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Sneak peek Isola Bella – Mini Rodini SS17 collection


Today we want to show you a little preview of the upcoming SS17 Mini Rodini. The name of the collection, Isola Bella, relates to one of the beautiful Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore in north Italy.

Mini Rodini’s SS17 collection is filled with sunbathing marble lions and unicorns, accompanied by the scent from blooming roses, the sound of rippling fountains and the first rays of sun in the morning.


The pieces are for children aged 0-11 years. The key pieces are recycled swimwear created from plastic waste, items with flower prints and denim knits.

The collection is made out of 99 percent sustainable materials. It is truly sustainable and is the first collection from Mini Rodini where all recycled outerwear is certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standard) – the strictest certification for recycled products on the market.

MiniRodini_SS17_2 MiniRodini_SS17_3MiniRodini_SS17_1

The first drop of this new collection will be released at 10 o’clock am (CET) on February 2, 2017.

5 Valentine’s Crafts for Kids



Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for a craft session with the kids, don’t you think? Arts and crafts with toddlers and kids are always fun activities, especially when there’s some kind of theme present.

We’ve selected some Valentine’s day craft ideas for you. All of them are fun, creative ways for your child to spend a cold January or February afternoon. You could also host a Valentine’s Day party for your kids and friends and make some easy and creative projects. These party crafts don’t need a lot of supplies, but the kids will really love the results.

What about creating a backdrop with long balloons? Or a Heart-shaped Piñata? A Maze Valentine is always a good idea (so many schools are asking for kids to bring non-candy Valentines). You can also create crowns with simple paper tubes.

Choose one or two crafts projects and spread the love!

Maze Valentine

Maze Valentine. Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day


 Valentine Day Crowns. Get the how-to at Hello, Wonderful


Piñata love. Get the tutorial at A Subtle Reverlry


Heart-shaped balloon pop. Get the how-to at Handmade Charlotte

First picture: Valentine’s Day backdrop. Get the tutorial at Oh Happy Day

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A Legend: Bobo Choses SS17 Collection


“In the huge sky of sports there are big stars, strong stars, fast stars so dazzled by their light they cannot see each other. But among the many stars there are a few that shine with a modest, special light of their own, caring stars, brave stars, frightened stars, and tenacious stars. It is time they become legends…”

bobo-choses-ss17-collection (17)

The new Bobo Choses SS17 collection, titled “A Legend”, is out. This season it’s inspired by sport legends from around the world and through time. You can find a great range of clothes pieces with retro and comfortable patterns and beautiful washed colours.

The collection is divided into six stories named after famous sporting legends: (Dick) Fosbury, Gino (Bartali), Nadia (Comăneci), John McEnroe), Kimura (Masahik) and Marc (Spitz). Each one with its distinctive shapes and fabrics.

As always, this Spanish brand stands out by its comfy kidswear and playful, quirky prints. For this spring – summer 2017, you can choose between Mr Badminton, some skating flamingos, John McEnroe’s broken tennis rackets, vintage volleyballs and many more prints!


In this collection, they offer new interesting fabrics, such as cut and sew knit, Flammé or viscose/linen, some of them exclusively developed by Bobo Choses. You can also discover new exclusive patterns, such as the sleeveless zip sweatshirt, nerved retro tracksuit with its zipped pockets, football polo, kimono, V-Neck T-shirt and more. READ MORE

Childish Tales: Ferm Living SS17 Collection


The Danish home décor brand ferm LIVING has just launched the new Spring / Summer 2017 Kids collection called ‘Childish Tales’ which celebrates children’s creativity.

“Sparkles, balloons and games in shimmering sceneries. The Ferm Living Kids Spring/Summer 2017 Collection tells tales of whimsical parties, playtime by the seaside and magical dreams. They are stories that reveal the special childish creativity that unfolds when the setting is right”.

