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Harmony and Balance for Kids Rooms

There’s an incredible amount of options when it comes to decorating children’s rooms, baby rooms… kids rooms in general. As the saying goes “To each his own”. Every moment of life, circumstances and mood might lead you to opt for one style or another, and today I feel 100% zen!!! So, better than intense and vibrant colours I prefer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to calm down… The Slow Movement. Wallpapers and wall stickers by Funky Little Darlings inspired by wood print woodland are a good option to start the week… (besides being cute and elegant). It is always...

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How to make a flag banner garland for a children’s room

What do you think about having a great time with your kids doing a craft with which you can decorate any corner of a children’s room? Here I show you a very simple and easy DIY, but very nice and decorative. So, the materials are basic and I’m sure you have them at home: a string or cord, a stapler, glue, and a few decorative printed papers. The papers we used were printed in Wripwrapwrop. Don’t you know it? So, have a look at the website and you will find a whole world to discover, especially if you like...

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A lovely kids room

Today we make a visit to Holland. We get into Cindy Keur-Rijckenberg’s house, a blogger and owner of a nice shop of home accessories called More than Living. She has redecorated her daughter’s room, giving it a fresh and cosy touch that I really liked. Do we begin the visit? The base of the children’s bedroom is the white colour, which we find in walls, floor and furniture and that brings a great light. It is incredible how a kids room can change with only a coat of painting! (You can see how it was before here).  The owner...

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DIY for kids parties

If you have children, you will surely know these toy animals I am talking about. They come in every adventure your kids imagine. I have found them in the most unbelievable places, even in bed! With these animal figures you can invent an enjoyable craft or an original DIY like what you are seeing right now. It drew our attention how three mothers, each one her own style, had this clever idea, and we are pretty sure that some of you are just now thinking about something else. Everybody agreed with using wild animal toys, tigers, giraffes, rhinoceros, leopards,...

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Elena Shumilova’s magical photos

Elena Shumilova is a Russian woman, mother of two children, who works as an illustrator and a painter and who lives in the small town of Andreapol, in Russia. In 2012, Elena started to practice with her first reflex camera. Who could have imagined at this time that shortly after her photos ran on the website leaving websurfers amazed? She surely didn’t expect it to become so relevant. Elena’s children, pets and farm animals have the leading role in her photos, being this farm the environment where they are taken. Like so many parents, acquiring her first professional camera...

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Kids rooms photos… 10 Nordic inspiration ideas in Instagram

White background, splashes of pink colour and romantic details everywhere Could you imagine what it is looking for beautiful things for children every day for more than 8 years? It is a wonderful job —that’s for sure— but I have to admit that some days it seems like there is nowhere else to look for. You have been looking in Pinterest, Feedly, Instagram…even under rocks! It seems like you look the same photos everywhere, nothing different, nothing original… In exchange, there are those days when you find so many ideal things that you can’t open more browser tabs, a...

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Etsy Finds… Roxy Marj

Today we show you an Etsy’s treasure: Roxy Marj Shop. Behind this lovely shop, there’s the illustrator Roma Winkel, graduated in the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York. She designs items with a very personal style for both children and adults. Those are fresh, bright designs. These are my favourite: The tiger, bear or lion blankets are perfect for children’s rooms. You have surely seen them as carpets or tapestries hung on the wall. Your children could at last paint the walls without telling them off! The colouring posters by Roxy Marj are giant, entertaining and full...

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Weekend crafts for kids

Show your children that they can finger paint different animal figures with their own hands. Here comes the weekend! We found some brilliant crafts for kids to have a great time with your children. We liked them because only a few materials are needed (finger painting, crayons or coloured pencils and paper) to develop their full creativity. How could you make an elephant with your hand print? And a camel?… Challenges can gradually become more difficult. Have you ever thought the amount of things you could make with your handprint? And with your fingers? The ideas we found in...

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9 ideas to personalize the Ikea Kura bed

Have you heard about the Ikea hacks for kids? Probably yes, but if you belong to a minority that doesn’t know what they are about, you will be delighted with this concept. They are transformations that each one makes at home, following DIY-style, using well-known Ikea pieces, as the Kura bed. Here the 9 ideas come to transform the Ikea Kura bed model. From a simple re-decor with colours and decorative details to a firemen’s car or a medieval castle … When the Ikea’s hackers propose to surprise us, they find no match!! Turning the Ikea Kura bed into a...

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K Desk by Rafa Kids: a very functional desk

It had to be made by Rafa Kids, who else! That is exactly what I thought when I found this fantastic desk some time ago. This small business founded by a couple of architects is growing rapidly; Agatha is in charge of the aesthetics and Arek is responsible for the technical part. They have two sons, Frank and Robert whose initials are part of the business name “RaFa Kids.” As parents of two children, they perfectly know how important it is to find children’s furniture that is functional and nicely designed. With a great knowledge of decorative trends and emblematic...

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Nothing is what it seems in Chispum’s news

You have probably already heard of the company Chispum for its really original wall stickers, made with all the creativity that a group of illustrators, artists and designers can join together. That’s why in this shop you can find author wall stickers, special works drawn from imaginative minds with a sense of humor and taste for the beautiful things. If you loved its wall stickers, because they are unusual, funny and colourful, you would love these ideas even more. But, watch out! Nothing is what it seems. How do we keep kids busy on holiday breaks? Chispum had a good...

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Today we visit… Estela by Deco & Living

Initially, it was only an idea that crossed our mind and an interior big force that said to us that we should do, that it was the right moment. Fears, doubts, contradictory opinions appear… but when the moment comes we have to take advantage of the opportunity… Two years ago I spoke on the telephone with Estela, who had just had a baby and she started her blog called “Deco & Living”. When I was speaking with her, she transmitted such a force, illusion, and wishes to carry out this project that she had in mind long time. I...

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