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uuio, Practical and Designer Items for your Children

What makes timeless home design? What type of furniture will look great for years? You will want to seek out designs, styles and colours that are considered to be “classic,” that have been created to last. Furniture has a main role in any interior. A well-executed concept can result in a timeless piece of furniture that never goes out of style. But, what about children’s furniture? Is it possible to create a practical, well-designed and stylish product for children? We have found a new company — uuio— that combine all these elements. uuio is a new design brand creating high-quality children’s...

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New Year, New Calendar

Using a monthly calendar at home is always something I’ve done. But also it is a great learning tool for children, even the youngest ones. Calendars provide a great opportunity for learning all kinds of math, writing and time management skills,  and even help children prepare for upcoming events. January is just around the corner. What about kicking off the new year with this cute calendar created by Apanona? Titled “The Good Neighborhood”, you can discover a new sweet, funny and mysterious character who inhabit a singular building each month. Apanona was inspired by “13, Rue del Percebe”, a funny comic...

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Build your Robot! Apollo by Marc Sardà for Londji

There are games that are amazingly beautiful. And games that boost children’s imagination. Certainly, there are games that are really fun to play. Today we are talking about one that has all these things together. With a carefully design and production, this game allows infinite creations. Are you ready for a great dose of creativity and imagination? Apollo is the new design that Marc Sardà has created for Londji. As usually, this designer and illustrator has performed a great and intense design work: unique shapes, colours, finishing touches… everything has been conscientiously thought for kids to enjoy. Marc Sardà...

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Stack, Build and Play! Wooden Toys that Spark your Child’s Imagination

What do you need to play? And your children? Oliver Helfrich suggests us you only need four ingredients: wood, colours, shapes and a touch of imagination. Today, we show you some elegant, smart wooden toys. No batteries required! Coming from a graphic design and sculpting background Oliver Helfrich has a broad and multi-disciplinary approach to design. His varied portfolio includes the amazing “Book of Paper”, packaging for The Technology Will Save Us  or patterns and prints for the cool kids wear brand Beep. His vibrant and playful style has fascinated us. He also has created a collection of beautiful and open-ended wooden toys...

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Playing with Food: Hello Tomato

Any budding gardeners in your house? Or maybe a little chef? If your child loves food, shapes and colours, we’ve found the perfect Christmas gift for him/her. It is an amazing pocket-sized garden with lots of fruits and vegetables and, this time, I’m sure you will allow children play with their food! After Le Papillon imprimeur by Fanette Mellier or other books as Dots, Lines and Colors by Antonio Ladrillo, Éditions du livre has published Hello Tomato by Marion Caron & Camille Trimardeau. It is a colourful book-game that alternates gracefully between representation and abstraction. Unfold your colourful garden,...

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Christoph Niemann Christmas Cards for Maammo

The countdown to Christmas is on, so it’s the time to run to the store to get your box of holiday cards or craft some ones with your children. Those are good ideas, but if you have had enough of traditional greeting cards, read on and discover some alternative ones to spread the cheer. That is an amazing collaboration between Christoph Niemann and the Copenhagen-based store Maammo. They have created a series of four festive cards, produced in the highest quality. The cards all carry Niemann’s signature playful style. Christoph Niemann is an illustrator, artist, and author. His work...

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Discovering Isabel Fuster and her Delightful Toys

Isabel is a young product designer and illustrator currently based in Milan. Specialized in design for kids, she likes creating products with simple, clean lines but endless possibilities of use. In her work, fun meets simplicity. Imagination and creation is key to learning and development. Isabel will explain us she wants to create toys that help kids to let their imagination fly, products that inspire them curiosity allowing free and open-ended play. And we love the result. When we saw her toy ‘Totem’, a plaything for kids with visual disability, we instantly fell in love with the concept and design...

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The Magic Recipes – Hours of Fun for the Whole Family!

Remember playing your favourite board games, and how it was a fun, shared experience with family and friends? Playing games is an easy and excellent way to spend unhurried, enjoyable time together. As an added bonus, board games are also rich in learning opportunities. They can teach important social skills, such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying the interaction with others. Today we show you a really special board game and a crowdfunding project created by Milimbo studio: “Il Ricettario Magico” (The Magic Recipes). It’s a funny board game in which four intrepid adventurers are going to...

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The Cutest New Kid’s Bags? Found them

We’ve just discovered some amazing retro inspired unisex bags for kids. They stand out for their timeless design, durability and comfort. What more could you ask for? Goodordering offers a range of stylish yet practical accessories for kids and adults that inspire an active lifes. It proposes a classic colour palette, a traditional structure, and a very practical design. The first range was heavily inspired by Japanese school bags and 70s and 80s retro travel bags. And we’re big fans of them! The bags are fun, affordable, and versatile – for example, the adult handlebar bags have even taken on a...

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An Incredibly Beautiful Kids Room with Soft Tones

All of us surely  want to create a calming bedroom for our kids, a quiet, safe and always welcoming space where they can sleep comfortably. This is so important and is one step towards the child’s comfort and well-being. Today we show you a kids room styling with practical ideas to borrow from. A calm yet playful space. When I saw these pictures at Rafa-Kids blog, I immediately fell in love with the tranquil and clean atmosphere of this room. We are pretty much swooning over these soft shades and minimal styled images created for Asun Magazine at Habitare Interior Fair 2016 and photographed...

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Autumnal Tones in Kids Fashion

Autumn is here and, with it, comes a beautiful array of colours: red, orange, brown, caramel…These warm tones are easily combinable, and they look great both casual and elegant look. If you are looking for some ideas for your girl’s outfits or simply love seeing inspiring pictures, read on, because today we show you a beautiful kids fashion shoot plenty of autumn tones and lots of  poetry. I have been impressed with the latest work from the Paris-based team composed by the photographer Mélanie Rodriguez and the stylist Deborah Sfez for the magazine Papier Maché, called By instant illumination. This...

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Room Tour: Visiting @teoyolivia’s House

Soft colours, Nordic inspiration and lots of style. The kids rooms we will show you today are like that. We are so excited to share a double room tour on Petit & Small: we will visit the Teo and Olivia’s room as well as little Mauro’s. Their mum, Andrea, has a special talent for the decoration and has created two really lovely bedrooms for her children. We are sure that many of you know her profile on Instagram (@teoyolivia) which is plenty of inspiring photos and atmospheres. Today we can see the whole kids rooms. Here we go! A Shared...

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