This story in verse was created in 1926 by Serguéi Tretyakov and tells how Vania, Katia and other children play to become all kinds of animals making use of everyday utensils.

Aleksandr Rodchenko was asked to illustrate the verses with his photographs. With  Varvara Stepánova, they created small cardboard figures and photographed them playing with lights and shadows.

The children’s book was not published, but the poems and photography shots were preserved. Gustavo Gili presents, in a bilingual version (Spanish-Russian), how this book could have been in the minds of its creators.

More information about this fascinating project here and here.

Animales animados, Serguéi Tretiakov, Varvara Stepánova y Aleksandr Ródchenko. Editorial Gustavo Gili, Los cuentos de la cometa.