Gray Label SS17 Collection: ‘A Day at the Atelier’


Winter cold and rainy weather makes us dream about a warm and colourful spring, where light is everywhere to transform our daily lives into a fantastic picture. Gray Label new clothing collection — for children between 0 and 8 years old —- brings a bit of that creative spirit of talented little artists, where a beautiful palette of colours and the soft materials are the key.


The new SS17 collection is called ‘A Day at the Atelier’:

Walk down the atelier with us to discover this range of styles and colors, which unleashes the artist in every little one. We have created pinafore dresses, drop-crotch trousers, raw-edge scarfs, baby bloomers, long skirts, baby salopettes and the new color Sage. All for little Picasso’s moving between tables filled with tons of colored pencils, picking a couple and go back sketching, while humming their favorite songs. This is where dreams become ideas, and where ideas are brought to life.



All the pieces are elegant and comfy, and they can be easily combined together to get wonderful and surprising results. Imagine a magic colour universe where children can express themselves as little painters! READ MORE

Breathtaking Christmas Cakes for the Sweetest Moments



Christmas is full of special elements that make it so wonderful. Typical clothes, traditions and tasty food. However, sweets play a very special role in this magic celebrations. Today, we bring you the sweetest and most delicious flashy ideas to surprise your guests! Kids will be simply amazed by their fantastic look! Dessert is always an important part of a great meal, especially at Christmas. Dream and enjoy with these playful cakes which will add that colourful touch to your table.

Let It Snow!



Snow is one of the most meaningful decorations at Christmas. This time, a wonderful and cool white layer covers the cakes to transform them into Christmas landscapes with trees or cute huts. We can define them as “postcard-cakes”, don’t you think? Cosy landscapes to make you dream about a white Christmas while you wait for Santa.

           gingerbread_cake_   Via

christmas-cake                             Via  

Christmas trees are a symbol, they are full of joy and magic as Santa chooses them every year to leave the presents. Everybody will want one to eat! READ MORE


The Most Gorgeous Presents for Preschoolers


Once again, we become your little elf to help you to choose the coolest gifts for your little ones. This time, we focus our attention on preschool kids. Maybe you don’t know what kind of things are the most suitable for them, well, pay attention and get some inspiration.

They are still developing their skills so you must try to help them to learn while they enjoy these playful and colourful Christmas presents. Learning is a game and growing up too!


Balance bicycle

Help them to discover their skills! Crayons, music instruments, game boards or books will train all their abilities to create, explore and become whatever they want.


From left to right: ‘Numbers’ book Animal Crayons ‘Press here’ book Keith Haring Educational Dominoes

It’s important to offer kids toys that enhance creativity, discovery and exploration. Simple designs are perfect to boost their imagination and feel the great experience of creation! Building blocks, puzzles, memories, dominoes or craft boxes are perfect for preschoolers.


From left to right: Naef Rainbow Wooden Musical Toy & Puzzle  Trígonos Family Sushi by Kiko +



5 Fun & Easy DIY Christmas Crafts to Make with Kids


Christmas is a perfect time to spend with family. However, cold weather invites us to stay at home instead of going out. This can also be a funny option if you know what to do during these cold afternoons with kids.

Today, we bring some cute crafts to keep them entertained while you decorate your home with your original creations. You don’t need to be an expert, just some imagination and Christmas sparkles and you will get a wonderful result!

Christmas Craft: Festive Painted Spoons

Ho, ho, ho! What a wonderful set of Christmas holiday spoons!(pictured above). We are sure they are the same as Santa’s! Wooden spoons, some paint and here you are the most playful Christmas characters! So sweet…and really easy! Get the tutorial at Hello, Wonderful.

Christmas Craft: DIY Rudolph ornaments


DIY Rudolph ornaments. Get the how to at Studio DIY.

Rudolph is one of our favourite Christmas characters, you can create it with just some Christmas balls, hot glue and craft foam! Have you seen what a cool version? Create as many as you want and fill your home with these colourful and original friends! READ MORE


Piñata Pum Dresses Your Kids with Creativity

Piñata Pum was created in 2013 to design original clothes for kids between 6 months and 7 years old. Every single season, they choose a concept to be the base and main theme of their collection. This will set the colours, the prints, and the materials as well as every single feature of the garments.

