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Beautiful Wooden Toys that You can Make for your Children

There is something so special about handmade things and nothing is more special than making toys for your children. There is, of course, the safety aspect where you are in control of all the materials so you don’t include any toxic paints and materials but beyond this, it is knowing that the toys are made with love and care. Making your own toys means they are unique and can be customised for your children. We are in love with the idea of making toys for our children and so we went looking for some beautiful handmade toys that you...

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5 of the best Ikea dolls house hacks

Which little kid doesn’t love a dolls house?  I think I would still play with a dolls house if I had one.  You can buy some amazing dolls houses out there but I think making one for your little girl or boy is so much more personal. You could start building one from scratch if you wanted but I’ve got something a little easier for you today. Simply turn a piece of Ikea furniture into a dolls house. Wondering how?  Read on. The beauty of Ikea furniture is that it lends itself to so many hacks.The only limit is...

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Beautiful Clothes Hangers for Babies (that You can Make)

I’ve always loved the idea of having an open wardrobe, like the Scandinavians do. But an open wardrobe in an adult bedroom means you have to be super tidy and organised with your clothes. However, in a baby or toddler room, this look is so much easier to pull off.  Babies tend to have far fewer clothes at any given time as they are constantly growing and their clothes are tiny so it’s easy to be neat and organised. Also baby clothes are the cutest, so why not have them in full view? I went looking for some inspiring open...

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The Cutest (and Coolest) Bear Softies for Kids

Teddy bears have been around forever. They may even be the very first kind of soft toy there ever was – who knows? And I don’t think they’re going anywhere. After all every kid needs a teddy bear, right? It’s still one of the most popular gifts for newborns and toddlers and it’s not hard to understand why. While the teddy bear isn’t going anywhere, it has changed a lot over the years. You can of course still get traditional teddy bears but if you want something a little different that still has bags of charm but is a...

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Charming Vintage Kids Rooms

When it comes to decorating kids rooms, there are so many styles to choose from – modern, Scandinavian, vintage, industrial… the list goes on. It’s hard to choose a favourite but there’s one style that will never go out of fashion and that is vintage. Today’s trend will always be tomorrow’s vintage so a vintage room will always be in style. Today I’ve got some beautiful vintage rooms to inspire you to create your very own. The advantage of a vintage room is that there are so many ways to create a vintage haven. If you want, you can...

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9 Adorable Christmas Crafts for Kids

Christmas is coming and that means crafting — lots and lots of it. With the cold weather outside, this is the time of year to stay in and stay warm with a cup of hot chocolate. And what better way to spend your days than crafting with the kids. We’ve rounded up 9 Christmas crafts many of which are easy enough for the kids to do by themselves and some are even perfect for toddlers to try their little hands at, maybe with a little help from their older siblings. Here they are: Make some colourful wooden bead trees...

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5 Minimal and Playful Wallpapers for a Kids Room

One of the quickest ways to refresh a room is to add some wallpaper. It usually takes just a couple of hours to put up and can completely change the look of a room. I am a huge fan of wallpaper and while I like the colourful versions, I always opt for more minimal designs with soft tones because these kinds of designs and colours stand the test of time. This is especially true in a kids room if you want the room to grow with the child. Anything too bright, colourful or childish will need refreshing much more often....

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Delightful Dotty Decor

Polka dots have been around forever and they never go out of fashion. I love them for clothes, for home decor but most of all for a kids room. This simple dot pattern is so playful and stylish and can easily add bags of charm to a kids room. What’s more, they bring an instant sense of cheer and joy and always make me want to smile. I love the idea of a dotty kids room where you have a feature wall of polka dots. There are lots of ways of doing this from wallpaper to wall stickers to hand painting...

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Decorating with Natural Wood

One of the most beautiful materials to use in a kids room is natural wood. Wood in all it’s raw, naked, pale glory. We often feel tempted to paint natural wood but when you leave it raw, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful. I especially like natural wood for a kids room because there is something so innocent and real about it, much like children themselves. Also no matter how small a room is, natural wood just works because it has such a light and airy feel and can make a small space look bigger. You can use lots...

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Decorate with Magical Fairy Lights

Every kids room should have a magical feel. The room should feel like a place where the imagination can run wild, a place where any adventure is possible. Things like hideouts, dark walls and inspiring artworks can all help create a magical room.  But my favourite way to add instant magic is fairy lights. These twinkly little lights don’t cost much at all and can so easily transform a kids room without any effort. There are lots of ways to add fairy lights — from a straightforward chain of lights to something a bit more creative. But no matter...

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Gorgeous Gray Rooms (that will calm any kid at bedtime)

Us parents often talk about downtime before bed.  A time when our kids can be calm and wind down for bed.  After all, we all want our kids to get the most restful sleep and this is only possible when they’re not too stimulated at bedtime. Creating a bedroom that is a calming haven is one great way to make sure your kids are relaxed at bedtime. The colour that does this best is grey — not just grey accents but a room where the dominant colour is grey. Using soft grey tones works for boys and girls alike...

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9 Easy Party Decorations to Make this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner.  While it has always been huge in the US, it’s becoming so much more popular here in Europe too. There are kids I know that prefer Halloween to Christmas and it’s not hard to understand why. Which kid would pass up an opportunity to dress up and go collect a ton of candy?  Even I’m tempted to go trick or treating… Do your kids love, love, love Halloween? If you’re throwing a Halloween party or even if you just want to spook up your home for fun, we have some fabulous Halloween party...

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