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5 Low Cost Storage Ideas for The Kids’ Room

A new year is starting and we need to order everything so we think that these storage ideas for the children’s room will be really useful. We also know that we need to save, so we can use some of these charming low-cost ideas. Can’t you believe it? Recycled Wooden Boxes for Storage Take a look to the storage space we show before on Petit and Small: wooden recycled boxes, pastel tone paint and green tones to be combined with the decoration. If you have wooden boxes at home can you don’t know what to do with them, hang them on...

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Creative Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Which kid doesn’t have a ton of art and craft supplies? Our home is over-flowing with paints, coloured card, felt pens, stickers and so many more craft materials.  I love that my child loves to create but I don’t love the mess that the supplies create. Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to organise all these art and craft supplies in one place so that they are always easy to find and have a home to go back to when they’re done with. In an ideal world it would be great to have a dedicated art and craft room...

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Ikea’s Storage Solutions for Kids

The Ikea’s novelties for 2017 will soon become the focus of attention as they do every year. We know that Ikea brings modern ideas with a cool touch but simple and functional at the same time. It’s not a surprise that they include very useful furniture and storage solutions for kids (both for their room and the play room). Ikea 2017 Flisat Collection for Kids We have already seen the Flisat Collection as they presented it 8 months ago. This pine-wooden furniture consists of eight pieces and all of them are perfect for children’s spaces. A hanger, a house-shaped...

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Playful, Multifunctional Children’s Chair with Storage

Many of us live in cities, where the living space is getting smaller. But if you have children, you need to get kids’ toy storage solutions and make clean up easy. Think about lots of pieces of Lego, figures, stickers, etc. you can find around your house. Of course, you can use baskets, boxes or shelves for storing them, but today we show you another great option: a chair with storage. The Danish Designer Morten Husum Nielsen has created the amazing OAK OAK children’s chair with a storage space for toys and books. This playful and multifunctional piece of furniture has...

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Ikea, Storage Ideas for Kids

Ikea has caught our hearts with its Scandinavian style plenty of functionality and simple designs which can be adapted to everything. This is the reason why we love its solutions for kids’ rooms. If we focus our attention on the problem of storage and the organization we would like to have, it provides several simple ideas to help us. A place for their kids’ toys, books, colours and everything they have Modular furniture is a great idea to be adapted to every single space. From small  kids’ bedrooms to others with big walls to create cool designs. This furniture...

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Tellkiddo Brings You The Coolest Storage Bags

Daily life makes keeping order in our house very difficult, especially in kids’ spaces. That is the reason why we need to look for alternative storage options. If you need to organise their things, the storage  must be adapted to them. Today, we present you these funny animal-bags which are perfect to keep everything! Having a clean and tidy home sounds complicated. But these bags are a 2×1: They are a great decoration for their room and, furthermore, a wonderful storage system. Without a strict order but keeping their things organised. This is not the only advantage of these bags. They are really cheap and they can be moved without any kind of problem so cleaning will become easier. They can also be folded so you will save space when you do not need to use them. In addition, they are made of resistant cardboard so they will last for years. Maria Sabbah is the Scandinavian designer who has created this wonderful idea. She knows how to create simple and beautiful decorative details. Nowadays, Scandinavian style is one of the most popular trends because of its simplicity and look. Black, white and gold are the colours you need to combine. Easy, isn’t it? Now you just have to choose the colours to place your order that is handmade by her so each item is exclusive. A superhero mask, a panda...

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Scandinavian Inspired @LINNBP77 Instagram Profile

If we mix Instagram with Nordic decoration, we get addictive and great profiles such as @linnbp77, which shows the atmospheres at her wonderful home, of course, decorated according to Scandinavian style. So we have focused our attention on kids’ rooms and fallen in love with these inspiring spaces. Furthermore, it’s not a surprise this great result as this mum and teacher is also Nordecor and Monolo brand ambassador (these two shops are the perfect place to get the cutest Nordic items). The room is full of details which are very interesting to create a special atmosphere. We can see that...

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Stunning Plywood Rooms for Kids

Plywood. It’s been a trend for a while and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We are a little bit in love with this beautiful wood and are glad that the plywood look is here to stay. There is something timeless and innocent about plywood which makes it a beautiful option for a kids room. Kids won’t outgrow it and it brings a light softness to the room. There are lots of different ways to introduce plywood into a kids room from plywood walls to plywood furniture and accents. You can even go for a floor to ceiling...

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A Fairy Tale Attic to Rest and Enjoy

The Belgian designers from  Van Staeyen Interieur really know how to create a fantastic little kingdom for our little ones. They have transformed the attic into a great shared bedroom with its own play area. Space is divided into two atmospheres by a cubicle covering everything from the ceiling to the floor.  There are two beds at the bottom of the cubicle and two desks on both sides of the space. The upper part is the play area,  the perfect refuge for kids. There, they can dream and imagine lots of fantastic adventures! It can be turned into a house, a...

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5 Fun Shelf Ideas for a Kids Room (that You Can DIY)

You can never have enough shelves, especially in a kids room. There’s always some small toys, books or decorations that need a place to live. While shelves are very useful, they can be beautiful and fun too. Today we’ve got some playful and practical shelf ideas for a kids room. If you like a little project, many of these shelves can easily be recreated at home. And they will provide lots of inspiration, perhaps to create your own unique version. The first shelf that caught our eye is the one pictured at the top. We love the strap detail...

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Fall in Love with This Gorgeous Grey Home

When we came across this beautiful grey home on Instagram, it was love at first sight and we knew we had to share it with you. We are big fans of grey for a kids room but grey works so well for the entire home too. It is a calming colour that oozes style as we can see from this beautiful home that belongs to Viktoria Holmgren. Viktoria is a Swedish mum of two who works as a pre-school teacher and has a huge love for interior styling and photography. Her eye for interiors is truly stunning as you...

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Big Solutions for Small Spaces

Small spaces often mean you have to sacrifice some of the things you would like to include. But, with a little bit of inspiration, it can be easy to turn them into cosy, stylish and functional spaces for your kids. Start with the must-haves and work from there – essentially bed and storage. Look for beds with built-in storage (or design a custom bed that perfectly fit your needs and space) and choose a carefully balanced colour scheme. Small rooms can be functional and big on style. No matter size! Small Spaces: Shared Room and Playroom One of the keys...

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