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The Most Gorgeous Presents for Preschoolers

Once again, we become your little elf to help you to choose the coolest gifts for your little ones. This time, we focus our attention on preschool kids. Maybe you don’t know what kind of things are the most suitable for them, well, pay attention and get some inspiration. They are still developing their skills so you must try to help them to learn while they enjoy these playful and colourful Christmas presents. Learning is a game and growing up too! Balance bicycle Help them to discover their skills! Crayons, music instruments, game boards or books will train all their...

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5 Fun & Easy DIY Christmas Crafts to Make with Kids

Christmas is a perfect time to spend with family. However, cold weather invites us to stay at home instead of going out. This can also be a funny option if you know what to do during these cold afternoons with kids. Today, we bring some cute crafts to keep them entertained while you decorate your home with your original creations. You don’t need to be an expert, just some imagination and Christmas sparkles and you will get a wonderful result! Christmas Craft: Festive Painted Spoons Ho, ho, ho! What a wonderful set of Christmas holiday spoons!(pictured above). We are sure they...

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Piñata Pum Dresses Your Kids with Creativity

Piñata Pum was created in 2013 to design original clothes for kids between 6 months and 7 years old. Every single season, they choose a concept to be the base and main theme of their collection. This will set the colours, the prints, and the materials as well as every single feature of the garments. Based on the onomatopoeia, the Bang Bang AW 2016/17 collection proposes a trip to the far west. Bang Bang encourages to play surrounding the children in warm colours, with original fabrics (denim and corduroy) and with funny prints with a naïve style of manual stroke....

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Camomile London and The Warmest Winter

We have already mentioned this fantastic brand where every single detail is carefully considered to offer the best quality and the greatest design to all their little clients. Bedding is their star product but —this time— they offer some great novelties. We have already fallen in love with them, do you want to know more? We are sure you will become mad as soon as you see their new pyjamas’ and slippers collection. They come in sizes 18-24 moths, 3-4 yrs and 5-6 yrs and their handmade boiled wool slippers come in size EU 18 up to EU 30....

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ooh noo Brings The Cosiest Christmas Novelties

ooh noo is one of those shops that make us feel at home, everything shows that warm and lovely feeling of comfort. Bedding, toys, decoration…the whole range of products shares two main features: quality and design. Christmas is a special time when the word “home” gets a most important meaning. This is why ooh noo is the perfect place to find the perfect Christmas presents for your little ones. Don’t miss the new Christmas Collection! We are sure they will sleep happy while Santa leaves all the presents underneath the tree. These bedding sets are not only cute but...

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Santa’s Village, The Place Where Christmas Magic Lives

December brings, once again, that special air full of Christmas magic, glitter and hot chocolate. Everything seems more beautiful and adults become kids again, lights spread joy all over the World and presents make kids dream. However, there’s a place where this spirit is present during the whole year, this wonderful village is Rovaniemi, in the Arctic Circle. This Lappish village is the cold and fantastic home of our beloved Santa. There, you can visit his home, his post office, his funny reindeers and, of course, his cosy village that reminds those beautiful Christmas postcards…Can you think of a...

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Mini Grenadine, a Dream Come True for Style Lovers

Photo : Bertille & Léon X Mini Grenadine Once again, we have found a wonderful source of inspiration to decorate our lives with the coolest and most original stuff. Mini Grenadine is a wonderful concept store with a huge selection of stylish products for kids from 0 to 6 years old; decoration, baby care, clothes, toys…everything is carefully chosen to keep the boutique’s impeccable image. The best international and well-known brands are present in this amazing space where design and originality are perfect treasures to share with their clients. You can find amazing design labels for children, including Chloé...

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Baby Bottega Fills Your Christmas with Magic and Joy

Once again, this wonderful boutique is a source of inspiration, especially, if you don’t know what to include on your little ones’ list for Santa. They offer a huge choice of whimsical and cute items to turn the holidays into a dream come true! Love, design and lots of good taste are the ingredients of this amazing shop where everything seems to be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. Daisy, the founder, knows how to include art and style in all those kids’ products so the result in simply great! But Christmas requires an extra dose of...

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Billie & Axel, The Most Stylish Shop for Your Little Ones

Today, we are talking about one of those complete shops where you can find cool products for your kids. Everything from clothes to toys or the nicest stuff for your table, wonderful brands and lots of inspiration to turn daily life into a fashionable experience. This time we are focusing our attention on their Décor section. It offers a huge range of products including, bedding, organisation, wall art, accessories, pillows or rugs. Everything shares that characteristic design full of elegance and minimal charm. Scandinavian style fills every piece to get playful prints that will enliven every space. Pillows are...

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Ine de Haes: Magic Autumn Winter 16/17 Collection

Once upon a time Ine de Haes launched an AW 16/17 collection made with magic and fantasy… Once again, fairy tales and legends are the perfect source of inspiration to create the nicest kids’ fashion. This time, Snegurochka, a girl made of snow who melts when she falls in love, is the main character: “As she melted away, her spirit was caught by Father Frost. He took her across the stars to the frozen lands of the north, where she again took the form of a beautiful young girl. Here she plays all through summer” In winter, they come back to...

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Christmas Countdown Calendar, The Coolest Way to Wait for Santa

We can’t believe it but Christmas is almost here! We really like that cosy feeling in the air. December is full of joy and magic! Kids can’t wait to see their presents underneath the tree and they are (literally) counting days to see all Santa’s gifts. Advent calendars are a good way to make the wait shorter. Every single day, kids open a box to find a little Christmas surprise inside of them so thrill is also present in the previous weeks! What a great idea to extend Christmas spirit’s lasting, don’t you think? Especially if the calendars are...

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Toldina, Playful Chairs Inspired by Sunshades

Nimio — the company behind Toldina collection — includes a story and a soul in every single piece of their range of products. Francesco, the founder, uses all his love and talent to create amazing wooden furniture with lots of life and special spirits. Toldina is a collection of lounge chairs and rocking chairs created with beech or pine wooden structures and fabrics that remind sunshades and all the concepts linked to them: summer, hot, sun, ice creams, fun, beach, friends…The fantastic design and quality turn this pieces into “that personal touch” every space needs. Simple aesthetics and colourful...

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