour and any style of decor.  Mix it with similar non-metallic shades like mustard and yellow for an almost majestic vibe like in the room above.  Or for a more minimal look, try mixing it with dark blue-grey tones. Gold can be playful or sophisticated, full-on or understated – it just depends on what you like.

Here are 5 different ways to add a touch of gold to a kids room:


For a super stylish and sophisticated look, a subtle patterned gold wallpaper is a great idea.  Use it on a feature wall to create a focal point in the room like behind the bed as they have done in the room above. A gold wallpaper like this one works just as well in a nursery as in a teens room. So not only does it look super stylish, it won’t need updating for years.


For a more playful and less permanent look that you can update as often as you like, you can use gorgeous gold decorations dotted around the room.  Think gold pillows, posters, garlands, bedding and lights.


Perhaps one of my favourite ways of adding gold accents to a kids room is using pretty gold wall stickers.  These gold triangles look so cute and I love the pop of neon pink thrown in with the gold. Gold wall stickers come in so many different patterns including stars, dots and more so you could even mix and match a few different shapes to create your own unique look.


Most of the time, gold furniture can look way too heavy especially in a kids room unless it’s one carefully chosen piece like this chair.  The slim legs and slatted style of the chair keeps it looking fresh and minimal while adding a stylish pop of gold.


Gold isn’t just for girls. In this little boy’s nursery, they’ve created a simple gallery wall using gold picture frames which is another way to introduce a splash of gold in a kids room.  But they’ve gone a step further by having gold curtain poles which look so striking especially against all that dark blue-grey.

A little splash of gold goes a long way and adds a very special touch to any kids room, boy or girl.  Would you consider gold accents for your kids room?

Image credits: 1 | 2 | 3 – source unknown | 4 | 5 | 6 |

Nomita Vaish-Taylor is the editor of Ebabee likes, a style guide for babies, young kids and their mamas. She is a style loving girl from Mumbai who now lives in London. When she became a mum, she discovered the inspiring world of children’s toys, decor, books and especially clothing. Check it out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and say hello!


Mini Rodini PRE AW’16 Collection


Mini Rodini has just launched its Pre AW’16 collection and introduces you to some bunnies, wolves and GOTS certified bears. As always, you’ll find really fun garments for babies, girls and boys. And it is a little taste of the upcoming AW16 collection ‘Young and Free in Alaska’.

Mini Rodini offers playful and humorous sustainable clothes for all kids 0–11 years. This Stockholm-based brand stands out for its high quality and quirky pieces and prints. They feel it is important that children have clothes that match their own mood and creativity while offering comfort and functionality.


mini-rodini-preaw16-bear-tshirtmini-rodini-preaw16-bunny-collar-dressOr favourites are the bunny collar dress (with fun pink bunnies printed all over), the t-shirt with a blue bear face printed at front and, of course,  the amazing wolf sweatshirt jacket. You can also find some great basics in plain colours, for these season in pink, black, and dark blue.

Mini Rodini is represented in over 500 selected locations aside from the seven owned stores and an online shop that ships worldwide.

+ info: Mini Rodini

Discovering Rafa-Kids, an interview with Agata Seredyn

Rafa-kids Agata&ArekSeredyn

Here at Petit & Small, we follow Rafa-kids since we discovered its F bunk bed some years ago. Rafa-kids creates modern, high-quality furniture for children (that parents will want for themselves). We like its clean style, its functional yet playful furniture, good designs with kids in mind. If you love its beds and dream with its K desk, you don’t miss the new pieces: four stylish and functional shelves.

We’ve always wanted to know more about this company, which has grown in a solid way while maintaining its essence and style. We hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did.

How did Rafa-Kids start? What’s its philosophy? Does Rafa-Kids have a specific target public?

We are Agata and Arek, both architects. The world of designing for children opened up to us after the arrival of our two sons, Frank and Robert. We designed the first bed for our older son. After making it we received so many nice reactions and requests that we decided to start a small company. We called it RAFA after first letters of our family members.

Our philosophy is to make playful and high-quality design objects for children. We appeal mostly to urban parents who search for modern, minimalistic design.


Which are the aspects that parents must consider before choosing their kids’ furniture?

I would suggest considering the age of a child and their individual needs. Little artists who love to paint, cat and build will need different room corner than a quiet bookworm who likes to hide in a bed with plenty of pillows. Rafa-kids believes that the furniture should be simple and timeless. We advise playing with accessories which can better express each child’s personality and are easy to change.

How would you define your style? All that we can see on Rafa-Kids (pictures, atmospheres, blog…) is a reflection of your own harmony?

Modern and minimal. In our own home, we try to keep things simple with not much furniture and products. Choose well, less products but  good quality ones, which you will enjoy for many years to go, is our important motto.

Rafa-kids shelf M with K desk

Rafa-Kids is a family business that is growing step by step in a solid way. Although it’s known by its beds, it has included other furniture pieces like the K desk or the new shelves. How do you decide to include a new product and how do you choose it? Do you have any favourite piece?

Our son is sleeping in the bunk bed and he loves to read in bed. Each evening he was throwing his magazines and books on the floor before sleep! There was no place for a night lamp next to the bed. We needed to do something about it. That’s how the small S shelf from our new collection was born. We also learn from our customers’ feedback and requests.

My favourite furniture from Rafa-kids collection is the R toddler bed, Arek likes the most the sophisticated K desk and the kids, of course, love their beds. READ MORE

Wicker Beds and Cribs for Kids


Via Milkmagazine

Is there any better way of creating a vintage kids’ room than the addition of these wicker beds and cribs? This material was used by our grandmas in those baskets we have always seen around us. Well, they have come back as a cool trend.

This kids’ room is a peaceful space, provided you are going to spend a lot of time there while you take care of kids you should better create a cosy and family warm atmosphere. These lovely wicker beds show that vintage touch which makes us fall in love at the first sight. It’s really surprising when we add some modern textiles plenty of colour and prints. There are lots of ideas to use wicker as the focus of attention, don´t miss all this inspiration!

Natural Wicker Crib


Via Thegracetales

Natural kids’ rooms are really in so we love all those spaces with wood, knitted fabrics and also with wicker. In this case they wanted to add a “forest look” with that great wallpaper with trees which is perfectly mixed  with the tones of the crib. There are other matching details like the basket, the wooden horse or the mobile of the crib made with branches. READ MORE