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Beautiful Wooden Toys that You can Make for your Children


There is something so special about handmade things and nothing is more special than making toys for your children. There is, of course, the safety aspect where you are in control of all the materials so you don’t include any toxic paints and materials but beyond this, it is knowing that the toys are made with love and care. Making your own toys means they are unique and can be customised for your children.

We are in love with the idea of making toys for our children and so we went looking for some beautiful handmade toys that you too can make. We’ve found ideas for babies as well as older kids so there is something for everyone. Some are easy to make like the DIY chalkboard play town pictured above, while others take a bit more effort but all are so worth making. Here are our favourite picks:

diy-wooden-baby-rattleFirst up is this DIY wooden baby rattle. Babies love rattles and what can be nicer than making one for your newborn to welcome them in to the world or perhaps gifting one to a friend’s newborn. READ MORE


5 of the best Ikea dolls house hacks

ikea-hack-dollshouse-top-imageWhich little kid doesn’t love a dolls house?  I think I would still play with a dolls house if I had one.  You can buy some amazing dolls houses out there but I think making one for your little girl or boy is so much more personal. You could start building one from scratch if you wanted but I’ve got something a little easier for you today. Simply turn a piece of Ikea furniture into a dolls house. Wondering how?  Read on.

The beauty of Ikea furniture is that it lends itself to so many hacks.The only limit is your imagination. While you can turn Ikea furniture into practically anything, today I’m sharing some of the best dolls house Ikea hacks. One of them requires a little time and effort to make while the others are so easy to do, you’ll wonder why you haven’t thought of it already.


This minimal dolls house is made using 2 Ikea Rast nightstands. It makes the perfect 2 room villa for any doll in need of a stylish home.  This is the only one on our list that takes a bit of effort – but it will be so worth it. If you prefer something easier, then read on.


This Ikea hack dolls house wins hands down for me. It requires absolutely no making, just customising the inside of the Ivar cabinet. And when it’s not being played with, close the doors and it’s gone. This is one that is ideal for your kitchen or living room. READ MORE

Beautiful Clothes Hangers for Babies (that You can Make)


I’ve always loved the idea of having an open wardrobe, like the Scandinavians do. But an open wardrobe in an adult bedroom means you have to be super tidy and organised with your clothes. However, in a baby or toddler room, this look is so much easier to pull off.  Babies tend to have far fewer clothes at any given time as they are constantly growing and their clothes are tiny so it’s easy to be neat and organised. Also baby clothes are the cutest, so why not have them in full view?

I went looking for some inspiring open wardrobes for babies that are possible to recreate at home and I found some beautiful ones. The best part of these wardrobes is that even if you have a tiny room, they can be squeezed into any corner or niche and they still look charming. They are easy to make yourself and you can always customise yours for the space you have. If you love the open wardrobe look, here are some ideas that you can recreate or just take some inspiration from these and create your very own version:

One of the most popular ways to create your own baby wardrobe is to use tree branches. There are lots you can do with branches and below I’ve shared 3 of the best ideas:

open-baby-wardrobe-1This is an entire mini wardrobe made from branches and rope and it is stunning. But if this feels like a little too much work for you, we’ve got some easier to recreate ideas below.

open-baby-wardrobe-2One single branch can work just as well and it’s a lot easier to create. They’ve hung the branch under a shelf which is perfect as the shelf makes handy storage for the little shoes.

open-baby-wardrobe-3This is another idea on how to create a branch wardrobe especially when you don’t have much space. Using small branches hung above each other means you can have 2 or 3 hangers without using up much space.


If branches aren’t your thing, how about a copper pipe wardrobe? Copper pipes look really cool and make a beautiful feature like this simple wood and copper open wardrobe.

open-baby-wardrobe-5For something a little different, how about an adorable mini house wardrobe? It would make such a charming addition to any baby nursery.

open-baby-wardrobe-6Wardrobes hanging from the ceiling look cool and they are best for saving space too. When you add pretty wooden beads into the mix, they look even more charming like in this girls room above and in the room featured at the top. This one is more girly, while the top one is more minimal but you can easily adapt the look to your own taste.


If you love the wooden bead idea but prefer something a little simpler, this last open wardrobe is for you. Create a chain from wooden beads and hang your baby clothes on that.  You can even paint the beads if you like.

We are huge fans of open wardrobes for babies as they’re not only space saving but are beautiful too. The only problem is choosing just one look.  Which one is your favourite?

