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BabyPing, a video monitor to control your baby

The BabyPing monitor is designed to modern parents who want to see, listen and watch their baby in a comfortable and safe way through their Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (iDevices). BabyPings allows three people watching the baby at the same time. In addition, you can adapt 2 cameras at the same time so you won’t have any problem if you need to watch two babies. There’s not doubt that it means safety and relax for you. BabyPing is the only video monitor in the market. What does it means? That it’s the only which allows you using...

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“A Day in L.A.”, the new Bobo Choses’ Fall/Winter collection

Finally, we can show you some pictures of a very expected event, the Bobo Choses’ Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection. As you will see, the brand has presented a very modern collection and it has travelled to Los Angeles in order to inspire it in the 50s Hollywood Golden Age. “A Day in L.A.” is a mix between Rock and Roll and glamour which recalls the iconic places of the cinematic mecca like the Château Marmont Hotel or Sunset Boulevard. To its autumn designs, Bobo Choses has chosen daring materials and prints. Among its garments, it must be underlined furry and...

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Etsy Finds: Knit toys by Dents de Loup

Paula has three children so she really knows what kids like. Argentine-born, she has lived in Paris, India and the Andes with all her family. She has learnt that-sometimes- the simplest is the best. That is the origin of her idea of handmade knit toys, choosing colours and mixing some textures of cotton and felt that make the unique. Her Etsy store offers nice things, specially for the huge choice of characters and toys you can find. You realize that her mind is plenty of inspiration that, probably, she has got during all her trips and experiences. This great...

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A Fluorescent Swing

“Hook” is a 4m fluorescent wire with a couple of hooks to be hung. You will be able to assemble a quick swing just half a second! A great ideas, always bearing in mind the safety… You can buy it at The Collection and the design was created by Chevalier...

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Kids’ wear by Twist and Tango

Today we present you the children’s clothes collection by Twist and Tango. The brand’s motto is “ You were born to be real, not perfect”, if you don’t know it , we’ll tell you that is a Swedish women’s fashion company which was founded in 1995. Its designs mix simplicity and elegance so they count on a huge choice of garments with different styles and prints…and they offer sales! When this company was created it quickly conquered the Scandinavian market and, nowadays, they sell their collections all over the world. Furthermore, they own six stores in Sweden. Twist and...

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