This brand draws on the Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm. For ferm LIVING, simplicity, a subtle palette of colours, and a graphic edge are the perfect base for the little ones to unfold their imagination.

ferm LIVING SS17: Little Architect Series


We have good news! ferm LIVING has added a new kid’s furniture series, called Little Architect. It includes a table, chairs, a bench and desk in five different colours — dark green, Bordeaux, dark blue, grey and rose — that match so that you can mix them all together for a playful look.

These modern, stylish furniture pieces are made out of ash veneers and stand out by their simple and clean lines. You can attach a pocket to hold crayons, markers, stickers and secrets.


ferm LIVING SS17: Textiles

Green Little Architect Bench Ferm Living ss17

In the new series of textiles, ferm LIVING has explored new textures, as you can see at the Popcorn cushions. You can also find new patterns for the bedding (Swan, Party and Seaside) and a new line: Hush, for your children to sleep like a baby. READ MORE

Sky Villages: Building in the Clouds


Building blocks inspire a child to design, invent, and create. Young children can create their own cityscape (or the world they want to see) using simple wooden pieces. And that is great! But, if you and your kids could build clusters of airborne villages on the wall?

As part of a unique and interactive installation at the SPARK Brooklyn Children’s Museum, James Paulius, the designer of the architectural building blocks Blockitecture Habitat and Garden City, proposes a new project on the same idea of allowing children to build architectural structures from blocks.



The villages are made of the tessellating pieces that interlock and combine in countless ways to create various structures, and clouds serve as mini storage units for the units. Made from reclaimed Douglas-fir that was originally part of Manhattan water towers, the blocks can be stacked so that the villages can continue to grow. READ MORE


uuio, Practical and Designer Items for your Children


What makes timeless home design? What type of furniture will look great for years? You will want to seek out designs, styles and colours that are considered to be “classic,” that have been created to last. Furniture has a main role in any interior. A well-executed concept can result in a timeless piece of furniture that never goes out of style.

But, what about children’s furniture? Is it possible to create a practical, well-designed and stylish product for children? We have found a new company — uuio— that combine all these elements.

uuio is a new design brand creating high-quality children’s furniture and toys. Founded in 2016 by Pia Cohrs, Johann Cohrs and Sebastian Kühnel, it wants to create timeless furniture and toys to enrich the everyday life with children.


“It all began with the idea of designing a high chair. With a clear, timeless form, crafted from high-quality materials, and equipped with technical details. But the high chair was not the end of it – SIB has grown to become a children’s furniture concept” says the photographer and co-founder of the company Johann Cohrs.

This Hamburg-based company combines classic and contemporary design, fine materials with good craftsmanship to create timeless furniture that will last for generations. Let’s have a closer look at its range of products!

Children’s bed VII, a Bed for Life


VII is the modern bed with a classic look. It is adjustable in length by exchanging the long frame parts (90 x 160 / 180 / 200 cm)  and you can use it as well as a daybed. The frame’s natural oak wood contrasts with the colours of the wooden bedposts and struts. Furthermore, the distinctive slatted frame consists of coloured insert components which custom-fit into the wooden frame. READ MORE

New Year, New Calendar


Using a monthly calendar at home is always something I’ve done. But also it is a great learning tool for children, even the youngest ones. Calendars provide a great opportunity for learning all kinds of math, writing and time management skills,  and even help children prepare for upcoming events.

January is just around the corner. What about kicking off the new year with this cute calendar created by Apanona? Titled “The Good Neighborhood”, you can discover a new sweet, funny and mysterious character who inhabit a singular building each month.


Apanona was inspired by “13, Rue del Percebe”, a funny comic book by Francisco Ibáñez, and Greenwich Village, the NYC’s bohemian neighbourhood. READ MORE

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Build your Robot! Apollo by Marc Sardà for Londji


There are games that are amazingly beautiful. And games that boost children’s imagination. Certainly, there are games that are really fun to play. Today we are talking about one that has all these things together. With a carefully design and production, this game allows infinite creations. Are you ready for a great dose of creativity and imagination?

