Vintage Baby Girl’s Room with Soft Tones


Once we listen “vintage chic” we become really interested, don’t you? This is because vintage pieces have that special charm. They have a story to tell, lots of things to live and, furthermore, they can be easily combined with modern furniture and details.

This nursery proves this, every single detail has been carefully chosen from both family heritage and the most modern baby shops. The result is wonderful because it shows the perfect balance between antique and modern style.

Vintage and Modern Baby’s Furniture


This mix between antique pieces from their own childhood and modern Nordic furniture is really inspiring. The little vintage wooden desk provides some warmth to that area where they can read or paint. We are sure you have already seen those beautiful nurseries with rocking horses, so we consider that this detail is a great option!

In addition, they have chosen the perfect colours because soft tones are the most suitable for baby’s spaces. They are really relaxing like that trendy mint green or the blue tones on the walls, well, only on the half because white must also be present to add some light and unify everything.

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An Incredibly Beautiful Kids Room with Soft Tones


All of us surely  want to create a calming bedroom for our kids, a quiet, safe and always welcoming space where they can sleep comfortably. This is so important and is one step towards the child’s comfort and well-being.

Today we show you a kids room styling with practical ideas to borrow from. A calm yet playful space. When I saw these pictures at Rafa-Kids blog, I immediately fell in love with the tranquil and clean atmosphere of this room. We are pretty much swooning over these soft shades and minimal styled images created for Asun Magazine at Habitare Interior Fair 2016 and photographed by the amazing Katri Kapanen.

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Tocotó Vintage. Kids’ Fashion with Soft Tones


We are fanatics of clothes in pastel tones. They offer that romantic and dreamer point and, if you add those traditional patterns inspired by antique garments, they will be even more wonderful. This is exactly what we can find in the new autumn winter collection by Tocotó Vintage.

Kids’ fashion is usually plenty of seasonal tones. However, Tocotó Vintage follows their love for soft tones combined with each other. We really love the perfect mix of traditional patterns and modern details.



Babies’ fashion also includes a classic pattern that is always a great option which can be used by their future siblings. You can also find some funny and modern garments to get a cool and lovely style. Tights with printed animal heads, animal print flats or funny beanies with ears. Furthermore, romantic touches are a must with those flounces and knitted autumn garments. READ MORE

Soft Gallery, the Greatest Novelties Are Here!


We really like those brands that have something different to offer, an extra bonus to transform the product into an exclusive object. Soft Gallery is a great example of that. This kids’ fashion company was founded in 2007 and —from the beginning— talent and know how have turned it into a successful company.

All the garments have their own soul as artists from all over the world have provided all their creativity to get the coolest and more personal collections. Every single detail means a lot so it’s carefully added.


We are always saying that art must be included in kids’ lives as it can be a great way to stimulate them while they develop their skills and discover the world around them. Wearing art is a good way to start to feel and understand it, don’t you think? READ MORE

5 Kids’ Rooms with a Soft-Look


Via Mermagblog

Why do we love that soft-look? We could give lots of reasons because soft tones create a peaceful atmosphere which fills us, a dreamer and romantic space which makes our imagination fly…however, we think that you must see it with these children’s rooms with pastel tones to fall in love with them.

This colour range is suitable for every kind of style and it’s timeless so you can add it to an eclectic and original kids’ room, to a vintage bedroom and, of course, to the Scandinavian style. You have several inspiring details in the first room: this ethnic rug which contrasts with the flower bedding set, a little origami lamp, some illustrations that seem antique portraits and a beautiful garland  as the final touch. Trendy inspiration!


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Dream Kids’ Room in Pastel Tones


Do you like pastel tones? In this case, you will totally fall in love with this room. This is Avie’s room, a really lucky girl because her mum has carefully looked for every detail to get a funny and peaceful atmosphere at the same time. Enjoy every single image!

Nordic style is the main focus of attention of the room; it looks really nice in children’s rooms. You may probably know this style, it’s really simple and beautiful and we have shown it several times. It is normally focused on black and white rooms but there are also some colourful rooms with pastel tones like in this space. They are soft and delicate.


You can find lots of interesting pieces on the walls, since small house-shaped shelves which we have seen in several inspiring pictures to those amazing details which can even be made by hand like the clouds or the pennants. The idea consists in adding pastel tones to every single element with mint green and pale pink with a light blue background. READ MORE

10 Great Kid’s Bedrooms In Grey Tones



( Via

Who said grey was boring? Taking a look at these rooms, we realize it’s a basic colour with lots of possibilities, even, in a children’s room. By adding some prints like this wallpaper and some touches of colour, like these mustard brush-strokes you will get something really cool!




