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Fun ways to create a chalkboard wall in a kids room

Imagine being a kid and being able to draw on the walls whenever you wanted, without having to worry about getting into trouble. No kid would turn this opportunity down. What fun it would be. And it can be with chalkboard walls. Chalkboard walls mean that your little artists can draw and paint away to glory, rub it off and start again. They can create a masterpiece and leave it to decorate their room. There are lots of fun ways to create a chalkboard wall in a kids room. You can paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint like in...

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Beautiful blush rooms

Blush is a colour that’s here to stay. The blush trend started a while ago but thankfully it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s such a beautiful, soft and stylish colour that works so well with many other colours but we especially love it with lots of white for a kids room. A little bit or a lot of blush in a white room not only makes it feel cosy and calming but it’s also a great way to add a bit of chic style without a lot of effort. It’s easy to add a touch of blush to...

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5 Brilliant Yellow Paint Accents for a Kids Room

When we think of refreshing a room, we often tend to look at the big stuff like furniture and flooring.  But many rooms can be given a fresh new look with just a pot of paint. Not only is paint very budget friendly but you can create so many different looks in hours. We don’t mean repainting all the walls but creating a focal point or some drama in a room, especially a kids room where you can have so much fun with paint. With spring in the air, it’s a great time to refresh your kids room for...

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A charming shared room for two little brothers

Did you share a room with your brother or sister when you were little? There is something so special about sharing a room with your sibling. It can lead to all kinds of night time adventures like reading together under the covers or sneaking around in the dark or talking in hushed tones all while you’re supposed to be sleeping. Even if you have enough rooms for each child, I think the magic of sharing a room is so very special. Speaking of shared rooms, I came across this charming and adorable room shared by a pair of brothers....

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The Coolest Bunk Beds Ever

Ask any kid if they’d like a bunk bed and the answer is almost always a big, fat YES! Bunk beds are not only so fun for kids but they’re super practical too.  They save so much space especially when you have a small room that has to be shared by 2 or 3 siblings or even a room for one since you can use the space under for a desk or other storage. The only problem you will have is a fight for the top spot! You can buy some stunning bunk beds or you can customise your...

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Black and White Rooms with a Pop of Colour!

What are your favourite colours for a kids room? We love a monochrome room but sometimes it can be hard to pull off without it looking too stark. And besides, pure monochrome isn’t for everyone. If you love black and white rooms too but still want some colour, the answer is to combine the two.  The easiest way to do this is to start with black and white and then add a pop of colour through posters, cushions, toys and other decorations like in the room above. The minty green adds a softness to the black and white without...

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Charming Vintage Desk Spaces

Are you looking for ideas to create a desk space for your child? We are in love with the idea of a vintage desk space. There is something so romantic and charming about vintage furniture. It feels like every, single piece has a story to tell about its past life. Apart from the charm and beauty, vintage furniture mixes so well with modern decor. So even if your home is modern, a few vintage pieces here and there will add to the beauty of the room.  And none more so than vintage desks. They can be placed in a...

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A Scandinavian Inspired Wallpaper for Instant Style

If you love wallpaper but find the choice out there a bit overwhelming, we’ve got just the wallpaper for you. This Scandinavian inspired grid wallpaper is minimal yet makes a huge statement. The wallpaper is great for any room in your home but we especially love it for kids spaces. There’s a certain school book vibe to it making it playful yet sophisticated. A simple grid wallpaper lends itself to being mixed with the brightest of colours or if you’re not in to colour, it works just as well in a monochrome or neutral toned space. The wallpaper also...

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Beautiful Wooden Toys that You can Make for your Children

There is something so special about handmade things and nothing is more special than making toys for your children. There is, of course, the safety aspect where you are in control of all the materials so you don’t include any toxic paints and materials but beyond this, it is knowing that the toys are made with love and care. Making your own toys means they are unique and can be customised for your children. We are in love with the idea of making toys for our children and so we went looking for some beautiful handmade toys that you...

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5 of the best Ikea dolls house hacks

Which little kid doesn’t love a dolls house?  I think I would still play with a dolls house if I had one.  You can buy some amazing dolls houses out there but I think making one for your little girl or boy is so much more personal. You could start building one from scratch if you wanted but I’ve got something a little easier for you today. Simply turn a piece of Ikea furniture into a dolls house. Wondering how?  Read on. The beauty of Ikea furniture is that it lends itself to so many hacks.The only limit is...

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Beautiful Clothes Hangers for Babies (that You can Make)

I’ve always loved the idea of having an open wardrobe, like the Scandinavians do. But an open wardrobe in an adult bedroom means you have to be super tidy and organised with your clothes. However, in a baby or toddler room, this look is so much easier to pull off.  Babies tend to have far fewer clothes at any given time as they are constantly growing and their clothes are tiny so it’s easy to be neat and organised. Also baby clothes are the cutest, so why not have them in full view? I went looking for some inspiring open...

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The Cutest (and Coolest) Bear Softies for Kids

Teddy bears have been around forever. They may even be the very first kind of soft toy there ever was – who knows? And I don’t think they’re going anywhere. After all every kid needs a teddy bear, right? It’s still one of the most popular gifts for newborns and toddlers and it’s not hard to understand why. While the teddy bear isn’t going anywhere, it has changed a lot over the years. You can of course still get traditional teddy bears but if you want something a little different that still has bags of charm but is a...

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