Apollo is the new design that Marc Sardà has created for Londji. As usually, this designer and illustrator has performed a great and intense design work: unique shapes, colours, finishing touches… everything has been conscientiously thought for kids to enjoy.

Marc Sardà has mixed two things that he is passionate about: creating figures using traditional tangram pieces and robots. The result: a game made of several wooden pieces that can be combined and configured in lots of different ways to create a myriad number of robots.

apollo-kids-toy-11 apollo-kids-toy-9apollo-kids-toy-3

The game includes a book with some illustrated cards of robots that you can use as starting point. Here are some appealing names of the robots you can make: Collossus, Apollo JR., Afrorobot, Ufo, Icarius, Robo Bros… These are only some examples, you have endless possibilities!

apollo-kids-toy-12 apollo-kids-toy-2 apollo-kids-toy-4

But robots are not the limit, why not build your own creation made with die cut pieces? As Marc Sardà says, ordering, classifying, joining or separating…everything can be used by kids to express their thoughts in a visual way while they create an own story. This game lets you do anything you can dream up. Furthermore, it’s really funny, what are you going to build?

apollo-kids-toy-10apollo-kids-toy-13 apollo-kids-toy-1

Londji is a project focused  on art, toys and games. If you take a look at its huge catalogue, you will see that Londji’s products pay a lot of attention to graphic design and illustration, which are applied to traditional games and toys: puzzles, spinning tops, kaleidoscopes and, of course, tangrams.

Apollo is a contemporary tangram that will allow you get connected with creative thinking, inspire storytelling and provide your kids of hours of fun. Bring creativity to your home!

+ info: Londji, Marc Sardà

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Stack, Build and Play! Wooden Toys that Spark your Child’s Imagination


What do you need to play? And your children? Oliver Helfrich suggests us you only need four ingredients: wood, colours, shapes and a touch of imagination. Today, we show you some elegant, smart wooden toys. No batteries required!

Coming from a graphic design and sculpting background Oliver Helfrich has a broad and multi-disciplinary approach to design. His varied portfolio includes the amazing “Book of Paper”, packaging for The Technology Will Save Us  or patterns and prints for the cool kids wear brand Beep. His vibrant and playful style has fascinated us.

He also has created a collection of beautiful and open-ended wooden toys for both children and adults: Woodplay. All the sets are handmade and available on request. These sets encouraging the patience, discovery and exploration. All of them are balancing, stacking and building toys with endless possibilities.

Let’s have a closer look at this collection!



Totems is a set of 13 pieces made out of lacquered lime tree and walnut. Combine, stack and create your own totem!

toys-temple-oliver-helfrich toys-temple-oliver-helfrich2

Temple is composed of 50 beautiful pieces of unfinished birch. The unexpected forms of the pieces arise children’s creativity and allow them to build not only towers and constructions and anything they could imagine. READ MORE

Playing with Food: Hello Tomato


Any budding gardeners in your house? Or maybe a little chef? If your child loves food, shapes and colours, we’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for him/her. It is an amazing pocket-sized garden with lots of fruits and vegetables and, this time, I’m sure you will allow children play with their food!

After Le Papillon imprimeur by Fanette Mellier or other books as Dots, Lines and Colors by Antonio Ladrillo, Éditions du livre has published Hello Tomato by Marion Caron & Camille Trimardeau. It is a colourful book-game that alternates gracefully between representation and abstraction. Unfold your colourful garden, and make the plants grow.  Create the most beautiful, fun and incredible paper food!

hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-3 hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-4 hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-7

This garden will provide many surprises. You could grow a pink eggplant, a green cherry or a blue lemon. Why not? Arrange and rearrange the die cut cards on the coloured pages. You have 25 recognisable fruits and vegetables at the mercy of your imagination!

hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-9hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-8 hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-11

Founded in 2011 by Alexandre Chaize and Frédérique Rusch, Éditions du livre is an independent publishing house that brings out artist books for children. They are interested in the poetics inherent to the manipulation of the book as an object resonates with its content. The shape of the book is its substance! hello-tomato-editions-du-livre-14

+ info: Éditions du livre


Christoph Niemann Christmas Cards for Maammo

christoph-niemann-christmas-cards-maammo-santa-sackThe countdown to Christmas is on, so it’s the time to run to the store to get your box of holiday cards or craft some ones with your children. Those are good ideas, but if you have had enough of traditional greeting cards, read on and discover some alternative ones to spread the cheer.

