5 Low Cost Storage Ideas for The Kids’ Room


A new year is starting and we need to order everything so we think that these storage ideas for the children’s room will be really useful. We also know that we need to save, so we can use some of these charming low-cost ideas. Can’t you believe it?

Recycled Wooden Boxes for Storage


Take a look to the storage space we show before on Petit and Small: wooden recycled boxes, pastel tone paint and green tones to be combined with the decoration.

If you have wooden boxes at home can you don’t know what to do with them, hang them on the wall, stack them or add some wheels to create mobile storage pieces. They are a cheap option that offers a lot of possibilities. You can add some paint or wallpaper to provide a new look. READ MORE

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Colourful Clouds and Rainbow Showers


Image Credit: Paulina Arcklin

It’s true: clouds don’t have to be grey and gloomy! In fact, we’ve spotted so many colourful cloud rooms and raindrops on our recent internet travels that we thought we would share a few of our favourites. As all of these rooms show, clouds can add a splash of colour to your child’s space, sparking even the youngest of imaginations and creating the perfect dreamy feel.

Here are our top ten:

1.Giant cloud and raindrop wall feature (pictured above).

We love the use of colour in this nursery styled by Paulina Arcklin; from the fresh white backdrop bathed in natural light, to the giant colourful rain cloud that creates a striking feature and keeps the room both fun and young.

2. Rain Cloud Mobile by The Butter Flying on Etsy.

In a similar way, the bright droplets on this rain cloud mobile provide a pop of colour against the simple white setting in this room:


Image Credit: Eef Lillemor

3. Sun, Cloud and Rainbow Garland by Noodle Doll Nelly on Etsy.

Just like the felt mobile above, the bright colours in this fun handmade felt garland contrast beautifully with the white clouds:


To the Wild: Trendy Design Meets Exploring Spirit


Are you looking for an original addition to your children’s room? Look no further, Spain’s new To the wild‘s got you covered. Trendy and minimalist along the lines of the ever-so-popular Scandinavian style, To the wild will surprise you with their elegant yet playful ideas and inspiring themes.

We think their explorer themed collection will especially suit those parents hoping to encourage their children’s imagination and appetite for adventure. Ready to hear more about what they have in store for us?


The brand’s overarching theme is that of discovery and playfulness, those wonderful characteristics children possess in abundance. In order to materialise it, the designers have picked motifs from the Wild West, adding their own twist to the childhood game we all know so well — Cowboys and Indians. To the wild appeals to a sense of curiosity for places and cultures different to our own.


The teepee is the centerpiece of their new collection Lakota, which means “alliance of friends” in Native American language. As you can see in the above picture, it looks gorgeous when combined with their cleverly designed mountain cushions a simple rug for extra cosiness. If you want to emphasise the Wild West theme even further, the mountain range wall chalkboard is the icing on the cake. READ MORE

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New Year… New Sparkle!

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit


We are just beginning a brand new year, so how about a touch of magic and sparkle to set off 2017 in style?

Whether your plans are to re-decorate your child’s room, or simply to add a few new pieces to freshen up their space, you will never go wrong with a scattering of metallic gold and silver! So, today we are bringing you some of our favourite sparkly goodies from around the world to help you make their room a little bit more magical in the New Year.

Pictured above, from top left, clockwise:

1.Sparkle Wand, by Fable Heart (Ireland)

2. Sparkly Ice Cream Print approx. 21 x 30cm, by Dessin Design (Sweden)

3. Cat Doll by Rose in April (France)

4. Silver Lining Cloud Rug by Little P (New Zealand)

5. Hip Hip Hooray Glitter Garland by Meri Meri (USA)

6. Diamond Crown by Fable Heart (Ireland)

7. Swan Princess Liberty Print Cushion by Little Cloud (UK)

8. Glitter Gold Dots Toy Storage Bag by Play Pouch (Australia)

9. Nina Swan Doll by Boramiri (France)

10. Star Wall Stickers by Little Chip for Bobby Rabbit (UK)

Nicky King is the founder of the amazing brand new shop Bobby Rabbit . Her boutique ‘for little treasures’ offers a magical collection of toys and home accessories for kids, from teepee beds to toy tents; bunnies to bedding. Every single product has been hand picked to spark little imaginations and create lifelong memories. Check it out on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and say hello!

