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Decorating with Natural Wood

One of the most beautiful materials to use in a kids room is natural wood. Wood in all it’s raw, naked, pale glory. We often feel tempted to paint natural wood but when you leave it raw, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful. I especially like natural wood for a kids room because there is something so innocent and real about it, much like children themselves. Also no matter how small a room is, natural wood just works because it has such a light and airy feel and can make a small space look bigger. You can use lots...

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Decorate with Magical Fairy Lights

Every kids room should have a magical feel. The room should feel like a place where the imagination can run wild, a place where any adventure is possible. Things like hideouts, dark walls and inspiring artworks can all help create a magical room.  But my favourite way to add instant magic is fairy lights. These twinkly little lights don’t cost much at all and can so easily transform a kids room without any effort. There are lots of ways to add fairy lights — from a straightforward chain of lights to something a bit more creative. But no matter...

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Gorgeous Gray Rooms (that will calm any kid at bedtime)

Us parents often talk about downtime before bed.  A time when our kids can be calm and wind down for bed.  After all, we all want our kids to get the most restful sleep and this is only possible when they’re not too stimulated at bedtime. Creating a bedroom that is a calming haven is one great way to make sure your kids are relaxed at bedtime. The colour that does this best is grey — not just grey accents but a room where the dominant colour is grey. Using soft grey tones works for boys and girls alike...

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9 Easy Party Decorations to Make this Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner.  While it has always been huge in the US, it’s becoming so much more popular here in Europe too. There are kids I know that prefer Halloween to Christmas and it’s not hard to understand why. Which kid would pass up an opportunity to dress up and go collect a ton of candy?  Even I’m tempted to go trick or treating… Do your kids love, love, love Halloween? If you’re throwing a Halloween party or even if you just want to spook up your home for fun, we have some fabulous Halloween party...

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Dark, moody and magical kids rooms

Dark grey and black may not be colours you would think about for a kids room. While monochrome rooms are very popular, they always have a lot more white, much more than black. White rooms may always look fresh and bright but black rooms bring a different kind of magic and enchantment. Very dark colours can work so well for a kids room.There is something utterly captivating about a black kids room and if you don’t believe me yet, maybe you will after you see these rooms. They work for boy or girl and are also great for a...

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5 of the Cutest (and Easiest) Ikea Hacks for a Kids Room

Everybody has a soft spot for Ikea, right? And it’s not just because they make cool and affordable stuff, but I love Ikea for the endless hacking possibilities. There is so much potential to buy a bargain piece and turn it into something unique for your home. Today I’m sharing 5 of the cutest Ikea hacks for kids rooms. These hacks are not only adorable but are super easy for anybody to do. All are small and simple decor hacks — nothing complicated here — but the end result is wow! Who hasn’t heard of the Ikea bekvam spice...

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Love Cacti? Add a Little Cactus Chic to your Kids Rooms

Have you spotted the cactus trend? It’s everywhere and has been for a while.The humble, prickly cactus has entered our homes in a big way and I am loving the trend. Of course it’s lovely to have the real thing in our homes but not so much in a kids room! Instead, the sculptural shape of the cactus lends itself so well to all kinds of home decor from rugs to wallpaper and everything in between. And these decor items are just the thing for a kids room. Here are some of the coolest cactus-themed things to bring a...

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Bright, White and Minimal Kids Rooms

There is something so calming and beautiful about a minimal, bright, white, clutter free kids room. Much like our adult bedrooms can be a place to escape to, away from the mess and chaos of everyday life, so too, a kids bedroom can be a place of calm and escape. Minimal doesn’t mean boring or cold. As you’ll see from the rooms below, they’re all charming, warm and anything but boring. Minimal simply means not filling every bit of space you have, keeping the colours in similar tones and mostly having closed storage. If you are already a fan...

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6 Fabulous Rugs for a Kids Room

  When the cooler seasons start creeping up on us, it’s time to add some cozy and warm touches to your home. Think throws, blankets, rugs and furry cushions. One of my absolute must haves for all my bedrooms is a rug or two. No home is complete without them especially if you have wooden floors. And there’s no better place to start than a kids room because kids love playing on the floor. I like to think of rugs as art for the floor.They add personality to a room just like art but also, in those freezing months,...

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Creative Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Which kid doesn’t have a ton of art and craft supplies? Our home is over-flowing with paints, coloured card, felt pens, stickers and so many more craft materials.  I love that my child loves to create but I don’t love the mess that the supplies create. Recently I’ve been thinking about ways to organise all these art and craft supplies in one place so that they are always easy to find and have a home to go back to when they’re done with. In an ideal world it would be great to have a dedicated art and craft room...

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Add a Pop of Sunny Yellow to Your Kids Room Today

Yellow is such a happy colour. Seeing a pop of yellow can instantly brighten your mood.  This isn’t surprising as the colour yellow stands for happiness, optimism, confidence and is uplifting too. As yellow is the happiest colour of all, I think it’s a great choice for a kids room. But as it’s such a bright colour, a little goes a long way. I love yellow as it works so well for boy or girl and even a unisex shared room. I went looking for some kids rooms that have just the right amount of yellow to add a...

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Moodboard: Monochrome with a splash of soft blue

One of my favourite colour schemes for a kids room is black and white. Black and white never goes out of fashion, it grows with your kids and of course it looks very cool. I like to use monochromes as the base colour palette and then layer on a pop of colour with decorations. This not only helps to soften the look but if you ever tire of your accent colour, you can easily replace the decorations and change the accent colour. I’ve put together a moodboard to inspire you. In this moodboard, I’ve added a splash of soft...

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