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Nomita Vaish-Taylor is the founder and editor of Your DIY Family – Nomita shares DIY and design ideas for families who wants to get more creative quickly. You’ll find lots of fun ideas on her blog and you can also say hi to her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

The Cutest (and Coolest) Bear Softies for Kids


Teddy bears have been around forever. They may even be the very first kind of soft toy there ever was – who knows? And I don’t think they’re going anywhere. After all every kid needs a teddy bear, right? It’s still one of the most popular gifts for newborns and toddlers and it’s not hard to understand why.

While the teddy bear isn’t going anywhere, it has changed a lot over the years. You can of course still get traditional teddy bears but if you want something a little different that still has bags of charm but is a bit cooler, a bit quirkier, a bit more whimsical, I’ve picked out 8 of the best bears for you. I especially love that these bears are not only toys but they double up as fun decorations too. So when they’re not being played with, display them proudly on a shelf or sofa.  And some are even big enough to be used as cushions.

With Christmas coming up, any of these delightful bears would make an adorable gift.  Here’s where to find them:

Waving bearbear with pink dress | quirky bear | bear with yellow scarf | cute white bear | chubby bear | rosy cheeked bear | bandit bear

If I had to choose one, I think that would be too hard!  Can you choose just one? Which one?

Nomita Vaish-Taylor is the founder and editor of Your DIY Family – Nomita shares DIY and design ideas for families who wants to get more creative quickly. You’ll find lots of fun ideas on her blog and you can also say hi to her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

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Charming Vintage Kids Rooms


When it comes to decorating kids rooms, there are so many styles to choose from – modern, Scandinavian, vintage, industrial… the list goes on. It’s hard to choose a favourite but there’s one style that will never go out of fashion and that is vintage. Today’s trend will always be tomorrow’s vintage so a vintage room will always be in style.

Today I’ve got some beautiful vintage rooms to inspire you to create your very own. The advantage of a vintage room is that there are so many ways to create a vintage haven. If you want, you can mix and match with modern pieces and it still works so well. Or even just one large vintage piece of furniture is enough to give you the charming vintage look. If you can’t find any actual vintage pieces, you can still create the look with carefully selected new pieces that look old. You can choose to cram the room with vintage details or you can create a minimal vintage space. There are so many options.

Here are some ways to create the perfect vintage haven for a child:

vintage-kids-room-1Such a pretty room. That wrought iron crib adds all the charm and I love how they’ve mixed it up with the very modern pouf.

vintage-kids-room-2There are so many vintage details in this room and they all come together beautifully. Don’t miss that vintage mannequin bust – it’s little details like this that help create the perfect vintage space. READ MORE

9 Adorable Christmas Crafts for Kids


Christmas is coming and that means crafting — lots and lots of it. With the cold weather outside, this is the time of year to stay in and stay warm with a cup of hot chocolate. And what better way to spend your days than crafting with the kids.

We’ve rounded up 9 Christmas crafts many of which are easy enough for the kids to do by themselves and some are even perfect for toddlers to try their little hands at, maybe with a little help from their older siblings. Here they are:

kids-christmas-crafts-1Make some colourful wooden bead trees and hang them up as Christmas decorations.

kids-christmas-crafts-2How unusual and pretty are these matches ball ornaments? So easy to make too.

kids-christmas-crafts-3aThis craft couldn’t be simpler and it’s perfect for the littlest ones. Paint some paper baubles and get as messy as you like! READ MORE


5 Minimal and Playful Wallpapers for a Kids Room


One of the quickest ways to refresh a room is to add some wallpaper. It usually takes just a couple of hours to put up and can completely change the look of a room. I am a huge fan of wallpaper and while I like the colourful versions, I always opt for more minimal designs with soft tones because these kinds of designs and colours stand the test of time. This is especially true in a kids room if you want the room to grow with the child. Anything too bright, colourful or childish will need refreshing much more often.

Minimal doesn’t mean boring and even though all these wallpapers are very simple, they are all so playful and whimsical and perfect for a kids room like that boats wallpaper pictured at the top. They allow you to decorate with whatever colours you like but yet they create a striking feature in a kids room. Here are some of my favourite minimal and playful wallpapers for a kids room:

blackandwhite-wallpaper-1This bunny wallpaper stole my heart the minute I saw it. It’s so playful without being too cute or too babyish. This is a boys room but the wallpaper will work just as well in a girls room or even a brother and sister shared room.

natural-colours-wallpaper-2This party themed wallpaper is just so fun. Using soft browns and pastel hints, this wallpaper will add a happy vibe to any kids room, no matter how old or young they are. READ MORE

Delightful Dotty Decor

polka-dots-room-top-image-1Polka dots have been around forever and they never go out of fashion. I love them for clothes, for home decor but most of all for a kids room. This simple dot pattern is so playful and stylish and can easily add bags of charm to a kids room. What’s more, they bring an instant sense of cheer and joy and always make me want to smile.

