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Wallpapers to Welcome Spring

We really love showing kids’ wallpapers collections to inspire you! This is a trendy element that provides lots of ideas as there are lots of designs to enjoy changing the walls of the kids’ room. As we are already in spring, we are going to consider some funny and colourful wallpapers according to this great season. Onlydecolove knows that a wallpaper with some characters in the forest can be the perfect Romantic touch for this spring. Pineapple Wallpaper Pineapples are colourful and tropical. It can be said that this wallpaper found on Instagram is also perfect for summer so...

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Spring-Like Kids’ Room with Soft Tones

Is there any better way to welcome spring than a kids’ room specially decorated for the occasion? If you had to show spring in the children’s room, we are sure that the result will be something like this one. Light and funny tones, flowers and lots of light…the perfect atmosphere for your little one’s bedroom. The Attvaranagonsfru blog shows this inspiring room with soft tones. Pastel tones are timeless as they create a quiet atmosphere for kids. They have added a casual and natural touch with this wicker basket or those wooden drawers and a funny element like the...

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How to Decorate a Kids Room with Pink: Ideas to Try

We know that pink is usually limited to girls’ rooms and it’s the most typical option so it doesn’t seem original, at all. But here we are to show you that pink world doesn’t have to be boring or oversweet. It can also be a funny, trendy and romantic colour. Pay attention to all the ideas to decorate kids’ rooms with pink. Homes to Love shows us how to use pink in a very cool way. Pastel tones, typical of the Scandinavian style, grey touches and modern details such as teddy heads and kids’ posters created by Mrs. Mighetto....

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Kids’ Rooms with Tropical Inspiration

In these cold days, we really love imagining ourselves in a warm tropical place, a space full of colour and new scents where everything looks different and exciting. Maybe we don’t have a suitable budget or time enough but we can create this world at home with these ideas to decorate kids’ rooms with a tropical touch. From huge murals to little details that add freshness and creativity to every space. We start with green tropical leaves that wrap the rooms in this bedroom styled by Linda from Live Loud Girl as if we were in the forest. Which other...

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5 Carnival Kids’ Costumes Inspired by Circus

Via Fryd + Design Carnival is almost here and we want to give you some ideas to get that costume kids dream about. Today we get some inspiration from the magic world of circus, it’s a classic that includes clowns, trapeze artists, beast tamers, dancers and many other characters. They are so easy to do that you will soon get the costume with just some elements and a wonderful result. Do you want to discover this unique universe? Via Style Me Pretty Living The circus ring must show somebody to enliven the party. Your little one can be the best master...

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Kids’ Hospital with An Amazing Design

Kids’ areas in hospitals try to be as nice as possible in order to make kids and parents feel comfortable. However, there are surprising ideas which amaze us with their creativity and their combination with hospital’s atmosphere. This project was performed by the Small Foundation which wanted to turn the children’s oncology zone of the Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona into a cosy and funny place. There is no doubt they have got it. Do you want to see these kids’ spaces plenty of fantasy? The creators of this project have considered everything. Staff, kids, and parents’ needs were taken...

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Toy Kitchens to Play and Decorate

Toy kitchens are a classic plaything! Who could know that we will update them when we grew up? We have focused our attention on these lovely wooden toy kitchen sets, like this one from Vtwonen, as they are the perfect complement for the kids’ room. That’s unique and really funny! Toy Kitchens for Every Corner Instagram brings lots of inspiration to get the perfect toy kitchen. These toys are really similar to real kitchens as they include every single detail. This is one of those toys everybody loves because kids love copying our behavior and- who knows? – maybe they...

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6 Colourful Kids’ Rooms Full of Personality

Scandinavian and minimal trends have been showing lots of cool black & white kids room that make us fall in love, that’s true. But, sometimes, we need to see vivid atmospheres full of bright and funny tones as those used by kids to paint. At other times, we want an intense colour on one wall to add character to the room. This is why we have selected six different ideas to create colourful children’s rooms full of personality and joy. Study Areas with Funny Colours This room has been taken from @_saarke_ on Instagram and offers a great idea: filling the whole room...

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7 Amazing Kids’ Wooden Beds

Wow! We really love wooden furniture! This material offers lots of options and it’s one of the great classics which are updated once and again with new designs full of that characteristic warmth. You know that a wooden kids’ bed is a wonderful idea but don’t see it as a classic and basic piece, it’s much more than that. Nowadays, there is a huge choice of styles so we have lots of ideas to inspire you, all of them are special and different. Let’s start with that beautiful blue bed that mixes vintage style and current look to get a...

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When Wallpapers Add an Original Touch to Your Kids’ Room

Current trends consist of using white as a base to add everything we want to our children’s rooms but then there are several questions we have to face. How to transform those white walls into an original canvas? Well, there are some ideas like this one we find at Gravity Home, with a wallpaper full of motifs, colour and everything we and our little ones love. When we describe walls as canvas, we are right. We can transform them into the picture we want. Do you like flowers? Take a look to this romantic and dreamy children’s room! This is...

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Ila y Ela, Handmade Ideas to Decorate and Gift

What happens when you find a new discovery? Well, you spend a lot of time looking at all the wonderful things you can see on the web, imagining them in kids’ rooms and combining them with other cool accessories like these ones. This is exactly what happened with Ila y Ela’s site. It’s a place where you can find beautiful products that add a different touch to the children’s room. Do you want more? Ila y Ela offers a huge choice of handmade products, created in a traditional way. This requires hours of experience and effort and know-how to...

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6 Delicious Kids’ Christmas Desserts (also Perfect for New Year’s Eve)

Would you like to surprise them with some delicious Christmas desserts? Take a look at these 6 handmade ideas to make cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits and other typical desserts inspired by this magical celebration. They are really easy! Add a sweet touch to your table with simple recipes where their favourite characters play a main role. Tasty kids’ desserts! Can you resist them? We have found a great idea on Instagram: fondant cake pops with fruits to create lovely reindeer faces. If you have kids at home, offer them lots of thrill with these Christmas sweets. Cupcakes for Kids...

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