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Nidi, amazing children’s designer furniture by Battistella

The Italian furniture brand Battistella has launched its children’s collection “nidi”. The catalogue, the mise-en-scene, the kids’ furniture…I fell in love with everything! It includes 3 different lines “Woody” is a nature-inspired collection, “Graphic” is plenty of colour and free compositions and “Soft” will help you to create the place where have really magical dreams. You will find all the info and pictures at their web and here you have a mix of children’s atmospheres, furniture and bedrooms which we like the most (We can include the whole catalogue because all compositions are wonderful).   +info: nidi by...

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A chic back to school in Smallable

Back to school is here and you will have to prepare everything to provide them everything they need to start the course. Smallable offers a chic back to school with different purposes of kids’ fashion, deco and accessories to help them to have a full-energy and stylish beginning. This season, a lot of new brands, which you will fall in love with, are presenting their new collections of kids fashion, decoration or games. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger with its cute schoolbags, Chevignon, that updates its classical clothing collection and original brands like Snow Puppe with its  origami-inspired lamps… Each category is divided into useful sections and you will find everything about the best children’s brands. Actually, there are as many beautiful things that we are not able to mention only a few. As far as kids’ decoration is concerned, it offers lots of colour desks and brands with new details, like the Ferm Living stickers to plan the week. We also love the Flexa Play’s proposals of kids’ furniture with pastel tones and highly functional designs. You will get an ideal studying zone almost effortlessly. Do you need to update the wardrobe? Smallable offers you the best kids’ fashion with sizes from 0 to 16, in all kinds of styles; Bobo Choses or Mini Rodini for the coolest kids and also classical and timeless proposals like Ketiketa’s. You can...

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PiLIP watch. A geolocator for kids

Mobile and smartphones are not always a good solution to locate children when they are too young. Sten Kirkbak, FiLIPP Technologies’ founder, lost his three year old son in a shopping center so you can imagine his anguish! For this reason, he decided to create a new device to keep contact with children while they enjoy their freedom and autonomy. After 5 years of research, PiLIP was launched, it was the first locator and smartphone designed for kids between 4 and 11. This watch-shaped portable device has WiFi , GSM and GPS allowing communication between parents and children in...

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Kalma & Violeta: Children’s complements inspired by nature

The designer Mar Gómez lives straddling between Spain and Holland and this fact is present in the Nordic style influence in all her creations. Two years ago, she dared launch a new line for children, thinking about the strings they can attach to home’s objects and inspiring it in nature to develop respect for an environment in them. Nature inspiration can be appreciated not just in shapes (birds, cats, leaves and trees) but also in materials like recycled birch wood, recovered metal sheets, felt or wool. Nature, white tones and children’s universe are her main inspirations. A lot of...

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Cool spaces for children… A nursery animated by animals

We love people who inspire creativity and pass it on the rest of the world, specially on children. Atelier Parelà is a multifunctional concept where there’s a mix of several  interrelated fields like illustration and animation. Behind Atelier Parelà is Alessandro Maggioni, a visual designer who provides a new identity to spaces by using animated paper figures. Although he is Italian, he lives in Berlin so he combines the best of every culture with different styles. In his portfolio, there are four key projects but, today, we are focused on one of them, “Kindergarten Sinneswandel”, a special nursery built...

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Zara Kids’ A/W  2014 collection

Autumn is near and children’s clothing brands are gradually presenting their new collections to this season. Today we show you one of the most expected collections, Zara Kids. For this Autumn/Winter, this brand has presented a very urban collection, specially designed for modern children who want to be comfortable; it’s plenty of grey and blue tones. We really love their both wearable and chic garments like these coats or furry jerseys…so cute! We would surely buy one for us! From this collection, we also love the proposed complements like traditional beanies (this winter they are going to be really...

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Modern Dolls’ Houses

We have sometimes told that we like classical entertainment ways for kids. It’s true that technology is a good fun resource, but there is a huge choice of amusing alternatives we have to keep in mind too. One of the most typical toys is the dolls’ house. However,we chose one with a more modern design. It has been adapted to present times, showing a more contemporary aesthetic and the same function. Joanna Kruszec is the visible face of Boomini, a Polish brand which makes modern dolls’ houses. She is an interior design fanatic and-during one of her visits to...

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Ferm Living. Designer kids’ decoration

Indians have just invaded kids’ decoration field. We see plumes and arrows everywhere! Tipis are present in lots of children’s rooms from all over the world (If only they inherited their needs  for silence and reflection too… 😉 ) Indians are protagonist in Ferm Living new collection but there are also lots of nice novelties which surprise us. Let’s see some of them… The collection is a great combination of design and graphic art, it’s wrapped by the Scandinavian design spirit. Kid’s furniture and ornamental objects for children are preferably made of wood and the wallpapers’ choice shows soft...

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Decorative art for kids by Lilipinso

This weekend, I have received the Lilipinso’s catalogue and I just can say that…It’s so cute! I really love everything, every single product and collection designed by different illustrators. Animals are the main motif but there are also geometrical and traditional designs with a chic, modern and special touch. Lilipinso’s art for kids is expressed in wallstickers, wallpapers, cushions, pictures…and , even, in the collection of children’s rugs they have recently created to kids’ rooms. I am sure we are going to see lots of these design in our beautiful kids’ rooms . If you liked the style of the new...

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H & M surprises us with its chic kids’ decoration

Those of you who love low-cost fashion may know the H & M brand’s style of contemporary and versatile garments. Well, now you can also use their home textiles special for kids’ rooms and fill your house with their most fashionable ideas which we really love. Their kids’ decor collection for this autumn/winter is very beautiful, simple and plenty of relaxing pastel tones to get a sophisticated room but —at the same time— suitable for the smallest at home. Girls’ rooms have cushions with little bunnies, flounced curtains, bedding sets with little pink flowers and little details like tiny boxes...

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Travel children’s kit by Babyccino and Lalé

We love Babyccino Kids! It’s a blog which was born from 4 mums’ illusion two years ago and that has shocked everyone for its great taste, its cool touch and because it is always looking for new cute things to show. Now, they have decided to collaborate together with the French brand Lalé and they have launched a children`s travel kit. This set is not only useful to every journey, it is amusing and very cool. Fabrics are vintage-inspired, with flower and check prints and colourful tones like light blue and yellow. There is not doubt that all of...

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Bobby, a special shelf for children

It is often said that dogs are a man’s best friends and, of course, children’s too. So is there any better shape to inspire in? Bobby (even the name sounds like the typical  home pet’s name) is a very functional shelf with a friendly dog’sshape that is becoming one their favorite pieces of furniture. In the head part they can keep things which will be always accessible so it is also a good option for the games room. The dog’s back is something similar to a bench which can be transformed in a table when they grow up. It...

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