A Romantic Girl’s Room with Vintage Accents


Vintage and romantic looks? Bring them our way! If you love to daydream you might really enjoy this children’s room’s bucolic decoration by Ursula from  Room to Bloom. For this girl’s room, she opted for a soft grey-based style with pink and vintage accents. We love the combination of colours, wallpaper and pretty furniture pieces she has put together in one single children’s room.

Most of the furniture is white, but Ursula added warmth with some natural timber and lots of sweet décor accessories: fairy lights, a sheepskin rug, some prints and beautiful handmade dolls.

Play Corner in Soft Shades



Room to Bloom is showing us in detail all the great corners in this romantic children’s room. They have wisely selected this gorgeous children’s wallpaper in beige and brown shades, but there are many more interesting things we’ve spotted. Our favourite: the adorable play corner. It features some DIY wooden boxes for toy storage (they’re vintage apple crates on castors) and a teepee which could become the new favourite reading nook. READ MORE

Kids’ Room with Chic and Romantic Look


Wake up your most romantic and dreamy side to enjoy this romantic room! This girls’ room shows a lot of charm with very chic and trendy details combined with vintage ideas and a fresh and inspiring style full of romanticism. Flower details are almost a must and we can find them everywhere: on the deer on the wall, on the little tablecloths and also on the bedding. This romantic and chic space is plenty of vintage touches and everybody will fall in love with it!

Kids’ Room for Girls with Flower Print


Canopies above the bed are really romantic but if we have a wrought-iron bed, the effect is even better. Kids will love that girly room which is not boring at all. They have mixed trendy ideas like the raffia rug or the wicker chair with white furniture and vintage ideas. From the flower printed wallpaper to that lamp and its great flower print. Everything reminds a soft and charming world. READ MORE

Soft and Romantic Dolls for your Kids’ Room


We really like those soft toys for the kids’ room! They create a cosy and tender feeling that anybody can’t resist! Furthermore, kids love them and are always playing with them. If you are looking for those little details to turn the kids’ room into a more special space, here you are the lovely dolls and mobiles for babies by Ilka.


All those dolls seem to be asleep and provide lots of peace to the atmosphere. They are romantic dolls plenty of that carefully handmade style. They are the perfect decoration for every corner, thanks to those soft colours and materials like cotton, furry collars and those beautiful tutus. READ MORE

Pemberley Rose, Romantic Creations to Wrap Kids’ Dreams


We are always talking about beautiful vintage rooms. We really love that magic charm present in every single colour and whimsical piece included in it. Pemberley Rose is the perfect example of this spirit. This American brand offers a huge choice of kids’ bedding, fine wall art and wallpapers and toys for kids. All of them show a great European influence plenty of elegance and delicate hints.

Everything started when Erica, the brand’s founder, designed a ballerina for her daughter’s birthday party. Everybody loved it and was then when she started to think about the project. After 10 years working for other companies, she was now ready to create her own project. Later, she realizes that elegant bedding sets for kids were too simple and she started to dream about wrapping children’s dreams with romantic and cute designs.

Motifs like vintage motorcycles, Eiffel Tower or ballet dancers make us remind those Romantic scenes of European poetry and old films. These hand-painted illustrations are an extra chic touch to turn their room into a very special space.

Rocking Horse Crib Fitted Sheet


Via Pemberley Rose

This unisex cotton sateen fabric will be the most elegant scene to live their best dreams. All those rocking horses take us to a fantastic vintage tale, don’t you think?

Velvet Trim Linen Quilt


Via Pemberley Rose

Nordic style is also a must. Black and white is perfect for both kids and babies and it can’t be more stylish. There’s no doubt that this quilt is a perfect for every atmosphere! READ MORE

Milou & Pilou, a Romantic Touch in Kids’ Fashion


“Don’t try to make me grow up before my time…” (Louisa May Alcott, Little Women; 1868)
This is the sentence which opens the brand’s introduction in their last catalogue. It’s a perfect description of Milou & Pilou’s spirit. Innocence, nostalgia and old romantic stories, created with their characteristic Liberty dresses, are showed in every single design of this special brand for dreamer girls.

They mention that lovely story, Little Women, as their inspiration source, do you remember it? Four girls and their mother living in that charming antique house, wearing those amazing dresses…Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy’s personalities are present in this collection to bring kids back to that romantic and silent world, far away from stress and kids who become adults too soon.


