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Ikea’s Storage Solutions for Kids

The Ikea’s novelties for 2017 will soon become the focus of attention as they do every year. We know that Ikea brings modern ideas with a cool touch but simple and functional at the same time. It’s not a surprise that they include very useful furniture and storage solutions for kids (both for their room and the play room). Ikea 2017 Flisat Collection for Kids We have already seen the Flisat Collection as they presented it 8 months ago. This pine-wooden furniture consists of eight pieces and all of them are perfect for children’s spaces. A hanger, a house-shaped...

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Cardboard Blocks to Create  Everything!

Building games are always kids’ favourites as they let them be creative and enjoy while they make every kind of things. They can build as many things that fun has not end! Gigi Bloks are a great idea to have a wonderful time, creating new scenes and games once and again. These blocks are made of high-resistant recycled cardboard and —in addition— they can be painted and decorated with their favourite colours. We are sure that they will paint them as soon as possible. Gigi Bloks’ ideas are simply great but they are only a sample of all the...

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Nice Kids’ Bedrooms on Instagram: @Bea_kroeze

Do you like colourful atmospheres? You must visit the @bea_kroeze profile. This mum shows lots of atmospheres with bright tones on white backgrounds and lots of great ideas to decorates kids’ rooms. We can find many interesting details but we especially like that eclecticism and style to mix things. Storage Ideas for The Kids’ Room Instagram does not only offer mums’ pictures full of kids’ cute atmospheres but also many functional and funny ideas. It’s a cool way to know more about trends because this social network always brings the latest novelties with profiles like this. There’s a huge...

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Blue Room for Kids

Blue is usually linked to boys but it’s the perfect tone to add peace to every kids’ space. In this case, the talented French stylist Estelle Williot has created a kid’s room with lots of cool and interesting details like that wonderful cardboard rocket, those nice textiles or the skyline-shaped wall sticker. Let’s be creative! Blue Kids’ Room with Functional Corners We really love those rooms where everything matches the same style and tones but with clear limits in every zone. In this case, we have a space to sleep with a beautiful wooden bed but there are also other...

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5 Rugs for The Nursery

Via Pinterest We can’t stop saying how important textiles are to decorate kids’ spaces. Rugs don’t only add a cosy touch but they are also an important part of the room’s style and fill the floor with personality. If you are thinking about choosing a rug for the nursery, keep in mind the coolest trends because they are many different ideas to these spaces. The first one is this one made with wool balls, it’s an original and natural piece that is available in many colours. Kids’ Rugs to Play Via Gravityhomeblog Maybe you know this rug because it is...

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5 Recycled Toys for the Bath Time

Is there anything better that spending an afternoon creating homemade toys? Kids have a lot of fun and develop their creativity that seems to be hidden when they use their ready-to-play toys. This time we bring you some recycled toys to use in the bath because we know that these moments are really funny for them. We bring simple ideas like those recycled toys made with corks, toothpicks and some colourful papers. An easy way to create a complete fleet to play! Recycled Toys: Floating Boats Among DIY toys to use in the bath we will always find some...

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Funny Inflatable Toys for Summer

“Let’s go to the beach!” This is what kids will say as soon as they see these funny inflatable toys designed by Czech toy designer Libuše Niklová. Elephants, giraffes or buffaloes in order to renew the plastic dolls designs now reissued and made in Europe by Fatra. created by the brand during 70’s. They will always want to go to the beach and the swimming pool! You can find grip and large inflatable toys. The grip toys are designed for the tiny hands of newborn babies. Babies will love them for their bright colours and gentle jingling sound! On...

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Ikea’s Inspiration: Amazing Shared Room

When we need functional and cool solutions for some space, we usually think about Ikea because they always have something to offer and now they also provide lots of inspiration to decorate with their furniture and decorative items. This time, they have brought fantastic ideas to decorate a shared room for kids. From space saving furniture to keep everything organised. Do you want more details? Ikea’s Kids’ Room, Organise the Space When we want to create a space, which is shared by two siblings, we must try to save as much space as possible but, at the same time,...

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Rustic Playhouse in the Kids’ Room

Have you seen that authentic rustic house? We don’t know if it has been directly taken from the forest to be placed in this kids’ room plenty of funny details. Imagine kids’ faces if they find something like this in their room, it’s a refuge plenty of mystery with lots of stories to tell, they will spend lots of hours in it! We know that rustic style uses natural wood with a wild look so they have decided to add a soft touch with lots of colours on the textiles, garlands and many paper ornaments. The final result is...

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10 Nursery Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Inspiration everywhere! Sometimes, we find lots of inspiration in the same room and we can’t decide what’s the best one. Today we bring you some of the best 10 ideas to turn a nursery into a functional, beautiful place for your little one. We all know that everybody wants to have a charming space plenty of magic so don´t miss these ideas because they are going to help you to find all the inspiration you need to decorate a nursery. Nursery Complements Via Studioewa If you like fashion and decoration, you know that a basic style can become a special...

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Kids’ Bedroom Ideas: Wooden Details and Vintage Touches

Wood is so cute! It provides warmth to every space and reminds us that traditional furniture around us when we were kids. Yes, wood is important again and it’s great because is a wonderful material for all kinds of atmospheres. So you might join the trend of vintage bedrooms where antique pieces are mixed with modern ones in a creative and funny combination. These are some stylings of Fanny &  Alexander, a beautiful brand of wooden toys encouraging fantasy and imagination of children. We’ve found several charming ideas and details in these pictures. Recover that chair you had forgotten because...

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Real Kids’ Rooms on Instagram

More findings on Instagram! This social network has lots of pictures and accounts that we really love from the first sight! We could spend the whole day looking for new accounts to discover the best kids atmospheres to show them here (follow us there). This is the case of this real kids’ room we have found on @lenalidman85 profile. A kids’ room with soft tones (beige and blue tones) which can be used by both boys and girls. Every corner is shown step by step. Furthermore, we can see the differences between a nursery and a kids’ room with...

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