The Nordic style makes us fall in love with every example. It´s always simple but lovely and shocking at the same time. Pay attention to these great ideas with grey, black and white. This amazing duvet cover with a wolf can´t be more gorgeous and the rug provides a warm touch, something that’s usually missing in rooms with these tones. The rest of the details – from the Lego pieces to dolls- will help us to create a cosy and customized space.


Ila y Ela, Handmade Ideas to Decorate and Gift


What happens when you find a new discovery? Well, you spend a lot of time looking at all the wonderful things you can see on the web, imagining them in kids’ rooms and combining them with other cool accessories like these ones. This is exactly what happened with Ila y Ela’s site. It’s a place where you can find beautiful products that add a different touch to the children’s room. Do you want more?




Ila y Ela offers a huge choice of handmade products, created in a traditional way. This requires hours of experience and effort and know-how to get these great results. We can see a lot of ideas to be included in our favourite kids’ rooms. Funny cushions and trendy soft tones with teepees, cactuses or animals as main characters. But this is not all, there are not only cushions but also tapestries, pennants, mobiles and garlands. READ MORE

Minimuhuu Covers Your Little Ones’ Dreams


Bedding is a very important element in every kids’ bedroom, especially in the first years of their lives when they spend a lot of time in contact with sheets and blankets. This is why quality is so important. Their soft skins must be covered with the best materials and the most comfortable fabrics to guarantee their security and welfare.The French brand Minimuhuu offers a cute choice of 100% organic linen bedding collections to take care of your little sleeping beauty!


As we have mentioned above, quality is a key concept, but we must also consider design if we want to keep the atmosphere we have carefully designed for them. Every detail is important and bedding can also be an opportunity to add a special touch or just to complete a fantastic look.



These simple and cosy designs from Minimuhuu will be the perfect complement for both Scandinavian and romantic rooms in soft tones where simplicity and calm are the main concepts. They will also work great in bohemian kids rooms — relaxed and filled with a mix of colours and patterns.

Sweet and soft muted tones and graphic motifs such as stars and arrows (inspired by the American Indians’ culture) will make you fall in love with every single piece. These features make them suitable for nurseries, toddlers and kids’ bedrooms and their quality can guarantee a long lasting product so you won’t have to replace them in a couple of years! Quality and design are always a good investment, don’t you think? READ MORE

Instagram Inspiration: Scandinavian Kids’ Room


Instagram is a source of inspiration to decorate the kids’ room as there are profiles in which we can see really cool spaces we would like to copy. This is what happened when we saw the Brooke Castel Stylist en Instagram, where we found pure Scandinavian atmospheres, very soft tones and a very natural style. Do you want to discover its children’s rooms?

Soft Tones in the Kids’ Room



Since a long time ago, we know that soft tones are perfect for kids’ rooms. Pastel pink, light blue or grey as well as mint green are only some proposals. In this case, they use really soft tones so they can be perfectly combined with white and it gets a really cool look. We really love the feeling of peace in these atmospheres!

Furthermore, we can also find some wonderful ideas, typical of Scandinavian style or new additions like the wicker rugs or the garlands with wooden balls. Although there are not prints, the room has different details to turn it into a special space.

Accessories for Kids’ Rooms that Make the Difference



These bedrooms would be too simple without those little details we can find everywhere. A drop-shaped cushion, wooden or light garlands, an original origami lamp or customised wicker baskets to keep kids’ toys. They even have kids’ prints with illustrations created by Mrs Mighetto.


You can find many other inspirations in its Instagram account if you are as in love with Scandinavian style as we are.

Kids’ Room for a Girl with a Dreamy Spirit


Welcome romantics and dreamers because you will love every single detail of this girl’s room. Everything is wrapped by a nostalgic halo, from those light textiles around the bed to the wonderful flower vintage wallpaper. If you add some soft touches and antique furniture, you get the perfect space for dreamers. Do you want more details?

Charming Room for Girls


The bed might seem a bit boring without its structure but that improvised tent created with light textiles avoids this effect. The colourful garland is always great both to decorate the walls, for play areas or for beds. We think they are perfect for every place, especially if they are funny and colourful like this one.


Papier-Mâché Animal Heads by Hibou Home


We already know that you have already heard about the trend of using animal heads to decorate kids rooms. We have even seen a soft and furry version! This time, Hibou Home brings handmade papier-mâché animal heads. They are not only a cool ornament but also a good way to fill everything with creativity.