I love the idea of a dotty kids room where you have a feature wall of polka dots. There are lots of ways of doing this from wallpaper to wall stickers to hand painting the dots. And you can go for lots of dots or just a few. Whatever way you choose, you will end up with a beautiful and playful room. Here are some delightful polka dot rooms for kids to inspire you:


This dark green imperfect dots wallpaper make such a stunning feature wall. You don’t need to decorate with anything else as we can see from the picture. Add just one or two small decorations and you’ll end up with a space that is simple and striking. READ MORE

Decorating with Natural Wood


One of the most beautiful materials to use in a kids room is natural wood. Wood in all it’s raw, naked, pale glory. We often feel tempted to paint natural wood but when you leave it raw, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful.

I especially like natural wood for a kids room because there is something so innocent and real about it, much like children themselves. Also no matter how small a room is, natural wood just works because it has such a light and airy feel and can make a small space look bigger. You can use lots of it like in the room above that has all the big pieces of furniture in natural wood.  But if you prefer, a few pieces of natural wood furniture can still add a beautifully natural look to a child’s room.  Here are some stunning natural wood rooms to inspire you:

natural-kids-room-1Natural wood instantly gives you a minimal look and feel. I love the bed in this kids room but the best bit is the paneling on the wall in natural wood.  This is a great and budget-friendly way to add a natural wooden feel to a room. READ MORE


Decorate with Magical Fairy Lights


Every kids room should have a magical feel. The room should feel like a place where the imagination can run wild, a place where any adventure is possible. Things like hideouts, dark walls and inspiring artworks can all help create a magical room.  But my favourite way to add instant magic is fairy lights. These twinkly little lights don’t cost much at all and can so easily transform a kids room without any effort.

There are lots of ways to add fairy lights — from a straightforward chain of lights to something a bit more creative. But no matter what option you choose, those fairy lights will bring an instant touch of magic in to your child’s room.  To inspire you, I’ve found a few fun ways to include fairy lights:


Fairy lights and canopies are a match made in heaven.Whether the canopy is over a bed or in a separate corner of the room, adding fairy lights to it creates magic. In the room above, I love how they’ve trailed the lights over a picture, adding to the already magical crib space.


If you’ve got some Christmas fairy lights lying around, why not use them all year in your kids room?  I love this idea of creating an over-sized shape out of them. The heart shape is adorable but you can even create a moon, clouds, stars or anything you can think of. READ MORE

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Gorgeous Gray Rooms (that will calm any kid at bedtime)


Us parents often talk about downtime before bed.  A time when our kids can be calm and wind down for bed.  After all, we all want our kids to get the most restful sleep and this is only possible when they’re not too stimulated at bedtime. Creating a bedroom that is a calming haven is one great way to make sure your kids are relaxed at bedtime. The colour that does this best is grey — not just grey accents but a room where the dominant colour is grey.

Using soft grey tones works for boys and girls alike and also it’s a colour that your kids won’t outgrow. Not only does it create a calming space, it’s very practical too. Creating a grey room isn’t too hard either. I’ve gathered some pictures of beautifully simple and serene gray rooms to inspire you.

The first one pictured at the top has a matching medium toned grey wall with a very similar coloured bed, giving you a sea of grey. This look can be achieved with not much more than a pot of paint — paint the wall and paint whatever bed you currently have in the same colour.


This room uses a lot of different shades of grey from very light to dark. But the darker greys are used as accents and it’s the softer greys that dominate. It’s a very simple room with a look that anybody can achieve but yet it’s so stunning.


This room again uses lots of different grey tones but again the main colours are the softer greys.  The room shows us that grey can be as playful and fun as you want, which is ideal for younger children.  Those sweet grey posters and wall stickers add such a dreamy feel to this gorgeous grey room. READ MORE

9 Easy Party Decorations to Make this Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner.  While it has always been huge in the US, it’s becoming so much more popular here in Europe too. There are kids I know that prefer Halloween to Christmas and it’s not hard to understand why. Which kid would pass up an opportunity to dress up and go collect a ton of candy?  Even I’m tempted to go trick or treating…

Do your kids love, love, love Halloween? If you’re throwing a Halloween party or even if you just want to spook up your home for fun, we have some fabulous Halloween party decorations for you to make. They’re easy to make and even the kids can help. So this Halloween why not add some creepy but cute decorations to your home:


Boo! Have fun wearing these free printable Halloween glasses.  Or you could even print off a load of them and hang them around your home.


