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Instagram Inspiration: Scandinavian Kids’ Room

Instagram is a source of inspiration to decorate the kids’ room as there are profiles in which we can see really cool spaces we would like to copy. This is what happened when we saw the Brooke Castel Stylist en Instagram, where we found pure Scandinavian atmospheres, very soft tones and a very natural style. Do you want to discover its children’s rooms? Soft Tones in the Kids’ Room Since a long time ago, we know that soft tones are perfect for kids’ rooms. Pastel pink, light blue or grey as well as mint green are only some proposals....

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Play Area in the Nursery: 6 Infallible Ideas

Via Willie & Millie It’s clear that kids need a play area for them. There, they can learn and develop their skills with toys this is why they must have these spaces from the beginning. We can even have a play area in the nursery to spend with them their first findings, games and learning experiences. Well, this is OK but…How can you create a play area? We give you the key with six simple ideas. Play Area, Teepees and Refuges Via Petitandsmall A cabin in the wood, the fort created with wooden houses or the way we shelter under the...

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Kids’ Room for a Girl with a Dreamy Spirit

Welcome romantics and dreamers because you will love every single detail of this girl’s room. Everything is wrapped by a nostalgic halo, from those light textiles around the bed to the wonderful flower vintage wallpaper. If you add some soft touches and antique furniture, you get the perfect space for dreamers. Do you want more details? Charming Room for Girls The bed might seem a bit boring without its structure but that improvised tent created with light textiles avoids this effect. The colourful garland is always great both to decorate the walls, for play areas or for beds. We...

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Papier-Mâché Animal Heads by Hibou Home

We already know that you have already heard about the trend of using animal heads to decorate kids rooms. We have even seen a soft and furry version! This time, Hibou Home brings handmade papier-mâché animal heads. They are not only a cool ornament but also a good way to fill everything with creativity. Papier-Mâché Animal Heads If you were looking for a new element to decorate your kids’ rooms, here you are these most beautiful heads you can find. A bear, mysterious wolf, a deer and a rabbit. All of them have been created by the artist and...

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Vintage Baby Girl’s Room with Soft Tones

Once we listen “vintage chic” we become really interested, don’t you? This is because vintage pieces have that special charm. They have a story to tell, lots of things to live and, furthermore, they can be easily combined with modern furniture and details. This nursery proves this, every single detail has been carefully chosen from both family heritage and the most modern baby shops. The result is wonderful because it shows the perfect balance between antique and modern style. Vintage and Modern Baby’s Furniture This mix between antique pieces from their own childhood and modern Nordic furniture is really...

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Kids’ Room with Chic and Romantic Look

Wake up your most romantic and dreamy side to enjoy this romantic room! This girls’ room shows a lot of charm with very chic and trendy details combined with vintage ideas and a fresh and inspiring style full of romanticism. Flower details are almost a must and we can find them everywhere: on the deer on the wall, on the little tablecloths and also on the bedding. This romantic and chic space is plenty of vintage touches and everybody will fall in love with it! Kids’ Room for Girls with Flower Print Canopies above the bed are really romantic...

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Vanesa Lorenzo Designs for The Animals Observatory

We really like The Animals Observatory because they offer different and cool garments with a Bohemian and urban point that can be easily combined with everything. Furthermore, kids can feel free without losing their style, do you need anything else? Well, you actually can. Vanesa Lorenzo has created her own capsule collection for them, where she shows her tastes which are combined with the brand’s spirit. This collection includes casual garments, funny trousers that seem to be stained with paint or a different dyeing technique with bright colours. Vanesa Lorenzo has also considered kids’ comfort, so she has created...

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5 Kids’ Rooms Inspired by the Sea

Via Rafa-kids Let’s sail together! We feel as real sailors looking at these kids’ rooms inspired by the sea. The mysterious and amazing sea, full of wonderful creatures such as whales and dolphins, a place to live lots of adventures like pirates or sailors. Kids’ imagination will be focused on sea stories if we choose this theme for this children’s room. There’s a great example of a wonderful room for kids. Marine kids’ wall stickers, a buoy-shaped lamp and textiles with lots of seagulls. Sea atmosphere is subtle but it has been represented in a very original way. Marine Kids’...

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DIY: Homemade Indian Costume – Marie Claire Inspiration

Looking to the cool things in this party for Wild West Indians, we are considering to prepare a themed party about Indians just for fun! Pay attention to this amazing inspiration we find in the Marie Claire idees Magazine to dress them like Indians with all kind of details, wonderful makeup, plumes, plaits and cool and almost Bohemian Indians costumes. Can you resist it? DIY Indian Costumes Collect all the plumes you have at home, add flowers, ripped fabrics and strings and you have the perfect combination to get a perfect DIY Indian costume. Kids will have a great...

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XO-IN MY ROOM, New Original Furniture Collection

Rock-Paper-Scissors is the new collection launched by XO-IN MY ROOM and has been presented at the last Maison et Objet fair in Paris a few days ago. This brand designs timeless, creative furniture for kids, hand made locally with quality materials and tailor-made finishes. XO-inmyroom combines in each piece its characteristic clean lines with a touch of humor and imagination. We can find original desks to create the best study area, creative wardrobes and beautiful beds plenty of charm. This is a great choice if you need to add some furniture to the kids’ room. Let’s have a closer look! XO-IN MY...

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7 Desks for the Back to School

Via Kidsdepot With the back to school, we have thought about many things. All you need to buy for this season and all the new things you have to do. But if there’s something important for them this is a study area with a great childrens’ desk to study in a comfortable way. This is why we have chosen seven kids’ desks, they are really different and every single one has its own charm and lots of personality so you can get some inspiration to create this space. The first idea is vintage, of course. Restored furniture is very cool...

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Baby Furniture Inspired by Nordic Style

Do you like pure Scandinavian style? Don’t miss this. If you are choosing the furniture for the nursery we bring you an interesting collection created by a new brand, Ollie’s Out. This Danish kids’ interior design company started its adventure with just some pieces of furniture inspired by the Nordic world. Pure soft lines and natural neutral tones for the nursery. The subtle tones of the furniture allow you to glam up with charming bedding or changing gear of your choice. The furniture will simply create the luxury of clean lines and a calm base of the baby’s room. The...

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