In spite of being inspired by that romantic season, their clothes are really cool and we can appreciate this chic touch of country that we really love. It reminds us that joy, that happiness that wrapped everything when you were a kid running free across the countryside during those magic autumn afternoons… Everything seemed so special: colours, smells, feelings… READ MORE

Childish Tales: Ferm Living SS17 Collection


The Danish home décor brand ferm LIVING has just launched the new Spring / Summer 2017 Kids collection called ‘Childish Tales’ which celebrates children’s creativity.

“Sparkles, balloons and games in shimmering sceneries. The Ferm Living Kids Spring/Summer 2017 Collection tells tales of whimsical parties, playtime by the seaside and magical dreams. They are stories that reveal the special childish creativity that unfolds when the setting is right”.

This brand draws on the Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm. For ferm LIVING, simplicity, a subtle palette of colours, and a graphic edge are the perfect base for the little ones to unfold their imagination.

ferm LIVING SS17 Furniture: Little Architect Series


We have good news! ferm LIVING has added a new kid’s furniture series, called Little Architect. It includes a table, chairs, a bench and desk in five different colours — dark green, Bordeaux, dark blue, grey and rose — that match so that you can mix them all together for a playful look.

These modern, stylish furniture pieces are made out of ash veneers and stand out by their simple and clean lines. You can attach a pocket to hold crayons, markers, stickers and secrets. A beautiful and functional idea!


ferm LIVING SS17: Textiles

Green Little Architect Bench Ferm Living ss17

In the new series of textiles, ferm LIVING has explored new textures, as you can see at the Popcorn cushions. You can also find new patterns for the bedding (Swan, Party and Seaside) and a new line in plain colours: Hush, for your children to sleep like a baby. READ MORE

Pastel Nursery with Trendy Accessories


Even though we often select a few thoughts on a piece of furniture or how to decorate the wall of a children’s room, sometimes we like to focus on one special room like this one we’ve found on Babiekinsmag. A delicate and romantic nursery with plenty of ideas we’ve enjoyed and we would like to share with you. Check it out! We think there will be many details you will love. Overall, it’s a room we adore and we wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Delicate furniture for the nursery


Is there anything more romantic than a crib with a hanging canopy? It’s hard to imagine! Decorating with canopies is a fantastic idea since you can repurpose them once the baby is older and use it to create a reading and resting nook. An accessory we’ve grown to love more and more since it brings such a romantic touch to any children’s room. In the one we’re showing you here, they’ve picked a soft pink shade and they’ve added a silver star wreath.


There are also plenty of cool storage ideas in this children’s room. If you still haven’t bought a wardrobe because it seems a bit early, you can always store your baby’s clothes by hanging them on this practical wooden rack. It’s truly easy to put together! Very accessible and you can organise them as you wish. Overall, we feel quite inspired by the thought behind this practical idea: turning an organisational item into a decorative one.

Small accessories in pastel shades


You can see some of the currently most sought after accessories on the walls of this nursery – time to note them down and get them all! For example, notice the original tapestry with ethnic vibes, designed in wool and other materials. They also have pompoms and tassels and you will find them in different colours and patterns so you can pick the one that fits your nursery’s style. READ MORE

7 Amazing Kids’ Wooden Beds


Wow! We really love wooden furniture! This material offers lots of options and it’s one of the great classics which are updated once and again with new designs full of that characteristic warmth. You know that a wooden kids’ bed is a wonderful idea but don’t see it as a classic and basic piece, it’s much more than that. Nowadays, there is a huge choice of styles so we have lots of ideas to inspire you, all of them are special and different.

Let’s start with that beautiful blue bed that mixes vintage style and current look to get a Bohemian and cool kids’ bedroom. Do you want more ideas? Here you are!

Original Wooden Beds


Kinder Kamer Stylist shows Tinta Luhrman‘s kid’s room that no only includes a bed but a complete piece of furniture attached to it. It’s a really original idea! They have mixed a canopy and some storage furniture to get a functional and nice piece.

House-Shaped Kids’ Beds


We all love feeling at home so there isn’t a better design for a kids bed! As these twin beds from Archdaily, they are perfect to create the dream refuge for your little ones! READ MORE


When Wallpapers Add an Original Touch to Your Kids’ Room


Current trends consist of using white as a base to add everything we want to our children’s rooms but then there are several questions we have to face. How to transform those white walls into an original canvas?

Well, there are some ideas like this one we find at Gravity Home, with a wallpaper full of motifs, colour and everything we and our little ones love. When we describe walls as canvas, we are right. We can transform them into the picture we want. Do you like flowers? Take a look to this romantic and dreamy children’s room! This is only an example, there are many ideas, don’t miss them!

