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The Prettiest Pastel Desk Spaces

Every kid needs a desk space for school work or just to draw and write things from their imagination. Making a desk space is super easy — all you need is a table and a chair. But rather than having a space that is boring, there are lots of ways to make a kids desk space fun and inviting. We went looking for some desk spaces for kids and we found the prettiest pastel spaces ever, like the one pictured at the top. It’s such a simple space but the painted desk and the cute contrasting stools look so...

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6 Ikea Play Kitchen Hacks that You’ll Want to Make Today

We are big fans of Ikea and not just for their furniture. Ikea makes some very stylish toys too and one of our favourites is the duktig play kitchen.  It’s a modern play kitchen in wood and white and we love it as it is. But we also love the potential of customising this kitchen to make it even more special and unique for your child. There are so many amazing duktig hacks out there that it was difficult to choose our top 6. But one of our absolute favourites was the beautiful kitchen pictured at the top. We’re...

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Stunning Plywood Rooms for Kids

Plywood. It’s been a trend for a while and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. We are a little bit in love with this beautiful wood and are glad that the plywood look is here to stay. There is something timeless and innocent about plywood which makes it a beautiful option for a kids room. Kids won’t outgrow it and it brings a light softness to the room. There are lots of different ways to introduce plywood into a kids room from plywood walls to plywood furniture and accents. You can even go for a floor to ceiling...

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5 Fun Shelf Ideas for a Kids Room (that You Can DIY)

You can never have enough shelves, especially in a kids room. There’s always some small toys, books or decorations that need a place to live. While shelves are very useful, they can be beautiful and fun too. Today we’ve got some playful and practical shelf ideas for a kids room. If you like a little project, many of these shelves can easily be recreated at home. And they will provide lots of inspiration, perhaps to create your own unique version. The first shelf that caught our eye is the one pictured at the top. We love the strap detail...

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5 Beautiful Blue Rooms for Girls

Blue for boys and pink for girls, right? Here, we think boys and girls can have any colour they like. And we especially like blue for girls. Blue is a beautiful calming colour that isn’t just for boys rooms. There are so many amazing shades of blue, from soft pastels to dark petrol blues. When it comes to blue, there really is something for every taste.  You can use a combination of lots of different blue shades or stick to your favourite one. We are especially loving the richness of the deep petrol blues in the room above. Whatever...

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Fall in Love with This Gorgeous Grey Home

When we came across this beautiful grey home on Instagram, it was love at first sight and we knew we had to share it with you. We are big fans of grey for a kids room but grey works so well for the entire home too. It is a calming colour that oozes style as we can see from this beautiful home that belongs to Viktoria Holmgren. Viktoria is a Swedish mum of two who works as a pre-school teacher and has a huge love for interior styling and photography. Her eye for interiors is truly stunning as you...

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5 Ways to Decorate the Ikea Ivar Cabinet

Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack? We can’t get enough of them and the more we look for them, the more beautiful are the hacks we find. But we don’t always have time for complicated hacks. That is why we love the Ivar cabinet. You can transform the look with nothing more than a pot of paint. We love the Ivar as it is – in its simple, natural raw wood look as pictured above. But we also love it for it’s decorating potential. Sometimes, you feel like customising your furniture and making it special to you. The...

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Mix and Match Vintage Rooms that Ooze Charm

If you love your vintage kid’s rooms, you’re in for a treat today. We are big fans of vintage, especially the more eclectic looks which mix and match, without any rules. We love that nothing is off limits in a vintage room – a great opportunity to express your creativity and your individual style. For a vintage style room, you can get your pieces from anywhere — sometimes for free or for a bargain from a thrift store or flea market.  You can also find old fabrics and turn them into curtains, bed covers, cushions, garlands and so much...

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Fun ways to create a chalkboard wall in a kids room

Imagine being a kid and being able to draw on the walls whenever you wanted, without having to worry about getting into trouble. No kid would turn this opportunity down. What fun it would be. And it can be with chalkboard walls. Chalkboard walls mean that your little artists can draw and paint away to glory, rub it off and start again. They can create a masterpiece and leave it to decorate their room. There are lots of fun ways to create a chalkboard wall in a kids room. You can paint a whole wall with chalkboard paint like in...

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Beautiful blush rooms

Blush is a colour that’s here to stay. The blush trend started a while ago but thankfully it’s not going anywhere, anytime soon. It’s such a beautiful, soft and stylish colour that works so well with many other colours but we especially love it with lots of white for a kids room. A little bit or a lot of blush in a white room not only makes it feel cosy and calming but it’s also a great way to add a bit of chic style without a lot of effort. It’s easy to add a touch of blush to...

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5 Brilliant Yellow Paint Accents for a Kids Room

When we think of refreshing a room, we often tend to look at the big stuff like furniture and flooring.  But many rooms can be given a fresh new look with just a pot of paint. Not only is paint very budget friendly but you can create so many different looks in hours. We don’t mean repainting all the walls but creating a focal point or some drama in a room, especially a kids room where you can have so much fun with paint. With spring in the air, it’s a great time to refresh your kids room for...

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A charming shared room for two little brothers

Did you share a room with your brother or sister when you were little? There is something so special about sharing a room with your sibling. It can lead to all kinds of night time adventures like reading together under the covers or sneaking around in the dark or talking in hushed tones all while you’re supposed to be sleeping. Even if you have enough rooms for each child, I think the magic of sharing a room is so very special. Speaking of shared rooms, I came across this charming and adorable room shared by a pair of brothers....

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