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Toyhood Store, Toy Dreams for Trendy Kids

Toyhood Store is a try to find beauty and exclusivity in creative toys and gifts for kids. This English online store promotes British designers but it also gathers some rare pieces from other  European countries. Every single product is carefully selected, it’s one of those “little treasures” which are really difficult to find but they are worthy because of their special charm. We have previously mentioned that parents feel that finding special gifts for their kids is difficult because there are not many things as wonderful as them. Well, they are scarce but they do exist and Toyhood is...

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Nubie, The Great Source of Cool Kids’ Furniture

It’s known that creating a space where kids can feel comfortable and safe is really important for their development but sometimes it’s also really complicated. Adults tend to think about quality, design and functionality while children feel attracted by flashy pieces to wake up their imagination and turn their room into their own special magic world. Well, Nubie and Oeuf, two of our favourite brands, bring us the perfect solution to get a win-win deal between parents and kids’ preferences. Just take a look at that vertical library from Oeuf we can find on Nubie’s site! The design is...

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Nubie. Looking for Those Special Touches

Kids are our treasures. This is the reason why we feel that anything isn’t special enough for them. Some parents want unique pieces for those little miracles with legs, something to transform a simple room in their own little magic universe…this is a very common feeling when you are decorating your kids’ rooms. This is exactly the story of Nubie’s origins. When Florence was born, seven years ago, her parents couldn’t find those special designs to complement her lovely presence so they decided to find and bring them from all over the world to share their finds with all...

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Hibou Home. Filling Your Home with Amazing Designs

When we are decorating our home, specially a kids’ room, we always look for the cutest elements to create a special space where we can feel comfortable. Wallpapers and fabrics are a key element to change the appearance of a room. Hibou Home knows that, this is why they offer a huge choice of quality wallpapers and textiles whose design is simply amazing. What about this new wallpaper inspired by raindrops? Can it be trendier? We don’t think so…it’s perfect to add this funny touch to a nursery plenty of pastel tones, isn’t it? The colour combination and the...

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Waddler, Enjoying Life in a Fair World

This clothing brand includes an extra value in their products: its story, a little hidden treasure. This family left London to live their own adventure in South America. There, they found those amazing little things that make life special: nature, relaxation, a healthy environment for their little one…After enjoying that amazing life style, inspiration came to their lives in the Andes, as soon as they discovered alpaca yarn. They decided to design clothes for children so every single kid could enjoy this wonderful material; this is Waddler’s origin. . This natural yarn is extremely soft and warm and it...

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Stay Little, Wearing Magic

“We don’t want to grow up” This is the motto of this brand lost in Neverland where kids are kids forever and fantasy creates its patterns which are sewed with children smiles. Stay Little offers collections suitable for babies and kids until 16 but they only create 20 pieces for every size because they want to keep that unique magic of exclusivity. Dreams, thrill and fantasy play an important role in the design of those special clothes. Every piece tries to transform their daily life into a magic world where they can live their own fairy tale, dreaming once...

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Milou & Pilou, a Romantic Touch in Kids’ Fashion

“Don’t try to make me grow up before my time…” (Louisa May Alcott, Little Women; 1868) This is the sentence which opens the brand’s introduction in their last catalogue. It’s a perfect description of Milou & Pilou’s spirit. Innocence, nostalgia and old romantic stories, created with their characteristic Liberty dresses, are showed in every single design of this special brand for dreamer girls. They mention that lovely story, Little Women, as their inspiration source, do you remember it? Four girls and their mother living in that charming antique house, wearing those amazing dresses…Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy’s personalities are...

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Duchess and Lion: Quality Trendy Clothes, Quality Values

Duchess and Lion Fall 2015 When you become a mum or a dad you realize that there’s anything in the world good enough for your little one. Nothing is as beautiful, as special, and as wonderful as your baby. Stacie, an American mum, felt the same but she decided to leave everything to create and these special carefully designed clothes for her baby. She became the creator, the designer, the part owner of her own company. It was a try to offer her child a better world specially created for her. This is how Duchess and Lion was founded....

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Baby Bites: The Coolest Baby’s Sleeping-bags

Do you want to have the trendiest baby? Baby Bites offers you lots of original baby accessories to fill this spring and summer of colour and funny shapes. We are always looking for new and special things for our kids and this is a great find! Check it out! These lovely fish-shaped sleeping bags will keep your little one safe while he/she has a rest in them. Every model offers different versions with different interior fabric’s weights according to the temperatures so you can use them the whole year! You will fall in love with this friendly orca, the...

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Creating Fantastic Atmospheres with Peek & Pack

Have you ever felt that you can’t find anything special enough for your little one? Susana and Carlos experienced this feeling when they were decorating Martina’s —their daughter— room so they tried to create a magical world plenty of lovely pieces specially selected for her. Fortunately, Peek & Pack brings us all their wonderful finds which are a mix of elegance and design for “Niños no ñoños”, that’s exactly what the company is: exclusive treasures for special and trendy kids. They look for new “treasures” all over the world to create magical spaces with a different charm and an extra added value: the special...

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