Crowns come in all shapes and sizes but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a spider crown. It’s the perfect accessory to finish off a creepy-cute Halloween outfit.


Every party starts with invitations and these bat shaped invites will set the tone for any Halloween do. Don’t forget to make a few extra and dot them around the room as flying bats.


Why drink from plain glasses when you can make these monster glasses for Halloween? They’ll add a fun touch to your Halloween table and kids are guaranteed to love them.


If you don’t have time to make Pinterest-worthy Halloween cupcakes, just buy some and top with these cool witches hats made out of cupcake liners.  Such a clever idea.


No celebration can be complete without balloons. So, to make your balloons fit for Halloween, just customise some by painting scary faces on them. Easy-peasy!

These googly-eyed bat straws will delight not just little kids but big kids too. Imagine sipping your Halloween cocktails through one of these? What fun!


Everyone needs some pumpkins for Halloween.  While you can decorate them as you wish, I’ve not seen a simpler or cooler way to decorate a pumpkin – simply wrap some gauze around it and turn it in to a mummy pumpkin.


Halloween is all about treats and candy and I can’t think of a cuter way to share them at a party. This large DIY spider pinata is just the thing to have hanging around a Halloween party — it needs a bit more effort than all the other DIY’s but it will be oh so worth it!

Which one will you make this Halloween?

Discover here more Halloween ideas and crafts on our blog or visit our Pinterest board

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Dark, moody and magical kids rooms


Dark grey and black may not be colours you would think about for a kids room. While monochrome rooms are very popular, they always have a lot more white, much more than black. White rooms may always look fresh and bright but black rooms bring a different kind of magic and enchantment.

Very dark colours can work so well for a kids room.There is something utterly captivating about a black kids room and if you don’t believe me yet, maybe you will after you see these rooms. They work for boy or girl and are also great for a shared unisex room. And the bonus – your kids will fall asleep in no time!

The room pictured at the top sets the benchmark for dark kids rooms. There is no holding back here – pretty much everything is dark and moody. But the atmosphere it creates is nothing short of magical. It feels like a room where imaginations can go wild and any adventure is possible.


This contemporary kids room shows a completely different way to go dark.The walls are painted black and are striking but they’ve added a bit of white with the dripping paint effect. That not only breaks up the black but looks so cool too. READ MORE


5 of the Cutest (and Easiest) Ikea Hacks for a Kids Room


Everybody has a soft spot for Ikea, right? And it’s not just because they make cool and affordable stuff, but I love Ikea for the endless hacking possibilities. There is so much potential to buy a bargain piece and turn it into something unique for your home.

Today I’m sharing 5 of the cutest Ikea hacks for kids rooms. These hacks are not only adorable but are super easy for anybody to do. All are small and simple decor hacks — nothing complicated here — but the end result is wow!


Who hasn’t heard of the Ikea bekvam spice rack?  I’ve seen it being hacked into all kinds of things but this has got to be the cutest hack yet. The spice rack has been flipped upside down and used as a mini wardrobe for baby and toddler clothes. Perfect.

ikea hack moon light

As far as night lights go, I don’t think I’ve seen a cuter one than this Mr Moon light. A basic, round Ikea lamp has been painted and given the cutest makeover ever!  Of course you could paint anything your kids like on the light to make it their very own personal design. READ MORE

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Love Cacti? Add a Little Cactus Chic to your Kids Rooms

cactus wallpaper

Have you spotted the cactus trend? It’s everywhere and has been for a while.The humble, prickly cactus has entered our homes in a big way and I am loving the trend.

Of course it’s lovely to have the real thing in our homes but not so much in a kids room! Instead, the sculptural shape of the cactus lends itself so well to all kinds of home decor from rugs to wallpaper and everything in between. And these decor items are just the thing for a kids room. Here are some of the coolest cactus-themed things to bring a dose of desert chic to your kid’s bedrooms:

It doesn’t get much better than this wallpaper (pictured at the top)! Paired with simple black and white decor, this cactus wallpaper really shines.We are talking kids rooms here but this is one wallpaper I want for every room in my home.

cactus wall stickers

If that wallpaper feels a little too much for you, consider these little cactus wall stickers instead. A cute way to add a bit of fun to your kids walls and you can go for as little or as many as you want.

cactus rug

From the walls to the floors — rugs add personality and warmth to a room. If you want a dose of desert chic in your kids room but want to keep it paired back, this black and white cactus rug is the pick for you. READ MORE

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Bright, White and Minimal Kids Rooms


There is something so calming and beautiful about a minimal, bright, white, clutter free kids room. Much like our adult bedrooms can be a place to escape to, away from the mess and chaos of everyday life, so too, a kids bedroom can be a place of calm and escape.