Based on the onomatopoeia, the Bang Bang AW 2016/17 collection proposes a trip to the far west. Bang Bang encourages to play surrounding the children in warm colours, with original fabrics (denim and corduroy) and with funny prints with a naïve style of manual stroke. As always, the patterns are wide and comfortable, mostly unisex.

These playful designs are specially created to help children to imagine their own magic and colourful universe, where everything is possible. Those funny colours and prints will transform their daily lives into amazing adventures!

pinatapum-aw1617pinata-pum_bangbang16 READ MORE

Camomile London and The Warmest Winter


We have already mentioned this fantastic brand where every single detail is carefully considered to offer the best quality and the greatest design to all their little clients. Bedding is their star product but —this time— they offer some great novelties. We have already fallen in love with them, do you want to know more?

We are sure you will become mad as soon as you see their new pyjamas’ and slippers collection. They come in sizes 18-24 moths, 3-4 yrs and 5-6 yrs and their handmade boiled wool slippers come in size EU 18 up to EU 30. We really love those elegant and simple designs!



They have also launched a new size of hand quilted blankets for single beds, W100cm x L190cm. They have been designed to sit neatly on top of the bed without overhanging. You can also find the classic size (W140cm x L200cm) which hangs off the bed at the sides.


These nice quilts are available in golden, Chambray blue, Teal, Warm Grey and Aqua. More colours will be available next year in April. We can’t wait to see them!

As you can see, all their products show an impeccable design that goes beyond all the typical things you can find in shops. Thrill, love and lots of talent are the key concept of these wonderful 100% cotton pieces made in UK and India!


Do you want something different and special for your little one? Do you think that design is a must?

This is your shop! Come into their beautiful universe and enjoy their original creations!


+Info Camomile London

ooh noo Brings The Cosiest Christmas Novelties


ooh noo is one of those shops that make us feel at home, everything shows that warm and lovely feeling of comfort. Bedding, toys, decoration…the whole range of products shares two main features: quality and design.

Christmas is a special time when the word “home” gets a most important meaning. This is why ooh noo is the perfect place to find the perfect Christmas presents for your little ones. Don’t miss the new Christmas Collection!



We are sure they will sleep happy while Santa leaves all the presents underneath the tree. These bedding sets are not only cute but also resistant and specially designed for them so their dreams will be covered and protected with lots of love! READ MORE

Santa’s Village, The Place Where Christmas Magic Lives


December brings, once again, that special air full of Christmas magic, glitter and hot chocolate. Everything seems more beautiful and adults become kids again, lights spread joy all over the World and presents make kids dream. However, there’s a place where this spirit is present during the whole year, this wonderful village is Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle.

This Lappish village is the cold and fantastic home of our beloved Santa. There, you can visit his home, his post office, his funny reindeers and, of course, his cosy village that reminds those beautiful Christmas postcards…Can you think of a better place to spend your Christmas Holidays?


Have a great experience while you stay in Santa’s Village lovely huts, the international headquarters of Christmas, or enjoy the Snowman World Igloo Hotel where everything is made of ice! What a funny way to sleep!


But this nice village has many other things to offer: A Husky Park with husky sled rides in the winter and husky park visits in the summer, a reindeer farm (maybe you meet real Rudolph!), snowmobile safaris, Santa’s Park, take a look at Santa’s own series of underground caves! Snowman World and lots of great activities are ready to add more magic to winter holidays! READ MORE


Mini Grenadine, a Dream Come True for Style Lovers

mini-grenadine-stuff-for-kids-9Photo : Bertille & Léon X Mini Grenadine

Once again, we have found a wonderful source of inspiration to decorate our lives with the coolest and most original stuff. Mini Grenadine is a wonderful concept store with a huge selection of stylish products for kids from 0 to 6 years old; decoration, baby care, clothes, toys…everything is carefully chosen to keep the boutique’s impeccable image.

The best international and well-known brands are present in this amazing space where design and originality are perfect treasures to share with their clients. You can find amazing design labels for children, including Chloé Fleury, Le Toy Van, Main Sauvage, Michelle Carlslund, Moumout or Rose in April, all together in one place! Charlène, the company’s founder, is a mum who decided to focus all her passion for décor and design on her professional activity and the result is simply inspirational!

mini-grenadine-stuff-for-kids-2Photo : Chloé Fleury


Their decoration section is full of beauty, magic and lots of good taste. All those playful childish designs will fill every corner with kids’ funny vibes! Wall décor, blankets, mobiles, storage…there’s no doubt that you will find everything you may need! READ MORE

Baby Bottega Fills Your Christmas with Magic and Joy


Once again, this wonderful boutique is a source of inspiration, especially, if you don’t know what to include on your little ones’ list for Santa. They offer a huge choice of whimsical and cute items to turn the holidays into a dream come true!