That is an amazing collaboration between Christoph Niemann and the Copenhagen-based store Maammo. They have created a series of four festive cards, produced in the highest quality. The cards all carry Niemann’s signature playful style.christoph-niemann-christmas-cards-maammo_tree
Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author. His work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, WIRED and The New York Times Magazine and has won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and The Lead Awards. Christoph Niemann’s illustrations have a great deal of irony and subtle humour. His work is always intelligent, full of meaning, fun, and with a twist.



Discovering Isabel Fuster and her Delightful Toys


Isabel is a young product designer and illustrator currently based in Milan. Specialized in design for kids, she likes creating products with simple, clean lines but endless possibilities of use. In her work, fun meets simplicity.

Imagination and creation is key to learning and development. Isabel will explain us she wants to create toys that help kids to let their imagination fly, products that inspire them curiosity allowing free and open-ended play. And we love the result.

When we saw her toy ‘Totem’, a plaything for kids with visual disability, we instantly fell in love with the concept and design of the product, and we wanted to know more about her designs. Hope you love her creations as much as we do.

Isabel, which is your background? How did you become a product designer?

Since I was a child I liked to feel like an inventor so I used to make my own toys and create anything that came into my mind using all kind of materials and tools that I found at home. This is how I discovered that what I really wanted to do was create, express and give life to my ideas. I studied the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development in Valencia and once finished my studies I moved to Milan to get specialized in Design for Kids and Toys.


You design products both for kids and adults. Is it very different? How did you become interested in kid’s design?

My works both for kids and adults are characterized by a clear and direct approach. I am very interested in the design that creates a link between the natural and the artificial, so I try to design products that approach and connect people with their around and nature, using new technologies and materials, creating in this way new and playful interactions and environments.

Design is important for everybody, but especially for kids, due to during the childhood kids learn the main values and develop themselves as individuals, so design involves a special care to achieve an optimal education experience.

I have always been very interested in kid’s design. Toys support kid’s development and through them children can learn, explore, discover, interact… I like to inspire curiosity among the future generation and help them to let their imagination fly, allowing kids to get a mentality more elastic and less blocked being capable of making decisions and free themselves!


We want to know more about ‘Totem’. This is a really interesting project for kids with visual disability. How did you come up with the idea? What kind of research methods did you use?

I wanted to design a special toy that could satisfy kids with less accessible toys available in the market due to endure any kind of disability. That’s why I started to investigate and analyze the toy market and researches about kids with disabilities until I realize that children with hearing impairment can access to the most toys, followed by those with motor disabilities. Therefore, blind or visually impaired children are those with less accessible toys so I got in touch with an educator of the Spanish blind association to know more about the needs and how is characterized the game in kids with visual disability. READ MORE

The Magic Recipes – Hours of Fun for the Whole Family!


Remember playing your favourite board games, and how it was a fun, shared experience with family and friends? Playing games is an easy and excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together. As an added bonus, board games are also rich in learning opportunities. They can teach important social skills, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying the interaction with others.

Today we show you a really special board game and a crowdfunding project created by Milimbo studio: “Il Ricettario Magico” (The Magic Recipes). It’s a funny board game in which four intrepid adventurers are going to start their own journey to looking for foods needed to prepare a recipe. A cake flour walking alone, flightless cookies, a risotto with mushrooms growing … Dare to begin the journey!!

themagicrecipes-game-milimbo-15themagicrecipes-game-milimbo-4 themagicrecipes-game-milimbo-13

This is a fun family game designed to play together, where you’ll find many interesting curiosities about food while you take up challenges.