Enjoy Wallpapers in Kid’s Art Nooks


Spark your kid’s imagination designing an art nook. You know that crafts and art projects require a high dose of creativity so you can create an enjoyable atmosphere with a simple yet fun wallpaper and an original DIY  table.

Dream with Romantic Wallpapers


If you don’t really like flowers but you want a Romantic girls’ room with soft touches, add some whimsical wallpaper like this one designed by Mrs Mighetto, as Petiteinteriorco did. Black and white drawings that are almost unnoticed but with lots of stories to tell. READ MORE

Minimuhuu Covers Your Little Ones’ Dreams


Bedding is a very important element in every kids’ bedroom, especially in the first years of their lives when they spend a lot of time in contact with sheets and blankets. This is why quality is so important. Their soft skins must be covered with the best materials and the most comfortable fabrics to guarantee their security and welfare.The French brand Minimuhuu offers a cute choice of 100% organic linen bedding collections to take care of your little sleeping beauty!


As we have mentioned above, quality is a key concept, but we must also consider design if we want to keep the atmosphere we have carefully designed for them. Every detail is important and bedding can also be an opportunity to add a special touch or just to complete a fantastic look.



These simple and cosy designs from Minimuhuu will be the perfect complement for both Scandinavian and romantic rooms in soft tones where simplicity and calm are the main concepts. They will also work great in bohemian kids rooms — relaxed and filled with a mix of colours and patterns.

Sweet and soft muted tones and graphic motifs such as stars and arrows (inspired by the American Indians’ culture) will make you fall in love with every single piece. These features make them suitable for nurseries, toddlers and kids’ bedrooms and their quality can guarantee a long lasting product so you won’t have to replace them in a couple of years! Quality and design are always a good investment, don’t you think? READ MORE

Kids’ Room for a Girl with a Dreamy Spirit


Welcome romantics and dreamers because you will love every single detail of this girl’s room. Everything is wrapped by a nostalgic halo, from those light textiles around the bed to the wonderful flower vintage wallpaper. If you add some soft touches and antique furniture, you get the perfect space for dreamers. Do you want more details?

Charming Room for Girls


The bed might seem a bit boring without its structure but that improvised tent created with light textiles avoids this effect. The colourful garland is always great both to decorate the walls, for play areas or for beds. We think they are perfect for every place, especially if they are funny and colourful like this one.


Natural Wood Bedroom with a Cool Desk


Today we show you a pretty girl’s bedroom decorated in soft neutral tones and natural wood. This room designed by the French stylist Estelle Williot is plenty of sweet accessories: fairy lights, paper lanterns, textiles in light shades, and lots of wood details.

As we’ve said in other posts, wood is one of the most beautiful materials to use in a kids room. You can opt for a Scandinavian or minimal style or add romantic touches to the space. Wood is a good choice for any style of decoration. Hope this children’s room could provide inspiration for your child’s next bedroom update.

Natural wood children’s bedroom


 Children’s bedrooms with wood floors already scream nature, but if we add a wooden bedframe with a rustic touch and we use logs instead of bedside tables it will be the greatest combination.

Cool corners in children’s bedrooms


We have also found other interesting details for the rest of the bedroom: a beautiful wallpaper, an adorable wicker chair, the material which is taking over all children’s spaces, and also a clothes hanger made out of simple twigs. READ MORE


How to Create Special Kids’ Spaces with Hanging Canopies


We all know that we have to consider children’s needs when we decorate a room for them. It’s important to limit every area and its function to make their lives easier and help them to differentiate all the activities they can develop in that space. Of course, they will require a study, play and rest area but also a cosy place where they can play, read or simply relax. Hanging canopies are the perfect option to fulfil this need, they are not only cool but also a functional way to create their own corner to spend time with their friends and dream awake.

Today we bring you the most beautiful options to include this special piece in every single kind of atmosphere, getting always a wonderful and dreamy result. Are you ready to fall in love?

Canopies in the Play Area: Creating a reading nook


When kids are playing, their imagination wakes up to take them to the most fantastic places, a canopy will make them imagine princes and princesses’ adventures or stories about exotic places where they have their own kingdom. Include some cushions and a cute rug and you will get a perfect refuge! Magic is in the air!