Papier-Mâché Animal Heads



If you were looking for a new element to decorate your kids’ rooms, here you are these most beautiful heads you can find. A bear, mysterious wolf, a deer and a rabbit. All of them have been created by the artist and illustrator Abigail Brown. They are the perfect complement for the kids’ room, both for girls and boys. These heads are carefully handmade so they include an extra value as they are special and unique pieces to decorate every children’s space. READ MORE

5 Minimal and Playful Wallpapers for a Kids Room


One of the quickest ways to refresh a room is to add some wallpaper. It usually takes just a couple of hours to put up and can completely change the look of a room. I am a huge fan of wallpaper and while I like the colourful versions, I always opt for more minimal designs with soft tones because these kinds of designs and colours stand the test of time. This is especially true in a kids room if you want the room to grow with the child. Anything too bright, colourful or childish will need refreshing much more often.

Minimal doesn’t mean boring and even though all these wallpapers are very simple, they are all so playful and whimsical and perfect for a kids room like that boats wallpaper pictured at the top. They allow you to decorate with whatever colours you like but yet they create a striking feature in a kids room. Here are some of my favourite minimal and playful wallpapers for a kids room:

blackandwhite-wallpaper-1This bunny wallpaper stole my heart the minute I saw it. It’s so playful without being too cute or too babyish. This is a boys room but the wallpaper will work just as well in a girls room or even a brother and sister shared room.

natural-colours-wallpaper-2This party themed wallpaper is just so fun. Using soft browns and pastel hints, this wallpaper will add a happy vibe to any kids room, no matter how old or young they are. READ MORE

Room Tour: Visiting @teoyolivia’s House


Soft colours, Nordic inspiration and lots of style. The kids rooms we will show you today are like that. We are so excited to share a double room tour on Petit & Small: we will visit the Teo and Olivia’s room as well as little Mauro’s.

Their mum, Andrea, has a special talent for the decoration and has created two really lovely bedrooms for her children. We are sure that many of you know her profile on Instagram (@teoyolivia) which is plenty of inspiring photos and atmospheres. Today we can see the whole kids rooms. Here we go!

A Shared Kids Room: Teo and Olivia’s Bedroom


When Andrea and her husband moved to their new house, they are really excited to decorate Teo’s and Olivia’s rooms. They wanted a huge cosy room full of light and space to play. So they chose white and natural woods as well as soft unisex tones for the accessories.


The triple bunk bed and the chest of drawers were made by a Portuguese carpenter because, even then, they wanted to have another baby and loved the idea of seeing their three children sharing room and games. As they didn’t find a bunk bed like that they decided to design it. Furthermore, they really liked the idea of sleeping in bunk beds, it’s really funny and they have a great time. READ MORE

OMAMImini FW16 Collection

omamimini-fw16-17-clothes -girls

Yes, we know it, your children love their swimming suits and their light clothes. However, summer is ending and we need to think about the next season, the back to school and the coolest clothes to protect them against the weather inclemencies. OMAMImini has the perfect recipe to make kids dream about the brand’s latest novelties.

Once again, white, grey, black and other neutral tones are the key ingredient to get a timeless autumn look suitable for every event. Maybe you think these colours are boring for kids, but they can be really funny and sophisticated at the same time if you know how to deal with them. OMAMImini is an expert, take a look!

omamimini-fw16-17 (5)

That mystery halo turns the whole collection into a magic element that makes them think about new exciting adventures and experiences! Autumn can also be a great time to enjoy life and childhood and these clothes try to remind it.

omamimini-fw16-17 (2)

OMAMImini: Clothes for Girls

omamini-aw16-17-collection (5)

Funny prints, bright fabrics and furry garments are the pieces of this artistic set of girls’ fashion. As we have mentioned, sophistication and design are a must in every creation. These garments are not only fashionable and comfortable but also an original way of expression for those girls who love different things!


Have you seen the jumper? And the furry vest? What about the bright trousers? We want them in our wardrobes! Unfortunately, they have been created for our little ones, no size for us! We are sure they will love that elegant “adult touch” of these garments. READ MORE

10 Nursery Ideas You’ll Want to Steal


Inspiration everywhere! Sometimes, we find lots of inspiration in the same room and we can’t decide what’s the best one. Today we bring you some of the best 10 ideas to turn a nursery into a functional, beautiful place for your little one. We all know that everybody wants to have a charming space plenty of magic so don´t miss these ideas because they are going to help you to find all the inspiration you need to decorate a nursery.

