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ByAlex: the Most Beautiful Playmats for Your Playroom

Have you spotted the playmat trend yet? Perfectly suited for minimalism and functionality fans, but also for bohemian lovers, playmats are here to stay. Our favourite aspect is their incredible versatility: you can put them in pretty much any room of the house, you can have fun combining different colours and prints and piling them on top of each other, and kids can use them for all sorts of purposes such as playtime, naps or reading. However, it might not be so easy to find the right type once you’ve decided to purchase your playmat. The Dutch brand ByAlex is...

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Lea & Jojo: Sustainable Raincoats for Children

Sometimes we get very jealous when looking for clothing for our kids —we just wish they would make them in our size too! This was definitely the case when we spotted this cool squad wearing their trendy raincoats. Lea & Jojo is the brand behind these happy creations for rainier days. Not only do they look amazing but they also have a fantastic story behind them, one that shows the designers’ deep commitment to the environment and to teaching our children values for a better future. If you are trying to make good quality, sustainable purchases for your kids’...

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Delicate Vintage Furniture and Handmade Objects for Kids

  Flea market rummagers and second-hand enthusiasts will rejoice at the sight of gorgeous Désuet: an online store full of unique furniture pieces and decorative objects. A wonderful Belgian couple of artists is in charge of putting together a whimsical universe where you can get lost for hours. Their love and passion for what they do can be perceived in the importance given to every detail: from the Their love and passion for what they do can be perceived in the importance given to every detail: from the thoughtful selection of items and materials to the successful and thorough makeover...

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New Romantic Ideas for Nursery Lighting

Nowadays, lighting means a lot more than putting a simple lamp in your children’s room. There are thousands of ideas, even camouflaged ideas which don’t seem like lamps until you turn them on. Most importantly, we’ve got ideas that will not only bring light into your little one’s dreams but also serve as decoration during the day. So make sure to write some of these original and romantic lighting ideas down. The cloud-shaped lamp by Leblogdemadamec is a perfect example of a small and creative decorative detail. Shaped Fairy Lights What if we took simple fairy lights and transformed them into something fun? We...

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5 Nurseries in Neutral Colours

Neutral colors are a great resource when looking for timeless and easily modifiable spaces. When in doubt, we go for colours that’ll match everything while remaining elegant since we know for a fact that we cannot get it wrong when it comes to neutral colours. There are more and more mums who choose them in order to create simple yet charming nurseries, such as the one above which you can find on Instagram — very natural details and featuring a range of neutrals going from white to light grey. Nurseries in black & white The all-time classic of basic colour...

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Low Cost Inspiration for the Playroom

Now that winter blues are coming closer to an end it’s time to use our energy spikes to bring out our most creative side to decorate or change a space, and if we can do that while cutting costs even better! This time we thought we could show you some low-cost inspiration for the playroom. The goal is to prepare an area where they can develop their intellect, imagination and their will to learn and dream. What better project than creating a space where they can enjoy playing and growing up like the one we see in this Pinterest...

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Outer Space Inspired Children’s Decor

Who doesn’t want to become an astronaut when they’re a child? Outer space is one of the biggest mysteries with its galaxies, stars and vastness, waiting for adventures to happen. What better idea for a children’s room theme? The Inspiration Edit shares a fantastic décor idea for the walls to turn into a zone where your kids can dream of spaceships, planets and astronauts — the whole cast for a very original baby room. You can find the Kids Space Rocket Wall Mural on Murals Wallpaper. Moonspiration for children’s rooms Once more, we’ve found so many inspiring ideas on Instagram. On...

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Urban Sport Inspo: PUMA and tinycottons’ New Spring-Summer Collection

Urban, sporty and very comfortable — these are just some of the main perks of tinycottons and Puma’s new joint children’s collection. Both labels have teamed up to create a capsule collection as part of the tinycottons’s SS17 ‘Tribute’ range. Read on, warmer times are finally just around the corner! The results of the collaboration between the Barcelona company and the iconic brand Puma are a plethora of both comfortable and practical items for boys and girls such as hoodies, t-shirts, and last but not least, the ever popular trainers. Featuring classic PUMA silhouettes refreshed with tinycottons’ playful attitude,...

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Pastel Nursery with Trendy Accessories

Even though we often select a few thoughts on a piece of furniture or how to decorate the wall of a children’s room, sometimes we like to focus on one special room like this one we’ve found on Babiekinsmag. A delicate and romantic nursery with plenty of ideas we’ve enjoyed and we would like to share with you. Check it out! We think there will be many details you will love. Overall, it’s a room we adore and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Delicate furniture for the nursery Is there anything more romantic than a crib with a...

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Cool and Modern Children’s Spaces

What a find! This children’s room can’t actually be found in any house — it was created by vtwonen magazine for Amsterdam’s interior design fair and we have found it via Rafa-Kids. We think it’s such a cute, detailed-packed space that any parent would like it to magically materialise in the kid’s room. All in all, it’s a great source of inspiration if you want a children’s room that’s cool yet full of practical ideas. A Unique and Dynamic Children’s Space The rest and play zone is located on a platform with plenty of storage space. We can see...

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Natural Wood Bedroom with a Cool Desk

Today we show you a pretty girl’s bedroom decorated in soft neutral tones and natural wood. This room designed by the French stylist Estelle Williot is plenty of sweet accessories: fairy lights, paper lanterns, textiles in light shades, and lots of wood details. As we’ve said in other posts, wood is one of the most beautiful materials to use in a kids room. You can opt for a Scandinavian or minimal style or add romantic touches to the space. Wood is a good choice for any style of decoration. Hope this children’s room could provide inspiration for your child’s next bedroom update. Natural wood...

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How to Decorate with Textiles

   Via Marieclairemaison We know that textiles can fix a room that’s too serious or lacking in details, and that they can also change children’s rooms with just one touch — that’s why we love discovering all their novelties! But today we won’t be talking about a specific textile collection, instead, we will show some great ideas to have fun while decorating with children’s textiles. They can certainly bring out our most creative side! Trending: Mixing patterns Via Solebich If only a couple of years ago we were matching everything in order to avoid unusual outcomes, the opposite is...

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