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Baby Bottega, from Florence with Love

We all know that love and great taste is the best combination when we want to get something special for our little ones. Daisy, the brand’s founder, is a professional interior designer who knows exactly where to find the most special and exclusive stuff for kids, she collects pieces from all over the world to include them in the most amazing selection you can imagine. Baby Bottega is a little universe where every piece is a treasure to decorate childhood memories but there is much more inside the shop. As we have mentioned, everything is designed with lots of...

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Tiny Little Pads, the Firm Where Dreams Come True

If you take a look to Tiny Little Pads, you will find amazing kids’ spaces in which you can appreciate love and exclusivity. Tiny Little Pads tries to transform kids’ spaces in dreams come true and, as we know, dreams are unique so its spaces too. Jannicke, its founder and designer, was born in Rissa (Norway) and Interior design has always been her passion so, although she studied Children’s Developmental Psychology (studying interior design was not possible in her hometown), worked on a cruise ship and travelled around the world, fate finally turned her into a successful interior designer...

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Inke Covers Your Walls with Inspiration

We really like those wallpapers which fill our room with colour, design and lots of inspiration! They wake up kids’ imagination and help them to create their special spaces. INKE is one of those brands that offers a wonderful quality design. From their handmade cut-outs from authentic wallpaper to this brand new collection of huge wall prints, the Dutch label adds a bit of personality to every corner at home. This brand was founded by Inke Heiland in 2004 and, since then, they have been innovating and creating original and exclusive models suitable for every kind of style. The...

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Pemberley Rose, Romantic Creations to Wrap Kids’ Dreams

We are always talking about beautiful vintage rooms. We really love that magic charm present in every single colour and whimsical piece included in it. Pemberley Rose is the perfect example of this spirit. This American brand offers a huge choice of kids’ bedding, fine wall art and wallpapers and toys for kids. All of them show a great European influence plenty of elegance and delicate hints. Everything started when Erica, the brand’s founder, designed a ballerina for her daughter’s birthday party. Everybody loved it and was then when she started to think about the project. After 10 years...

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Good News from The Pippa & Ike Show, Love at First Sight

It’s not the first time we mention The Pippa & Ike Show. We really love this online shop and you will too. They offer lovely and original products that make us smile from ear to ear. This time we bring you some of their novelties and star products from their online shop. Are you ready? Drink bottles by Helen Dardik are our first stop. The hedgehog model is the latest one to join this group of funny animals. You can take them wherever you want. They are leak proof, free of BPA-PVC-Phthalate so kids will be safe and satisfied at...

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Cover Your Walls with Dilemma Posters’ Creativity!

  We all know that results are always better when somebody loves his/her job. Dilemma, a Croatian brand founded in December 2014, is the perfect example of this statement, both Dil, the graphic designer, and Emma, the Boss, love creating those amazing and witty posters and the experience of enjoying them on your walls. Their high quality motivational and inspiring posters try to improve our daily life or, at least, enliven our walls with fun, talent and, obviously, art. Those handwritten messages can become one of those little details that change your mood. If we look to their designs...

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ooh noo, Art in their Dreams

Have you ever dreamed about creating that special thing for your little one? This is the story of ooh noo‘s origin: a mum decided to offer her kids quality unisex bedding sets which could be easily mixed and matched. Every single piece is carefully handmade and designed to last for a long time, while it covers kids’ bed with lovely and creative designs. ooh noo consists of a young team of artists that is always working to launch and share new models plenty of talent and originality. There is only a small number of pieces for every design because...

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Rose & Rex, The Creative Face of Childhood

Childhood is a time of wonder. For young children, the art of imagination and creation is key to learning and development. Play helps children gain fundamental skills that they will carry through school and into adulthood. Enter Rose & Rex, a new online toy boutique offering curated content and a selection of stylishly-designed toys that promote imaginative play. Rose and Rex’s selection of handmade, sustainable and baby-safe toys are thoughtfully curated by teachers, education professionals and child development experts to foster well-rounded skill building. And with Rose & Rex, the toys for your kids will “play-it-forward.” Rose & Rex...

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Stella Cove: Dreaming about Summer

Spring sunny days make us think about great plans outside and, of course, on the beach. We can’t wait to relax near the sea with those lovely smells of summer. Stella Cove helps us to imagine it in a fashion way. Have you seen their amazing swimwear collection for girls? It so charming that we need to show some of our favourite pieces. Here you are five but you must visit their site to avoid missing any single detail. Luxury on the Beach Colour, fashion and elegance are the key to get this fantastic piece. Girls will feel unique...

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Munks and Me, Lovely Posters and Lots of Art

We have always said that kids’ spaces must be plenty of that fantastic charm of their fairy tales to make them feel in their own world. Every image can mean an important part of their memories and turn their daily life into a magic experience with amazing stories to imagine. This is exactly the Munk and me’s purpose. Their childish designs fill kids’ room with colour, imagination and much creativity to colour their spaces in an original way. Everything, from the funny characters to the carefully selected colours, is simply perfect to develop their creativity and imagination. Furthermore, they...

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Minimono, Creativity and Quality Clothes for Kids

It’s not the first time we tell a story about parents whose lives were completely transformed once babies come. This plot is even more interesting if one of those parents is a creative professional who devotes his/her life to make special things for the little one and creates a cute brand to share those products with the rest of the world. This is exactly the story of Minimono. Andrea Sanglas was a successful architect who loved her job. However, when she became a mum all her universe was around her daughter so she decided to create something special for...

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The Pippa and Ike Show, Collecting Kids’ Treasures

Creating an exclusive universe for our little ones is an important task if we want to guarantee a magic childhood with plenty of beautiful and special memories. Lianne, the talented founder of The Pippa & Ike Show, knows that. As a designer, she felt that she  wanted to include a lot of art and creativity in her own children’s lives, so she started her shop. In her shop she gathers products illustrated by amazing artists from all over the world. Items that combine art, creativity and functionality in every single piece. Why not turn reality into a fantastic world...

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