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New Romantic Ideas for Nursery Lighting

Nowadays, lighting means a lot more than putting a simple lamp in your children’s room. There are thousands of ideas, even camouflaged ideas which don’t seem like lamps until you turn them on. Most importantly, we’ve got ideas that will not only bring light into your little one’s dreams but also serve as decoration during the day. So make sure to write some of these original and romantic lighting ideas down. The cloud-shaped lamp by Leblogdemadamec is a perfect example of a small and creative decorative detail. Shaped Fairy Lights What if we took simple fairy lights and transformed them into something fun? We...

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A Romantic Girl’s Room with Vintage Accents

Vintage and romantic looks? Bring them our way! If you love to daydream you might really enjoy this children’s room’s bucolic decoration by Ursula from  Room to Bloom. For this girl’s room, she opted for a soft grey-based style with pink and vintage accents. We love the combination of colours, wallpaper and pretty furniture pieces she has put together in one single children’s room. Most of the furniture is white, but Ursula added warmth with some natural timber and lots of sweet décor accessories: fairy lights, a sheepskin rug, some prints and beautiful handmade dolls. Play Corner in Soft Shades...

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Kids’ Room with Chic and Romantic Look

Wake up your most romantic and dreamy side to enjoy this romantic room! This girls’ room shows a lot of charm with very chic and trendy details combined with vintage ideas and a fresh and inspiring style full of romanticism. Flower details are almost a must and we can find them everywhere: on the deer on the wall, on the little tablecloths and also on the bedding. This romantic and chic space is plenty of vintage touches and everybody will fall in love with it! Kids’ Room for Girls with Flower Print Canopies above the bed are really romantic...

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Soft and Romantic Dolls for your Kids’ Room

We really like those soft toys for the kids’ room! They create a cosy and tender feeling that anybody can’t resist! Furthermore, kids love them and are always playing with them. If you are looking for those little details to turn the kids’ room into a more special space, here you are the lovely dolls and mobiles for babies by Ilka. All those dolls seem to be asleep and provide lots of peace to the atmosphere. They are romantic dolls plenty of that carefully handmade style. They are the perfect decoration for every corner, thanks to those soft colours...

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Pemberley Rose, Romantic Creations to Wrap Kids’ Dreams

We are always talking about beautiful vintage rooms. We really love that magic charm present in every single colour and whimsical piece included in it. Pemberley Rose is the perfect example of this spirit. This American brand offers a huge choice of kids’ bedding, fine wall art and wallpapers and toys for kids. All of them show a great European influence plenty of elegance and delicate hints. Everything started when Erica, the brand’s founder, designed a ballerina for her daughter’s birthday party. Everybody loved it and was then when she started to think about the project. After 10 years...

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Milou & Pilou, a Romantic Touch in Kids’ Fashion

“Don’t try to make me grow up before my time…” (Louisa May Alcott, Little Women; 1868) This is the sentence which opens the brand’s introduction in their last catalogue. It’s a perfect description of Milou & Pilou’s spirit. Innocence, nostalgia and old romantic stories, created with their characteristic Liberty dresses, are showed in every single design of this special brand for dreamer girls. They mention that lovely story, Little Women, as their inspiration source, do you remember it? Four girls and their mother living in that charming antique house, wearing those amazing dresses…Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy’s personalities are...

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How to Decorate a Kids Room with Pink: Ideas to Try

We know that pink is usually limited to girls’ rooms and it’s the most typical option so it doesn’t seem original, at all. But here we are to show you that pink world doesn’t have to be boring or oversweet. It can also be a funny, trendy and romantic colour. Pay attention to all the ideas to decorate kids’ rooms with pink. Homes to Love shows us how to use pink in a very cool way. Pastel tones, typical of the Scandinavian style, grey touches and modern details such as teddy heads and kids’ posters created by Mrs. Mighetto....

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Mix and Match Vintage Rooms that Ooze Charm

If you love your vintage kid’s rooms, you’re in for a treat today. We are big fans of vintage, especially the more eclectic looks which mix and match, without any rules. We love that nothing is off limits in a vintage room – a great opportunity to express your creativity and your individual style. For a vintage style room, you can get your pieces from anywhere — sometimes for free or for a bargain from a thrift store or flea market.  You can also find old fabrics and turn them into curtains, bed covers, cushions, garlands and so much...

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Mjelkebart: Colour, Magic and Lots of Imagination

We are always trying to find special cute things to create a fantastic reality for our little ones. Mjelkebart is one of those companies whose only purpose is offering us the most gorgeous and original stuff. Marianne, the founder, is a talented illustrator and a happy mum who is sharing all her art with the rest of the world through all the posters and cards you can find on the shop. Wonderful and funny characters who will fill all their spaces with joy and magic. Imagination and creativity are the perfect roommates for your children. All of those bright...

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Pixersize Brings New Wallpapers to Fill Your Walls with Cool Designs

Wallpapers are an easy way to create a new atmosphere without spending a lot of time or money. Nowadays, we have lots of different designs to choose from. Everything you can imagine can be turned into reality! Pixersize is one of those brands which can transform your kids’ room into a magic and special place where they can dream and grow up happily. They offer a huge choice of products including wall murals, prints, posters, stickers…Everything you may need to change every kind of space! As you can see in the pictures, wall decoration can be the key to get...

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5 Funny Kids Crafts for Valentine’s!

Once again, February fills everything with red and pink tones, hearts and little lovely Cupid. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to wake up your kids’ creativity while you create unique and special presents for everybody. This time, we get some ideas from The House that Lars Built and Tiny Prints. As you will see, both of them offer the most original and beautiful crafts to surprise everybody. Do you want to discover them? Do you want to discover them? Read on! Hot Air Balloon Piñata As we know, love is in the air, is there a better way to...

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Charming Vintage Desk Spaces

Are you looking for ideas to create a desk space for your child? We are in love with the idea of a vintage desk space. There is something so romantic and charming about vintage furniture. It feels like every, single piece has a story to tell about its past life. Apart from the charm and beauty, vintage furniture mixes so well with modern decor. So even if your home is modern, a few vintage pieces here and there will add to the beauty of the room.  And none more so than vintage desks. They can be placed in a...

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