Love, design and lots of good taste are the ingredients of this amazing shop where everything seems to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Daisy, the founder, knows how to include art and style in all those kids’ products so the result in simply great!


But Christmas requires an extra dose of magic and, of course, Baby Bottega has plenty! Advent Calendars, garlands, crackers, glitter, Santa, reindeers…everything is there to have the best and most brilliant party!



Don’t they know what they want for Christmas yet? Well, they won’t be able to choose once they see all of the original products meant to bring joy and last a lifetime. Toys, wall art, fun clothes, room decor…everything has been selected to transform their world into the most beautiful place on earth!



Playful lamps, friendly soft toys, cool teepees…everything they may need to create their cozy own space! The kind of details that will make the gifts from Santa’s sleigh this year feel extra special!


We are sure that Santa’s elves will find a lot of great presents in this shop as it is as charming as their atelier! Are you looking for Christmas magic? Baby Bottega is the link between reality and that fantastic kids’ kingdom of fantasy!

+info: Baby Bottega

Billie & Axel, The Most Stylish Shop for Your Little Ones


Today, we are talking about one of those complete shops where you can find cool products for your kids. Everything from clothes to toys or the nicest stuff for your table, wonderful brands and lots of inspiration to turn daily life into a fashionable experience.

This time we are focusing our attention on their Décor section. It offers a huge range of products including, bedding, organisation, wall art, accessories, pillows or rugs. Everything shares that characteristic design full of elegance and minimal charm. Scandinavian style fills every piece to get playful prints that will enliven every space.


Pillows are transformed into funny characters to share dreams with them and wall art adds some colour and personal touches to complete a dreamy atmosphere. Teepees, superheroes, friendly animals or messages are the brands’ proposals to fill your wall with joy!



Ine de Haes: Magic Autumn Winter 16/17 Collection


Once upon a time Ine de Haes launched an AW 16/17 collection made with magic and fantasy… Once again, fairy tales and legends are the perfect source of inspiration to create the nicest kids’ fashion. This time, Snegurochka, a girl made of snow who melts when she falls in love, is the main character: “As she melted away, her spirit was caught by Father Frost. He took her across the stars to the frozen lands of the north, where she again took the form of a beautiful young girl. Here she plays all through summer” In winter, they come back to bring lots of present for kids and fill everything with their lovely spirit. Ine de Haes uses their magic to dress kids in the most creative and sophisticated way.

Winter traditional tones like grey, white or black are combined with some warm colours to take us to a fantastic universe plenty of ice palaces, fairies and spirits, where everything is possible and kids can dream about the greatest creatures and facts.



Quality and design play an important role in this breathtaking collection as it has been carefully created by a Belgian kids’ brand that really knows how to make them feel special. Silhouettes with three-dimensional shapes, drapery and graphic knitwear are the required elements to get a wonderful  and elegant outfit wrapped with personality and charm.

inedehaes-aw1617-collection-4 READ MORE

Christmas Countdown Calendar, The Coolest Way to Wait for Santa


We can’t believe it but Christmas is almost here! We really like that cosy feeling in the air. December is full of joy and magic! Kids can’t wait to see their presents underneath the tree and they are (literally) counting days to see all Santa’s gifts.

Advent calendars are a good way to make the wait shorter. Every single day, kids open a box to find a little Christmas surprise inside of them so thrill is also present in the previous weeks!

What a great idea to extend Christmas spirit’s lasting, don’t you think? Especially if the calendars are as cute as these ones, they are simply amazing! READ MORE


Toldina, Playful Chairs Inspired by Sunshades


Nimio — the company behind Toldina collection — includes a story and a soul in every single piece of their range of products. Francesco, the founder, uses all his love and talent to create amazing wooden furniture with lots of life and special spirits.

Toldina is a collection of lounge chairs and rocking chairs created with beech or pine wooden structures and fabrics that remind sunshades and all the concepts linked to them: summer, hot, sun, ice creams, fun, beach, friends…The fantastic design and quality turn this pieces into “that personal touch” every space needs. Simple aesthetics and colourful textiles make them suitable for all kind of atmospheres, don’t you think?