Milimbo is always a guarantee of quality and accurate design. This small publisher and graphic design studio based in Valencia, Spain creates graphic books, toys and games for little (and big!) kids, all with an emphasis on imagination and interpretation. So this is a great opportunity to get a Milimbo creation and enjoy it! READ MORE

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The Cutest New Kid’s Bags? Found them


We’ve just discovered some amazing retro inspired unisex bags for kids. They stand out for their timeless design, durability and comfort. What more could you ask for?

Goodordering offers a range of stylish yet practical accessories for kids and adults that inspire an active lifes. It proposes a classic colour palette, a traditional structure, and a very practical design. The first range was heavily inspired by Japanese school bags and 70s and 80s retro travel bags. And we’re big fans of them!

The bags are fun, affordable, and versatile – for example, the adult handlebar bags have even taken on a new life as buggy bags! They are made out of durable materials (like quality water resistant nylon), have reflective strips and can be easily attached to the rack of a bicycle.


Founder and designer Jacqui Ma has designed bags for Puma, Virgin Atlantic, Microsoft and Debenhams. Goodordering ended up being incorporated in the same week Jackie’s son was born in 2012. She had started designing the bags about a year before she got pregnant, so she used the time on maternity leave to officially start the business.

Let’s see our favourites! READ MORE

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An Incredibly Beautiful Kids Room with Soft Tones


All of us surely  want to create a calming bedroom for our kids, a quiet, safe and always welcoming space where they can sleep comfortably. This is so important and is one step towards the child’s comfort and well-being.

Today we show you a kids room styling with practical ideas to borrow from. A calm yet playful space. When I saw these pictures at Rafa-Kids blog, I immediately fell in love with the tranquil and clean atmosphere of this room. We are pretty much swooning over these soft shades and minimal styled images created for Asun Magazine at Habitare Interior Fair 2016 and photographed by the amazing Katri Kapanen.

wooden-furniture-kids-room-4 READ MORE


Autumnal Tones in Kids Fashion


Autumn is here and, with it, comes a beautiful array of colours: red, orange, brown, caramel…These warm tones are easily combinable, and they look great both casual and elegant look. If you are looking for some ideas for your girl’s outfits or simply love seeing inspiring pictures, read on, because today we show you a beautiful kids fashion shoot plenty of autumn tones and lots of  poetry.

I have been impressed with the latest work from the Paris-based team composed by the photographer Mélanie Rodriguez and the stylist Deborah Sfez for the magazine Papier Maché, called By instant illumination. This biannual children’s magazine always surprise us with inspirational editorials and this is one of them.

In this kids fashion shoot, you can see some scenes featuring thoughtful girls, illuminated by a subtle light. So it would seem that we interrupt her thoughts for a moment. This editorial evokes delicacy, personality, and dream-like feeling at the same time, but also features some kids clothes combinations and stylings we really like. A seasonal colour palette is the perfect starting point for finding great clothes for your kids this autumn and winter.

kids-fashion-shoot-2 kids-fashion-shoot-3kids-fashion-shoot11

You can recognize pieces from kidswear brands we show you here at Petit & Small, such as the beautiful red dress from The Animals Observatory, the bomber jacket and skirt from Motoreta or the modern camel dress by tinycottons. Steal the look and blend tangerine and red tones with camel, blue or yellow and create a striking outfit. READ MORE


Room Tour: Visiting @teoyolivia’s House


Soft colours, Nordic inspiration and lots of style. The kids rooms we will show you today are like that. We are so excited to share a double room tour on Petit & Small: we will visit the Teo and Olivia’s room as well as little Mauro’s.

Their mum, Andrea, has a special talent for the decoration and has created two really lovely bedrooms for her children. We are sure that many of you know her profile on Instagram (@teoyolivia) which is plenty of inspiring photos and atmospheres. Today we can see the whole kids rooms. Here we go!

