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Create Your Own and Unique Doll House From Ikea’s Furniture

It’s not the first time we talk about Ikea’s hacks, those DIY tricks to transform basic Ikea’s pieces into something different and special. Today, we will show ou how April and May have transformed the traditional BILLY bookcase into an amazing doll house. You can start making a roof on the BILLY bookcase. This you can do with two foam plates covered with wood veneer. Of the remaining foam plates, you create walls for different rooms of your dollhouse. For making the details and mini furniture,  let your imagination fly! You can use simple materials. Just some foam, cardboard, ice...

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A Fairy Tale Attic to Rest and Enjoy

The Belgian designers from  Van Staeyen Interieur really know how to create a fantastic little kingdom for our little ones. They have transformed the attic into a great shared bedroom with its own play area. Space is divided into two atmospheres by a cubicle covering everything from the ceiling to the floor.  There are two beds at the bottom of the cubicle and two desks on both sides of the space. The upper part is the play area,  the perfect refuge for kids. There, they can dream and imagine lots of fantastic adventures! It can be turned into a house, a...

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Wawomb, Atmospheres to Tell Stories

Once again, Wawomb, that inspiring Portuguese company, surprises us with its wonderful nursery décor collection to create special rooms full of personality and charm. Their latest collection, “Get Bloomed”, shows that trendy tropical interior design we really love! It seems as taken from a fairy tale! Fabrics, throw pillows, poufs…everything is covered in colour and fun, these pieces have their own soul inviting you to imagine and dream in a fantastic atmoshphere where everything is possible. Every piece is made of Burel, a Portuguese fabric made from 100% wool. This fabric will resist traction, ripping, pressure…to sum up,  kids-proof! They’re...

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La Fede Creates Funny Characters with Their Own Soul

The story of this company adds a new sense to the products they sell. La Fede (faith in Italian) was created after Chantelle, the founder, lost her job. She tried to look for something to go on, she used the resources she had and made the right decisions to get her dream. Voilà! La Fede was then a reality! Chantelle bought several different fabrics, a sewing machine and used all the sewing abilities her mom gave her to create different soft toys with their own personality. Every single character is different and unique, this is why they are so...

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Camomile London Brings the Coolest Spring Novelties

It’s not the first time we mention this fantastic brand that covers kids’ rooms with the most elegant, fresh and eye-catching collection of bedding and accessories you can imagine. Well, they are here again with lots of good news a great amount of style. Let’s see! We are totally in love with their new own collection with includes a piece of Camomile London’s soul in all those gorgeous tones and patterns. This stylish bedding is created for the design conscious parents, looking to create a unique approach to their child’s bedroom. Colour combination will play a magic role in...

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Zara Spring Summer 2017 Collections

Zara has launched lots of baby and kids collection for this spring. This time, they have filled our little one’s wardrobe with lots of outfits wrapped by spring charm. All the latest trends are present in these collections and you will fall in love with: stripes, funny messages or boho garments. All the pieces are comfortable and fun, and the little ones can wear them every day. Basics play also an important role and turn combining into a kids’ game. Let’s enjoy colour, light and style Zara brings this spring! Zara SS17: Baby boy capsule collection Boys are often...

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Baby Cubby, the Shop Where Parenthood Gets a New Meaning

Some parents have ever felt discouraged about becoming a parent. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we forget that we are living one of the most amazing experiences in our lives, well, the Baby Cubby team is made up of people who has also lived it and know exactly how to help you. They even have a community where you can discuss every kind of matters linked to parenting! But…what’s Baby Cubby? It’s an online shop where you can find everything for your little ones, from clothes to decoration, including baby care and even products for mums, as well...

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Principesque, Stories to Wear

Do you believe in magic? In fairies, goblins and dreams? Well, so you simply fall in love with this dreamy brand. Principesque will fill your kids’ wardrobe with colour, style and lots, lots of positive energy and amazing fantasies come true. All their garments and complements show this childish look that reminds they are the kings and the queens of their own lives because everything is possible, even in real life. We can see how black and white is the perfect base to include colour by adding some of their original and cool brooches: flowers, princesses, bowties…so they can...

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A Family House Full of Design and Charm

Big families usually have special needs that require functional spaces where everybody can have an own corner. This functional and amazingly beautiful house has lots of special elements and atmospheres to daydream and enjoy. Creativity, art, design and, yes, lots of great taste are present in every single room of this lovely home. Frederikke Xenia and her husband Anders Peter Sandberg live in this 176m2 house with their three kids. The style of decoration of this family’s home is simple, functional and personal. You can see some Scandinavian vibes, the mix of vintage and modern furniture, and natural elements. “Home Sweet Home”...

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Little Otja, The Coolest Wall Art

When we visit Little Otja shop, we enter a magic universe where Otja, a friendly rabbit who lives in the Pine Forest, enjoys his Scandinavian lifestyle while he works as a botanist and walks around the forest. This peaceful and magic spirit is a common feature in all the products on the Little Otja’s shop. Otja has lots of cute friends Lorem, Nanna and Dolor who have their own story to tell and will also become wonderful roommates for your little ones. All of them appear on the nicest posters you can imagine to transform your kids’ bedroom into...

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Mjelkebart: Colour, Magic and Lots of Imagination

We are always trying to find special cute things to create a fantastic reality for our little ones. Mjelkebart is one of those companies whose only purpose is offering us the most gorgeous and original stuff. Marianne, the founder, is a talented illustrator and a happy mum who is sharing all her art with the rest of the world through all the posters and cards you can find on the shop. Wonderful and funny characters who will fill all their spaces with joy and magic. Imagination and creativity are the perfect roommates for your children. All of those bright...

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Ladida, Passion for Fashion

When we visit Ladida website, we find a huge universe full of beauty, variety and quality. This great boutique kids’ clothing shop gathers the best brands and the coolest garments in order to make parents’ life easier. Their wonderful lookbooks make us fall in love every single season. It’s like they were telling a colourful and nice story… we can’t simply get enough of it! Every single detail in the showed pictures is carefully designed to get the most sophisticated and trendy look you can imagine. Boys, girls, babies, teens…all of them will find the perfect look here. Comfort...

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