The collection includes furniture for both kids and adults so you can choose one of those little chairs for the play area or the kids’ room or the biggest for you (you won’t be able to resist it!).  READ MORE

Halloween Time, Let’s Have a Party!


We can’t wait to enjoy frightening costumes and spooky decorations, Halloween is nearly here and we want to prepare the most amazing party you have ever imagined. Decoration, costumes, original ideas…Petit & Small will help you to find everything you need to offer your kids an unforgettable Halloween night. Pay attention because you will find inspiration everywhere!

Creepy and Cool Halloween Decoration

sugar-skull-balloon-backdrop Via

Creating a suitable atmosphere is crucial to celebrate Halloween properly. Of course, you can choose between several styles like this colourful Mexican Skull made with balloons or the traditional orange or black stuff like those funny cat-shaped balloons or the spooky Skull garland. What a fright!


Sweets are very important in a Halloween party, especially for kids. Don’t forget to include piñatas and treat bags, they are a must!



CATEGORIES Crafts, Party

April and May Creates the Nicest Forest Kids Room for Ikea


Design and great taste are always a good combination to get the best results. This time, Ikea and April and May have collaborated to create one of those inspiring spaces where kids can feel the magic. April and May has combined several Ikea’s products with the purpose of building a fantastic room full of forest and nature charm.


Every single detail is carefully selected to get the amazing final result. Animals, wood, green and natural tones… It’s like a real forest! (well, its cosy version). Have you seen that furry rug? and what about the wooden boxes? Everything can be perfectly organised while you keep a natural and funny look, thanks to those cool green tones and animal complements. READ MORE


Little Pushkin Fills Autumn with Colour


When we think about autumn, we usually imagine grey and cold afternoons where everything is sad and boring, we miss summer and we can’t hide it. However, autumn is also plenty of new magic, joy and wonderful smells that remind our cosy childhood memories.

Little Pushkin knows it and creates colourful funny clothes to help us to enjoy this wonderful season. Every design shows amazing details to make kids dream with games and friends. All the pieces seem to say “Let’s play, let’s enjoy, let’s be kids!” this is why we really love their new collection.




Funny prints, bright colours and comfortable clothes, this is the successful mix of this playful brand. This is the spirit of the collection and it’s the perfect way to face cold temperatures and the lack of sun light, don’t you think? READ MORE

Camomile London Wraps Autumn with Inspiring Novelties


It’s not the first time we mention Camomile London. This British brand was founded by a mother and daughter who wanted to offer parents a huge choice of cool bedding designs inspired by Japanese design, Scandinavian simplicity and vintage’s magic.



Every single piece is designed in London and carefully handmade in India with 100% cotton and soft cotton muslins. Every single detail is considered to offer a high quality and long lasting unique piece. READ MORE

Marcel et Capucine, French Charm for Kids

Marcel et Capucine is a new clothing brand for babies and kids that combines quality, simplicity and soft clothes to get “that” special touch that antique handmade clothes showed. The concept “Slow fashion” is a key to understanding the company’s philosophy: every single garment is carefully made with lots of love and thrill, every product is exclusive and you can only find a few pieces available.


Leyre Baranda, the brand’s founder, has included all her childhood memories in every single design, just to transmit that cosy feeling when her mum made her dresses. There’s no doubt that handmade clothes include a magic charm and this is something really important for those parents who look something special for their little ones. Handmade clothes are even more attractive when they are combined with French elegance, don’t you think?


Leyre is also a mum who knows how difficult is choosing the best for her kids, so she takes care of every detail involved in the process. As we have mentioned above, “mum’s love” is present in all the garments (literally) and this is always a guarantee. READ MORE

Nubie and its Coolest Novelties Are Here for You!


If we think about Nubie we soon imagine wonderful designs, great quality and the best brands. A complete cute kids’ universe where we can find all we need to create the most special space in the world for our little ones. They are always increasing their range of products with fantastic products and brands and —fortunately— they have done it again.

La Cerise Sur Le Gâteau and Its Stylish Design


Nubie knows what kind of stuff must be included to keep their brand’s amazing style, that’s why they only choose the best. Anne Hubert, designer of La Cerise Sur Le Gâteau shows all her talent in those wonderful linens and their cosy designs. She knows how to add a great touch to every kind of atmosphere and we can avoid falling in love with her designs once and again!

nubie-la-cerise-sur-le-gateau-aw2016-3 READ MORE