Autumnal Tones in Kids Fashion


Autumn is here and, with it, comes a beautiful array of colours: red, orange, brown, caramel…These warm tones are easily combinable, and they look great both casual and elegant look. If you are looking for some ideas for your girl’s outfits or simply love seeing inspiring pictures, read on, because today we show you a beautiful kids fashion shoot plenty of autumn tones and lots of  poetry.

I have been impressed with the latest work from the Paris-based team composed by the photographer Mélanie Rodriguez and the stylist Deborah Sfez for the magazine Papier Maché, called By instant illumination. This biannual children’s magazine always surprise us with inspirational editorials and this is one of them.

In this kids fashion shoot, you can see some scenes featuring thoughtful girls, illuminated by a subtle light. So it would seem that we interrupt her thoughts for a moment. This editorial evokes delicacy, personality, and dream-like feeling at the same time, but also features some kids clothes combinations and stylings we really like. A seasonal colour palette is the perfect starting point for finding great clothes for your kids this autumn and winter.

kids-fashion-shoot-2 kids-fashion-shoot-3kids-fashion-shoot11

You can recognize pieces from kidswear brands we show you here at Petit & Small, such as the beautiful red dress from The Animals Observatory, the bomber jacket and skirt from Motoreta or the modern camel dress by tinycottons. Steal the look and blend tangerine and red tones with camel, blue or yellow and create a striking outfit. READ MORE


Amazing and Original Cribs for the Baby’s Nursery


Via Instagram

Tired of traditional cribs? You might want to check out these original cribs which push convention aside in favour of creativity. We will start with a boat-like ribbed crib topped with a sail-looking canopy. A fantastically designed piece which will look amazing in any baby room — enough to surprise everyone who comes for a visit! But we still have a few other creative items for you to have a look at.

Original wheeled crib


Via Thesocialitefamily

Have you thought about how useful a wheeled crib could be? What’s more, this baby crib looks totally cool with its grey shades and all the fun and colourful additions.The design is simple but its large wheels and colourful details make it very special. You can decorate the entire room around this item — in this case, with children’s wallpaper in grey shades and cute little penguins. READ MORE

10 Nursery Ideas You’ll Want to Steal


Inspiration everywhere! Sometimes, we find lots of inspiration in the same room and we can’t decide what’s the best one. Today we bring you some of the best 10 ideas to turn a nursery into a functional, beautiful place for your little one. We all know that everybody wants to have a charming space plenty of magic so don´t miss these ideas because they are going to help you to find all the inspiration you need to decorate a nursery.

Nursery Complements


Via Studioewa

If you like fashion and decoration, you know that a basic style can become a special one with suitable stylish complements. In this room, we can see good ideas like that trendy dreamcatcher. The canopy creates a very romantic and dreamy atmosphere with that light textiles with soft tones. Those mobiles for the crib can be made with different materials from fabric to wood. The amount of ideas is endless!

Natural Style with Wicker Baskets


Natural style is included in Scandinavian aesthetics that’s why we found really beautiful ideas like these vintage wicker baskets. They are perfect to keep toys and, furthermore they are long lasting and very nice! Add some of them to keep everything organized in a very cool way.

Party Lanterns for The Nursery


Via editionsdoa

Garlands are a must for us, now lanterns must follow their way for becoming a crucial part in every kids’ decoration. They are not only suitable for parties because of their colours and joy but also perfect for children’s spaces. There are as many designs that you will find those to complete your style. READ MORE

Story North, Once Upon a Time a Lovely Shop

story-north-mini-collection (6)

Fairies and wonderful Nordic landscapes and stories are the source of inspiration for Story North, a shop located in Southern England. We can see the North magic in every single piece and there’s no doubt that inspiration and dreams are its speciality!

Everything from little toys to decorative items is made with natural materials so they help us to fill our home with all the energy and peace we can find in nature. What a wonderful way to turn a kids’ room into one magic scene plenty of charm!

story-north-mini-collection (2)

We really like those clean and sophisticated designs we can find in every single product: lamps, bedding sets, toys, rugs, hangers…Everything is so cute that we are simply in love with this e-store. READ MORE

Decorating with Mrs. Mighetto


How much importance do you put on wall art when decorating a kids room? Art has a great evocative power, creates a focal point and refreshes your decoration. Wall art can transform an ordinary room into something special. Nowadays, you can choose between lots of styles, from graphic posters to whimsical illustration prints.

we show you some stylings with Mrs Mighetto prints and some children’s room decorating ideas. Behind this Swedish brand is the two girls, Malin Mighetto and Anna Sylvan. They create prints made from original paintings in watercolour stuffed full of fantasy, history, mystery and colours. Their first collection (launched Oct 2014) ‘Superheroes’ were sold out in less than two weeks!

