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Spring-Like Kids’ Room with Soft Tones

Is there any better way to welcome spring than a kids’ room specially decorated for the occasion? If you had to show spring in the children’s room, we are sure that the result will be something like this one. Light and funny tones, flowers and lots of light…the perfect atmosphere for your little one’s bedroom. The Attvaranagonsfru blog shows this inspiring room with soft tones. Pastel tones are timeless as they create a quiet atmosphere for kids. They have added a casual and natural touch with this wicker basket or those wooden drawers and a funny element like the...

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Vintage Baby Girl’s Room with Soft Tones

Once we listen “vintage chic” we become really interested, don’t you? This is because vintage pieces have that special charm. They have a story to tell, lots of things to live and, furthermore, they can be easily combined with modern furniture and details. This nursery proves this, every single detail has been carefully chosen from both family heritage and the most modern baby shops. The result is wonderful because it shows the perfect balance between antique and modern style. Vintage and Modern Baby’s Furniture This mix between antique pieces from their own childhood and modern Nordic furniture is really...

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An Incredibly Beautiful Kids Room with Soft Tones

All of us surely  want to create a calming bedroom for our kids, a quiet, safe and always welcoming space where they can sleep comfortably. This is so important and is one step towards the child’s comfort and well-being. Today we show you a kids room styling with practical ideas to borrow from. A calm yet playful space. When I saw these pictures at Rafa-Kids blog, I immediately fell in love with the tranquil and clean atmosphere of this room. We are pretty much swooning over these soft shades and minimal styled images created for Asun Magazine at Habitare Interior Fair 2016 and photographed...

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Tocotó Vintage. Kids’ Fashion with Soft Tones

We are fanatics of clothes in pastel tones. They offer that romantic and dreamer point and, if you add those traditional patterns inspired by antique garments, they will be even more wonderful. This is exactly what we can find in the new autumn winter collection by Tocotó Vintage. Kids’ fashion is usually plenty of seasonal tones. However, Tocotó Vintage follows their love for soft tones combined with each other. We really love the perfect mix of traditional patterns and modern details. Babies’ fashion also includes a classic pattern that is always a great option which can be used by...

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Soft Gallery, the Greatest Novelties Are Here!

We really like those brands that have something different to offer, an extra bonus to transform the product into an exclusive object. Soft Gallery is a great example of that. This kids’ fashion company was founded in 2007 and —from the beginning— talent and know how have turned it into a successful company. All the garments have their own soul as artists from all over the world have provided all their creativity to get the coolest and more personal collections. Every single detail means a lot so it’s carefully added. We are always saying that art must be included...

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5 Kids’ Rooms with a Soft-Look

Via Mermagblog Why do we love that soft-look? We could give lots of reasons because soft tones create a peaceful atmosphere which fills us, a dreamer and romantic space which makes our imagination fly…however, we think that you must see it with these children’s rooms with pastel tones to fall in love with them. This colour range is suitable for every kind of style and it’s timeless so you can add it to an eclectic and original kids’ room, to a vintage bedroom and, of course, to the Scandinavian style. You have several inspiring details in the first room: this...

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Dream Kids’ Room in Pastel Tones

Do you like pastel tones? In this case, you will totally fall in love with this room. This is Avie’s room, a really lucky girl because her mum has carefully looked for every detail to get a funny and peaceful atmosphere at the same time. Enjoy every single image! Nordic style is the main focus of attention of the room; it looks really nice in children’s rooms. You may probably know this style, it’s really simple and beautiful and we have shown it several times. It is normally focused on black and white rooms but there are also some...

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10 Great Kid’s Bedrooms In Grey Tones

( Via Who said grey was boring? Taking a look at these rooms, we realize it’s a basic colour with lots of possibilities, even, in a children’s room. By adding some prints like this wallpaper and some touches of colour, like these mustard brush-strokes you will get something really cool! (Via The Nordic style makes us fall in love with every example. It´s always simple but lovely and shocking at the same time. Pay attention to these great ideas with grey, black and white. This amazing duvet cover with a wolf can´t be more gorgeous and the rug provides a...

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Sweet and Timeless Kids’ Room

Today we bring you a kids’ room to prove that less is often more: soft tones, practical and just a few details. The feeling about this room for girls is relaxed and calmed. A simple space with soft tones where elegance and sweetness are the keys. The study or play area includes a white and wooden desk and a chair, according to the Nordic style. But there are other details that remind that natural Scandinavian world such as the wicker basket or the crochet lamp. Kids’ Room with Soft Pastel Tones This girl’s room was created by Marie-Estelle, the founder...

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5 Nurseries in Neutral Colours

Neutral colors are a great resource when looking for timeless and easily modifiable spaces. When in doubt, we go for colours that’ll match everything while remaining elegant since we know for a fact that we cannot get it wrong when it comes to neutral colours. There are more and more mums who choose them in order to create simple yet charming nurseries, such as the one above which you can find on Instagram — very natural details and featuring a range of neutrals going from white to light grey. Nurseries in black & white The all-time classic of basic colour...

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The Sweetest Girl’s Nordic Room from Instagram

We fall in love every time we find a room that makes us dream. This is one of those cases. This girl’s bedroom designed by_betina Instagram is full of creativity, style and trendy details. Soft tones, Nordic design, comfortable spaces…it has everything to get a wonderful result where harmony is a common factor which wraps the whole room. Although white and wood are the base of this sober atmosphere, pale pink, grey and black are used to create a whimsical look where childhood magic is showed by the dreamy elements of the set: lovely posters, a tutu, a cute wallpaper and,...

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Room Tour: Two Amazing Girl’s Rooms in Nordic Style

Post by Marina Cabero Today, the instablogger Marina Cabero show us her daughter’s rooms. They are two really whimsical spaces where the girls can comfortably sleep, play and read. Marina loves the combination of a white & black base with pops of colour and uses simple yet playful accessories to brighten up the decoration and add a touch of humour. Changing the accessories is an easy and effective way to refresh a room and Marina constantly rearranges them. You will recognise some brands, such as Tellkido, Miniwilla or Amayadeeme. Read on and find out two beautiful girl’s rooms plenty of cheerful and...

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