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Wolf & Rita SS17 Collection : Oh A La Bourgeois

Wolf & Rita is a Portuguese brand that emerged from a history of specialised shirt-making (the founders’ father owns a company and he has been producing shirts for a long a time). This label is focused on details and quality, combining gorgeous fabrics, unexpected colour schemes, and immaculate tailoring. Focused on details and quality, all fabrics and trimmings are of the finest quality and always locally outsourced. Inspired by Louise Bourgeois always surprising and vast oeuvre, the new spring summer 2017 collection is a heartfelt tribute to the delicate work of this deeply inspiring woman. In Bourgeois own words: “Tell...

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Cavalier Vault SS17 Collection: Acid Refluxxx

The Singapore-based kid’s fashion label CAVALIER launches for spring summer 2017 with a collection called Acid Refluxxx which celebrates colour, art and sport. For this season, this innovative and cool label introduces lots of neon and jewel tones. They mix textures and colours, sports mesh is colour-blocked with CAVALIER’s signature grey slub and soft tulle netting is layered to create soiree-worthy rainbow details. CAVALIER always creates attractive silhouettes for the little ones, but they are also comfortable and fun. In this sartorial streetwear collection, you can find clothes with asymmetrical sleeves, teepee-shaped dresses, wrap tops and wide-legged trousers. Furthermore, they add edge...

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Brumm, All the Cars You Can Imagine

As you many of you know, I love creative, open-ended toys. They foster play, inspire creativity, and spark imagination. These are toys that have the potential to be different every time children play with them. Furthermore, kids of all ages can be incorporated into their play. If you have more than one child, you know what I am talking about. Brumm is one of this toys. It’s a wooden building block set that kids can use to create lots of vehicles: cars, trucks, ambulances, caravans… Seven pieces, one base, and endless possibilities. Unai Rollán, the designer, has created 7 clean, elegant and...

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The Animals Observatory SS17 Collection

Laia Aguilar has shaken up kids’ fashion world twice. The first one, with her former brand, Bobo Choses which meant a great addition to children’s design. It was part of the first batch of brands, including Mini Rodini or Bang Bang Copenhague, which modernised kids’ clothes and filled them with joy and fun. The second time, The Animals Observatory was the key. Laia created this kidswear label in 2015 with the entrepreneur Jan Andreu. This wonderful brand has just launched its third collection and we are sure it will be a complete success, just as the previous ones. Their philosophy is helping kids and adults...

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Sneak Peek: Isola Bella – Mini Rodini SS17 collection

Today we want to show you a little preview of the upcoming SS17 Mini Rodini collection. The inspiration behind the collection comes from the baroque garden on the Italian island Isola Bella. Mini Rodini’s SS17 collection is filled with sculptures of marble lions and unicorns, stylish frogs jump into cooling shade, accompanied by the scent of a thousand blooming roses and the first rays of sun in the morning. An orchestra of buzzing insects and soft tones from a piano in the distance is accompanied by the sound of lapping waves and rippling fountains. As always you will love their quirky, creative prints of...

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5 Valentine’s Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for a craft session with the kids, don’t you think? Arts and crafts with toddlers and kids are always fun activities, especially when there’s some kind of theme present. We’ve selected some Valentine’s day craft ideas for you. All of them are fun, creative ways for your child to spend a cold January or February afternoon. You could also host a Valentine’s Day party for your kids and friends and make some easy and creative projects. These party crafts don’t need a lot of supplies, but the kids will really love the results. What about creating a...

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A Legend: Bobo Choses SS17 Collection

“In the huge sky of sports there are big stars, strong stars, fast stars so dazzled by their light they cannot see each other. But among the many stars there are a few that shine with a modest, special light of their own, caring stars, brave stars, frightened stars, and tenacious stars. It is time they become legends…” The new Bobo Choses SS17 collection, titled “A Legend”, is out. This season it’s inspired by sport legends from around the world and through time. You can find a great range of clothes pieces with retro and comfortable patterns and beautiful washed colours. The collection is divided into six...

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Childish Tales: Ferm Living SS17 Collection

The Danish home décor brand ferm LIVING has just launched the new Spring / Summer 2017 Kids collection called ‘Childish Tales’ which celebrates children’s creativity. “Sparkles, balloons and games in shimmering sceneries. The Ferm Living Kids Spring/Summer 2017 Collection tells tales of whimsical parties, playtime by the seaside and magical dreams. They are stories that reveal the special childish creativity that unfolds when the setting is right”. This brand draws on the Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm. For ferm LIVING, simplicity, a subtle palette of colours, and a graphic edge are the perfect base for the little ones to unfold their imagination. ferm...

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Sky Villages: Building in the Clouds

Building blocks inspire a child to design, invent, and create. Young children can create their own cityscape (or the world they want to see) using simple wooden pieces. And that is great! But, if you and your kids could build clusters of airborne villages on the wall? As part of a unique and interactive installation at the SPARK Brooklyn Children’s Museum, James Paulius, the designer of the architectural building blocks Blockitecture Habitat and Garden City, proposes a new project on the same idea of allowing children to build architectural structures from blocks. The villages are made of the tessellating pieces that interlock and combine...

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uuio, Practical and Designer Items for your Children

What makes timeless home design? What type of furniture will look great for years? You will want to seek out designs, styles and colours that are considered to be “classic,” that have been created to last. Furniture has a main role in any interior. A well-executed concept can result in a timeless piece of furniture that never goes out of style. But, what about children’s furniture? Is it possible to create a practical, well-designed and stylish product for children? We have found a new company — uuio— that combine all these elements. uuio is a new design brand creating high-quality children’s...

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New Year, New Calendar

Using a monthly calendar at home is always something I’ve done. But also it is a great learning tool for children, even the youngest ones. Calendars provide a great opportunity for learning all kinds of math, writing and time management skills,  and even help children prepare for upcoming events. January is just around the corner. What about kicking off the new year with this cute calendar created by Apanona? Titled “The Good Neighborhood”, you can discover a new sweet, funny and mysterious character who inhabit a singular building each month. Apanona was inspired by “13, Rue del Percebe”, a funny comic...

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Build your Robot! Apollo by Marc Sardà for Londji

There are games that are amazingly beautiful. And games that boost children’s imagination. Certainly, there are games that are really fun to play. Today we are talking about one that has all these things together. With a carefully design and production, this game allows infinite creations. Are you ready for a great dose of creativity and imagination? Apollo is the new design that Marc Sardà has created for Londji. As usually, this designer and illustrator has performed a great and intense design work: unique shapes, colours, finishing touches… everything has been conscientiously thought for kids to enjoy. Marc Sardà...

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