At Petit & Small we introduced you their collaboration with Jimmy Cricket (remember the gorgeous ‘Oh Cloud’ wallpaper?) and now they have launched a new collection of prints titled ‘Les Petits’ that features four whimsical forrest characters that all have their unique story to tell.

Pastel Children’s Room


How incredible are this image from norsu interiors? Norsu is an online boutique that brings Nordic inspired homewares, furniture and wall art to Australia and also features local delights. This picture belongs to the 2016 collection campaign styled by Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser and photographed by Lisa Cohen.

This campaign shows different interior spaces in pastel colour palette in a mix of a Scandinavian and ‘boho luxe’ style. Of course, you can find a pastel children’s rooms styling plenty of beautiful products for kids. Michelle chooses sweet three art prints and a postcard from the new collection of Mrs. Mighetto. You can also see baskets from Olli Ella (a must for storing little toys and keep the room clean), the amazing dolls house from Boomini, the fun Fromage La Rue marquee light and a bed from Incy Interiors.

Baby Nursery Decor: Nordic Style

baby-nursery baby-nursery2

What about this adorable nursery decorated by baravickan? The sweets prints by Mrs. Mighetto work well with soft textiles from Número 74, Fine Little Day and Cam Cam. A white base with touches of grey and some muted colours create a calm atmosphere.


Do you remember the romantic nursery created by @mreiness? (you can see the entire baby room here). She’s a Danish mum who likes Nordic and vintage styles. The nursery is plenty of sweet details and prints, with pink, white and grey as main tones.

As you can see, in both baby bedrooms you can find some Mrs. Mighetto watercolour prints. They are are beautiful artwork for the nursery but also for a kids room or playroom. I think they would fit perfectly into any Nordic style room of your house!

Really great kids bedroom, don’t you think? We hope they inspire you as much as they inspired us.

+ info: Mrs. Mighetto

How to Make A Lovely Natural Crown


We really like flower crowns and little ones love them! It’s a great and romantic accessory that can be easily created with our tutorial. Here you will learn how to make them and your girls will look wonderful with them! It’s like wearing some part of nature with you, don’t you think?

How to make a flower crown


We will just need three things (apart from patience):

  • A wire covered by paper in order to adapt the crown to the head.
  • Green adhesive tape. This is crucial to provide it a natural look as the tape will be hidden among stems and leaves.
  • Lots of decorative stems with leaves and flower.

Don’t worry if the first crown is a bit “weird” it’s just a try, relax. To create beautiful flower crowns you  have to learn how to distribute the stems and this can only be done with practice.

At first, fold the wire extremes to create a hook and then fold the wire to get a circle and keep it attached with the extremes. Now, you just have to stick every single stem with the tape trying to create a uniform distribution of stems.  READ MORE


The Cutest Cribs to Keep Your Little Treasure

Choosing a crib is always a complicated task because they are the first place where our helpless babies will spend the first part of their lives. We need comfort, safety and, of course, quality but also a great design to turn their nursery into a special space where to relax and grow up.

Nowadays, we can find a huge choice of different and original beautiful cot beds and cribs but you must also consider functionality. Today we bring you some of the best options according to quality and design but also considering comfort and functionality. Designed with longevity and flexibility in mind, these cribs are great for any nursery style.

Get some inspiration from our selection of cribs and find the perfect one for you. Let’s take a look!


Rocky from Jäll & Tofta (photo above) is a really functional piece, a 4-in-1 furniture with long usability. At first, it is both, a cradle for baby and a rocking-chair for parents, combined into one. As the child grows the cradle can be rotated 180° and turns into a children‘s bed with a length of 140 cm. Available, for example, at Peek & Pack.


A home within a home for your baby! This modern crib with clean lines can be customised and adapted to any space. The Stokke Home Crib is suitable from newborn to toddler, and later you can use it as a sofa and playhouse.


What about this Dot and Cross proposal? Both wood and pastel colours play an important role to get this amazing result! We are totally in love with it! The best part is that you can remove the wooden part when they grow up to turn it into an elegant sofa to their bedroom. See more at our post here.


This stylish design belongs to Oliver furniture and it’s available at Nubie. This curved cot, inspired by the Nordic style, has two height settings, short grid side and three removable bars. With these four functions, the Wood cot bed adapts as kids grow for longer usability. READ MORE