A Shared Kids Room: Teo and Olivia’s Bedroom


When Andrea and her husband moved to their new house, they are really excited to decorate Teo’s and Olivia’s rooms. They wanted a huge cosy room full of light and space to play. So they chose white and natural woods as well as soft unisex tones for the accessories.


The triple bunk bed and the chest of drawers were made by a Portuguese carpenter because, even then, they wanted to have another baby and loved the idea of seeing their three children sharing room and games. As they didn’t find a bunk bed like that they decided to design it. Furthermore, they really liked the idea of sleeping in bunk beds, it’s really funny and they have a great time. READ MORE

Ferm Living Kids AW16 – Caught in the Moment


I was very excited to see the new ferm LIVING Autumn/Winter 2016 products, especially the children’s collection. And that day has arrived! Now you can browse the kid’s catalogue and enjoy the new additions and inspiring stylings. You can find amazing home textiles, cute wallpapers and fun tableware that are sure to be a hit with children and adults alike.

Market by a mood that allows a child to be caught in a moment and let the imagination run free, the new designs evoke the spirit of childhood fantasy, fun and function. This Danish brand stands out by its graphic prints and minimalistic forms and offers some new playful, stylish kid’s products for sleep, play and beyond.


The seasonal colour palette features splashes of grey, blue, rose, brown and curry. Disty hand drawn prints or bold graphics placed at unconventional angles are the main patterns for the home textiles.


You can also find two new patterns for wallpapers, wooden mobiles and tableware: maritime motifs and party prints. The first one is full of fishing boats and huts, and the second of sweet cherries and pretty bows. READ MORE

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New Kid’s Room Wallpapers from Sian Zeng

sian+zeng- wallpaper

Want to add a little bit of creative magic to your house? Children love nature and adventures. What about bringing the beauty of nature to your house? Today we show you how you can transform your nursery or kid’s room, and add a touch of fun, in an easy way. You only need some imaginative wallpapers or wall stickers and the room will look totally different.

You can find some creative wallpapers in Sian Zeng’s webshop. She is a wallpaper designer based in the UK specialising in wall decor and interior accessories. In addition to her fabulous magnetic Dino and Woodlands wallpapers (if you don’t know them, have a look, they’re totally different from the rest), now you can also opt for some of their new products from the Hua Trees Collection that reflects the artist’s European and Chinese heritage.

Let’s have a closer look!

sian+zeng- wallpaper (2)sian+zeng- wallpaper (1)

Painted using Chinese inks in a non-traditional style, Sian’s Hua trees mural is ideal for any room of your house.  The diverse tonal qualities in this wallpaper create a feeling of distance and space, offering intricate detail within an impressive scale. You can choose between pink and grey colours. READ MORE

Cavalier Autumn / Winter 2016 Collection: Stardust


Cavalier is not just another kidswear brand. Their conceptual collections, full of references to street culture, music and art, and their playful, bold and accurate designed clothes make this label different and fun. Angela Chong and Perry Lam design comfortable and fearless clothes for kids.

The fall 2016 collection, titled ‘Stardust’, is strangely inspired by David Bowie. You can find literal inspirations like Ziggy Stardust’s lightning bolt makeup adorn the aptly named Ziggy Sweater, Leggings and reversible Aviator Hat as pockets and appliqués.

But you also can discover subtler arousals like the electric stripes from original Ziggy Stardust posters translate into tricolour, jewel tone organza layers on edgier pieces like the Stardust Motorcycle Jacket, Pants and midi Skirt.


As always, the collection is backed by CAVALIER’s signature grey tones and monochromes in easy to wear pieces like the Mars Dress — a kimono style midi with contrasting and overlapped cuffs and hem; Mars Cardigan — a reversible light and dark grey oversized, hooded cardigan; and the Spider Cardigan — the same cardigan turned jedi-esque in a slubbed wool blend. READ MORE

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