Nursery Complements


Via Studioewa

If you like fashion and decoration, you know that a basic style can become a special one with suitable stylish complements. In this room, we can see good ideas like that trendy dreamcatcher. The canopy creates a very romantic and dreamy atmosphere with that light textiles with soft tones. Those mobiles for the crib can be made with different materials from fabric to wood. The amount of ideas is endless!

Natural Style with Wicker Baskets


Natural style is included in Scandinavian aesthetics that’s why we found really beautiful ideas like these vintage wicker baskets. They are perfect to keep toys and, furthermore they are long lasting and very nice! Add some of them to keep everything organized in a very cool way.

Party Lanterns for The Nursery


Via editionsdoa

Garlands are a must for us, now lanterns must follow their way for becoming a crucial part in every kids’ decoration. They are not only suitable for parties because of their colours and joy but also perfect for children’s spaces. There are as many designs that you will find those to complete your style. READ MORE

Kids’ Bedroom Ideas: Wooden Details and Vintage Touches


Wood is so cute! It provides warmth to every space and reminds us that traditional furniture around us when we were kids. Yes, wood is important again and it’s great because is a wonderful material for all kinds of atmospheres. So you might join the trend of vintage bedrooms where antique pieces are mixed with modern ones in a creative and funny combination.

These are some stylings of Fanny &  Alexander, a beautiful brand of wooden toys encouraging fantasy and imagination of children. We’ve found several charming ideas and details in these pictures. Recover that chair you had forgotten because now it’s really trendy. If it shows that wasted look it will be better. In this case, they add a simple storage piece for kids, in order to provide them their own space for reading. They complete the set with a funny DIY crochet garland because they always add that party touch required by kids’ spaces.


This original kids’ room styling that includes a wicker piece. Do you remember wicker cribs? We have shown them in some other posts because they are really cute so this material is also becoming an important part of a vintage style. READ MORE

Real Kids’ Rooms on Instagram


More findings on Instagram! This social network has lots of pictures and accounts that we really love from the first sight! We could spend the whole day looking for new accounts to discover the best kids atmospheres to show them here (follow us there). This is the case of this real kids’ room we have found on @lenalidman85 profile.

A kids’ room with soft tones (beige and blue tones) which can be used by both boys and girls. Every corner is shown step by step. Furthermore, we can see the differences between a nursery and a kids’ room with a beautiful vintage bed which is perfectly combined with this space. But there’s still more, play zone, beautiful and trendy shelves, toys and little details that transform this place into an almost magic place.



In this account, we have discovered new elements like interesting decor elements. A garland can add that party touch, a beautiful lamp made of spotted paper, garlands and light balls, kids prints by Mrs. Mighetto and lots of details to be discovered in every picture. You just have to look at that shelf full of beautiful crochet and fabric soft toys, wooden toys and a beautiful print. Too cool! READ MORE

Eclectic Kids’ Room with Bohemian Details


The most Bohemian eclecticism can be found in this apartment in Paris. It’s present in every space and detail. Kids’ spaces can’t be less surprising, variated and funny than the rest of home and, there’s no doubt that they know how to catch our attention with lots of details and their combinations plenty of style.

Paper balls, garlands and stickers are mixed to decorate all the corners. There are vintage ideas that are combined with other more modern ones. As far as colours are concerned, they mix intense tones with other softer colours and they show impossible combinations such as fuchsia and orange. There is total freedom to choose every piece.

Eclectic Kids’ Room


We can find colourful rugs on the wooden floor with some white walls with some blue at the bottom and some superheroes stickers. There’s no doubt that it’s an unexpected combination. Vintage touches are everywhere, such as the desk for the study area, that antique map or the wicker storage basket. READ MORE

The Sweetest Girl’s Room


María Calcetines is a blogger who defines herself as a discoverer of beautiful things, she is also a fan of the cool things you can find on Menudos Cuadros. You just have to take a look to her kids’ room to know it. On her Instagram,@Maríacalcetines, we can find some creative ideas like this wonderfulZONA CREATIVA” banner but there’s a lot more!

Eva Zurita’s Kids’ Print


On Menudos Cuadros shop you can find lots of designers with different styles and María Calcetines’ little one really liked this Eva Zurita’s print plenty of beautiful colours and cats as the focus of attention. It’s a little detail to decorate some spaces, just as she does with this Nordic desk.

Little Cube’s Kids’ Print


She also found several ideas for the kid’s room like the Little Cube’s print with its little garden. A kids’ print with soft tones and beautiful illustrations to show some characters taking care of their garden. It’s perfect to decorate the walls, the bedside table or a trendy shelf. Its simple style can be adapted to every children’s space.

maria-calcetines-menudos-cuadros4 READ MORE