Minimal doesn’t mean boring or cold. As you’ll see from the rooms below, they’re all charming, warm and anything but boring. Minimal simply means not filling every bit of space you have, keeping the colours in similar tones and mostly having closed storage. If you are already a fan of minimal kids rooms, you’ll love these ones below. And if you’re not, you may just change your mind:


This room does minimal with a playful touch so well.  It’s very much a kids room and isn’t boring in any way but is yet so pared back.


Combining natural wooden tones with lots of white instantly adds warmth, yet keeps the look clean and bright.There’s plenty of easily accessible closed storage which helps to keep the look minimal. READ MORE

6 Fabulous Rugs for a Kids Room



When the cooler seasons start creeping up on us, it’s time to add some cozy and warm touches to your home. Think throws, blankets, rugs and furry cushions. One of my absolute must haves for all my bedrooms is a rug or two. No home is complete without them especially if you have wooden floors. And there’s no better place to start than a kids room because kids love playing on the floor.

I like to think of rugs as art for the floor.They add personality to a room just like art but also, in those freezing months, they add a much needed dose of warmth. With so much choice out there, it can be hard to find the perfect rug. For a kids room, something playful yet stylish is a good choice. You can always go for as much or as little colour as you like but today I’ve selected 6 fabulous neutral rugs that can go in any kids room, no matter what the colour scheme or style of decor. And nearly all are perfect for boy or girl or even a shared unisex room:


I’m loving this sweet sleepy eyed rug from GUR that is so striking and fun. It comes in both black and white so you can choose the one that works best for your kids room.


This is such a fun hat shaped rug.  And I love that this rug will grow with your kids – it’s just as perfect for little kids as it is for teenagers and even older.


Curiosity is something all kids know well and this curious eyes rug is a playful take on this trait. It’s perfect for adding some coziness to a reading corner or a play space. READ MORE

Creative Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


Which kid doesn’t have a ton of art and craft supplies? Our home is over-flowing with paints, coloured card, felt pens, stickers and so many more craft materials.  I love that my child loves to create but I don’t love the mess that the supplies create.

Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to organise all these art and craft supplies in one place so that they are always easy to find and have a home to go back to when they’re done with.

In an ideal world it would be great to have a dedicated art and craft room but in the real world that’s not always possible. So, no matter how small or big your home, there are lots of ways to organise your art supplies. Here are some of my favourite ways that can work in any space especially small spaces:


This is such an organised, colourful and creative crafting space. A basic pegboard has been customised by adding containers, hooks and mini shelves to keep all the art materials tidy.  The desk and pegboard will easily fit into a small corner of any room so it can be placed in a kids room or even a study. READ MORE


Add a Pop of Sunny Yellow to Your Kids Room Today


Yellow is such a happy colour. Seeing a pop of yellow can instantly brighten your mood.  This isn’t surprising as the colour yellow stands for happiness, optimism, confidence and is uplifting too. As yellow is the happiest colour of all, I think it’s a great choice for a kids room. But as it’s such a bright colour, a little goes a long way.

I love yellow as it works so well for boy or girl and even a unisex shared room. I went looking for some kids rooms that have just the right amount of yellow to add a pop of cheer to the room. If you’re thinking of adding a pop of yellow to your kids room, these rooms will give you lots of ideas:


How fun is this room shared by two brothers? Your eyes are immediately drawn to the yellow headboards which don’t dominate but add that playful pop of yellow. Mixed with the all black patterns and a few other pops of colour, this room couldn’t be any more fun! READ MORE


Moodboard: Monochrome with a splash of soft blue


One of my favourite colour schemes for a kids room is black and white. Black and white never goes out of fashion, it grows with your kids and of course it looks very cool. I like to use monochromes as the base colour palette and then layer on a pop of colour with decorations. This not only helps to soften the look but if you ever tire of your accent colour, you can easily replace the decorations and change the accent colour.

I’ve put together a moodboard to inspire you. In this moodboard, I’ve added a splash of soft blue which works well for both boys and girls or even a shared unisex room which is another advantage of choosing a monochrome colour scheme. And the best part of a monochrome colour palette is that no colour is off limits — from soft pastels to bold and bright colours — anything goes!

What do you think?  Would you give monochrome a go for your kids rooms?

Here is where you can find all the stuff in this room:

Acapulco kids chair | cat cushion | face wall hooks | star lights | face and bear poster | star garland | divan bed | plush toy | round cushions | storage baskets