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Delicate Vintage Furniture and Handmade Objects for Kids

  Flea market rummagers and second-hand enthusiasts will rejoice at the sight of gorgeous Désuet: an online store full of unique furniture pieces and decorative objects. A wonderful Belgian couple of artists is in charge of putting together a whimsical universe where you can get lost for hours. Their love and passion for what they do can be perceived in the importance given to every detail: from the Their love and passion for what they do can be perceived in the importance given to every detail: from the thoughtful selection of items and materials to the successful and thorough makeover...

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Big Solutions for Small Spaces

Small spaces often mean you have to sacrifice some of the things you would like to include. But, with a little bit of inspiration, it can be easy to turn them into cosy, stylish and functional spaces for your kids. Start with the must-haves and work from there – essentially bed and storage. Look for beds with built-in storage (or design a custom bed that perfectly fit your needs and space) and choose a carefully balanced colour scheme. Small rooms can be functional and big on style. No matter size! Small Spaces: Shared Room and Playroom One of the keys...

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The Ultimate Guide of Toddler Beds

Feeling ready to transition from crib to bed? It can be a fun new step, and picking the right furniture will certainly help. By providing an encouraging and exciting environment we can ease this phase for everyone in the family. Making sure the new bed is safe is surely important, but so is providing a certain level of independence in order for the little ones to be able to get in and out of their new beds on their own — it’s all part of the adventure! We want to share a few ideas to show that what can sometimes be perceived as...

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Low Cost Inspiration for the Playroom

Now that winter blues are coming closer to an end it’s time to use our energy spikes to bring out our most creative side to decorate or change a space, and if we can do that while cutting costs even better! This time we thought we could show you some low-cost inspiration for the playroom. The goal is to prepare an area where they can develop their intellect, imagination and their will to learn and dream. What better project than creating a space where they can enjoy playing and growing up like the one we see in this Pinterest...

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A Romantic Girl’s Room with Vintage Accents

Vintage and romantic looks? Bring them our way! If you love to daydream you might really enjoy this children’s room’s bucolic decoration by Ursula from  Room to Bloom. For this girl’s room, she opted for a soft grey-based style with pink and vintage accents. We love the combination of colours, wallpaper and pretty furniture pieces she has put together in one single children’s room. Most of the furniture is white, but Ursula added warmth with some natural timber and lots of sweet décor accessories: fairy lights, a sheepskin rug, some prints and beautiful handmade dolls. Play Corner in Soft Shades...

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How to Create Special Kids’ Spaces with Hanging Canopies

We all know that we have to consider children’s needs when we decorate a room for them. It’s important to limit every area and its function to make their lives easier and help them to differentiate all the activities they can develop in that space. Of course, they will require a study, play and rest area but also a cosy place where they can play, read or simply relax. Hanging canopies are the perfect option to fulfil this need, they are not only cool but also a functional way to create their own corner to spend time with their...

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Children and Toddler’s Beds in IKEA’s 2017 Catalogue

One of the first items we choose for the kids’ room is the bed: one of its main components and one of the main characters in IKEA’s 2017 children collection. While going through their new catalogue we found revamped models, simple and functional furniture typical of the Swedish shop and above all, plenty of ideas for kids to love their new children’s room. IKEA 2017 beds for kids: simple is the new cool IKEA worships Nordic style almost as much as we do and that’s why we can find furniture with straight clean lines, basic but very pretty. These...

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Favourite Five…Kids’ Beds

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Image Credit: Jujuzozo When it comes to children’s rooms, the bed is the star of the show! After all, the bed is where they sleep and relax, so it goes without saying that it needs to be comfortable. And depending on the size of the room, the bed can also double up as a play area or den, or — in the case of loft or cabin beds — an invaluable space-saving piece of furniture. With so many bed options out there, how do you choose? Well, we have found five of...

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5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Kid’s Room

The children’s room is a really special place for our kids. We all know, all of the parents want to provide their children with a great living space in which they can rest, learn and play. But there is no single recipe for creating a charming room. In this blog, you can find great kid’s rooms and nurseries in Scandinavian, eclectic or vintage style (among others), but today we suggest you add personal touches to make the room unique to your child. Personalising their child’s bedroom is a great way to inspire them to express themselves and helps them...

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How to Get the Look: Bohemian-Style Kids Bedroom

If you are never tired of searching fresh ideas for decorating your home, but you don’t like to follow traditional design rules, then you’ll love these boho children’s rooms & baby nurseries. They seem so casual, relaxed and comfortable! Today we don’t show you perfect mix-match kids rooms but creative, eclectic spaces with less rules and more play. Kids room with boho vibe combine contemporary furnishings with ethnic objects, colourful bedding and flea market finds. Want to decorate your home in boho-style? Take your time, this decoration requires little treasures and sentimental items you’ll slowly find. Here’re some tips for achieving...

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A charming baby nursery

Planning a baby nursery is often one of the first thing on the parents’ minds. The process of decorating and selection of all baby stuff needed is enjoyed by most of the parents. The fist step is to pick a room of the house where the newborn will sleep, select the colors of the wall, the crib and decorations… The list of things to do is often very long! Emilie, from Poligom blog,  has created in the attic a really sweet and cute nursery for her baby Suzon. Emilie loves vintage finds and also a Nordic stuff, and we can find...

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Design Expo for Kids by afilii

Ready for some live inspiration? We’re so excited to tell you about the amazing design expo for kids taking place at Ventura Lambrate in Milan next week. The people behind the curtains are the inspiring afilii – platform for design + architecture for kids. They will be in charge of introducing you to 14 young designers and up-and-coming brands from seven different countries. The theme bringing them all together at this exhibition is their focus on high quality, original design and sustainability — all the values on top of our own list. We think they are an amazing bunch of creative minds and we...

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