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5 Ways to Decorate the Ikea Ivar Cabinet

Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack? We can’t get enough of them and the more we look for them, the more beautiful are the hacks we find. But we don’t always have time for complicated hacks. That is why we love the Ivar cabinet. You can transform the look with nothing more than a pot of paint. We love the Ivar as it is – in its simple, natural raw wood look as pictured above. But we also love it for it’s decorating potential. Sometimes, you feel like customising your furniture and making it special to you. The...

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5 of the best Ikea dolls house hacks

Which little kid doesn’t love a dolls house?  I think I would still play with a dolls house if I had one.  You can buy some amazing dolls houses out there but I think making one for your little girl or boy is so much more personal. You could start building one from scratch if you wanted but I’ve got something a little easier for you today. Simply turn a piece of Ikea furniture into a dolls house. Wondering how?  Read on. The beauty of Ikea furniture is that it lends itself to so many hacks.The only limit is...

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April and May Creates the Nicest Forest Kids Room for Ikea

Design and great taste are always a good combination to get the best results. This time, Ikea and April and May have collaborated to create one of those inspiring spaces where kids can feel the magic. April and May has combined several Ikea’s products with the purpose of building a fantastic room full of forest and nature charm. Every single detail is carefully selected to get the amazing final result. Animals, wood, green and natural tones… It’s like a real forest! (well, its cosy version). Have you seen that furry rug? and what about the wooden boxes? Everything can be...

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5 of the Cutest (and Easiest) Ikea Hacks for a Kids Room

Everybody has a soft spot for Ikea, right? And it’s not just because they make cool and affordable stuff, but I love Ikea for the endless hacking possibilities. There is so much potential to buy a bargain piece and turn it into something unique for your home. Today I’m sharing 5 of the cutest Ikea hacks for kids rooms. These hacks are not only adorable but are super easy for anybody to do. All are small and simple decor hacks — nothing complicated here — but the end result is wow! Who hasn’t heard of the Ikea bekvam spice...

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Children and Toddler’s Beds in IKEA’s 2017 Catalogue

One of the first items we choose for the kids’ room is the bed: one of its main components and one of the main characters in IKEA’s 2017 children collection. While going through their new catalogue we found revamped models, simple and functional furniture typical of the Swedish shop and above all, plenty of ideas for kids to love their new children’s room. IKEA 2017 beds for kids: simple is the new cool IKEA worships Nordic style almost as much as we do and that’s why we can find furniture with straight clean lines, basic but very pretty. These...

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Ikea’s Storage Solutions for Kids

The Ikea’s novelties for 2017 will soon become the focus of attention as they do every year. We know that Ikea brings modern ideas with a cool touch but simple and functional at the same time. It’s not a surprise that they include very useful furniture and storage solutions for kids (both for their room and the play room). Ikea 2017 Flisat Collection for Kids We have already seen the Flisat Collection as they presented it 8 months ago. This pine-wooden furniture consists of eight pieces and all of them are perfect for children’s spaces. A hanger, a house-shaped...

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The Perfect Teen’s Room by Ikea

Ikea is always a great source of inspiration as far as decoration is concerned. This time, they focus their attention on teenage bedrooms. Sometimes, we think that they are old enough to decorate their room, however, we must guarantee that all their requirements are fulfilled. Kids’ needs change while they grow up. Once they are teenagers, they will demand privacy. Aesthetics and functionality must be considered to create the perfect space for them. In this room, the interior designer has divided the space into different spaces according to teens’ different activities. All of them are perfectly limited with colours carefully...

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5 of the Best Ikea Chest of Drawer Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack?  With Ikea furniture, the possibilities for creating a bespoke piece are endless and the best part is, it can all be done on a budget.  The only limit is your imagination. Chest of drawers are really handy in a kids room – they’re an easy way to hide a lot of things away.  But most chest of drawers are bland and functional.  That is, unless you get a basic one from Ikea and then put your own creative touch on it.  If you’re looking for ideas, I have found 5 fabulous Ikea...

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Ikea’s Inspiration: Amazing Shared Room

When we need functional and cool solutions for some space, we usually think about Ikea because they always have something to offer and now they also provide lots of inspiration to decorate with their furniture and decorative items. This time, they have brought fantastic ideas to decorate a shared room for kids. From space saving furniture to keep everything organised. Do you want more details? Ikea’s Kids’ Room, Organise the Space When we want to create a space, which is shared by two siblings, we must try to save as much space as possible but, at the same time,...

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IKEA’s DIY to Create Your Own Party…In the Jungle!

Ikea is so complete! They don’t only offer furniture to create those wonderful IKEA hacks but also some great DIY ideas to create every kind of things with just a few materials. Today we show you simple yet two DIY party decor ideas that hope inspire you. Animals are present in the two inspirations, but you can easily change this theme for another one that your child is interested (superheroes, dinosaurs, etc.). Animal Party In this case, the stylist Pella Hedeby suggests a party with a mix of pastel, bright colours and animal figures. She uses some gift wrap...

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4 Brilliant DIY Toys You Can Make with Cardboard Ikea Boxes

We really love DIY toys. They are a wonderful way to spend time with our kids while we train their imagination and, furthermore, every piece is unique and customized so they can add all the details required to have their perfect toy! Today we show you some playthings to make with empty IKEA cardboard packagings. The Swedish company is a cardboard box seekers’ paradise, as most its furniture comes in flat-packed boxes. Why not turn this empty boxes into fabulous fun for your kids?  Here’re some ideas to try with your kids. DIY Cardboard Stage Do they love playing...

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Ikea Flisat: A New Collection for Kids

Some days ago, we share some pictures of the new Ikea kid’s furniture line on our Facebook page. Now we can show you all the new products, and they’re really interesting! You can find designs with clean lines, and Scandinavian vibes with some accent colours. Flisat is the name of the new Ikea family of kid’s furniture and storage designed by Sarah Fager. This line has been designed to grow with children from 3 to 12 years of age. The series is made entirely of pine wood, a long-lasting material that ages with grace. You can find 8 new...

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