Minimuhuu Covers Your Little Ones’ Dreams


Bedding is a very important element in every kids’ bedroom, especially in the first years of their lives when they spend a lot of time in contact with sheets and blankets. This is why quality is so important. Their soft skins must be covered with the best materials and the most comfortable fabrics to guarantee their security and welfare.The French brand Minimuhuu offers a cute choice of 100% organic linen bedding collections to take care of your little sleeping beauty!


As we have mentioned above, quality is a key concept, but we must also consider design if we want to keep the atmosphere we have carefully designed for them. Every detail is important and bedding can also be an opportunity to add a special touch or just to complete a fantastic look.



These simple and cosy designs from Minimuhuu will be the perfect complement for both Scandinavian and romantic rooms in soft tones where simplicity and calm are the main concepts. They will also work great in bohemian kids rooms — relaxed and filled with a mix of colours and patterns.

Sweet and soft muted tones and graphic motifs such as stars and arrows (inspired by the American Indians’ culture) will make you fall in love with every single piece. These features make them suitable for nurseries, toddlers and kids’ bedrooms and their quality can guarantee a long lasting product so you won’t have to replace them in a couple of years! Quality and design are always a good investment, don’t you think? READ MORE

A Calm and Modern Botanical-Themed Nursery


We’ve seen this scene in a million films: new parents getting excited about having their baby room done, and it never seems to get old! There is a reason why this opportunity turns almost everyone into a creative eager decorator, this new person coming to his or her own space that you get to create to welcome them into the world is pretty special. Not to mention the amount of time you will spend in there together! You might as well make it nice.

We still get very excited every time we discover a new gorgeous children’s space created by a talented interior designer (what a fabulous job, right?). This time we want to share Deonne Rowland’s unique take on a botanical theme for the baby’s room — a soothing space curated to facilitate connection and rest.


Rowland’s inspiration for this theme started with two very simple objects: a dandelion cross-stitch hoop and a dandelion paperweight, both of which you can see hanging on the wall in the following image. From this simple flower motif, she came up with the concept of a natural environment which creates a sense of harmony. This

This relaxed atmosphere is carefully curated by blending a minimalist approach to furniture (clean elongated lines, simple silhouettes) and sticking to base colours. The Caravan cot by Kalon Studios is paired with some beautiful quilts from Camomile London, creating a cosy space to sleep.


The mobile is Japanese and a simple, filigree construction of connected circles of different sizes — it is always moving gently and creates changing circle-shaped shadows on the green wall behind it.


Rowlands chose olive green for its connection with nature and a pale nude soothing shade of pink to compliment it. Additionally, there are touches of brass and gold for a bit of a vintage taste. Her belief is that you can transmit warmth and love in a baby room without having to default to the cliche blue and pink theme — and she certainly proves her argument thanks to this gorgeous example!

The natural world the baby will start learning about and which will play a huge role in the development of his or her imagination is ever-present in this space. Yet, it remains subtle thanks to the simplicity and elegance of the chosen objects.

baby-nursery-botanical-theme (2) baby-nursery-botanical-theme (1)

From the uncomplicated dandelions which started everything, to delicate decorative swans, a couple of live plants combined with a tree-filled wallpaper and even a gorgeous bronze vintage leaf wreath, you could get lost in the beauty of every detail in this baby room.


Finally, it is important to note that following the contemporary trend of keeping children’s spaces functional, this baby room is practically split in three ‘zones’: the sleeping area, the changing area, and the feeding area. This last one has a final delightfully helpful touch — a dimmable night light in stylish brass for when the baby starts to fall asleep.

Are you feeling as soothed as we are by this space? If you want to see more wonderful ideas and baby room inspiration, have a look at Rowland’s site Odd sock, odd shoe and let us know what you think. You can also find her on Instagram under the same name. Happy browsing!

If you like this calm and restful nursery with subtle botanical details, find out  The Best in Botanical Wall Art For Children’s Interiors.


10 of the Best … Polar Bears

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit


Image Credit: Boo & Bear

It’s winter over here in Europe – so what better theme than polar bears! Cute, cuddly and perfect for boys and girls alike, polar bears make a great unisex theme for nurseries and kids rooms, whatever the season.

We have hunted down our favourite polar bear finds, and here are our top ten:

1. Mr Sleepy Bear by Boo & Bear

Top of our list (pictured above) is this snuggly polar bear cushion by Australian brand Boo & Bear. Mr Sleepy Bear is made using soft merino wool felt with embroidered details, such as those adorable rosy cheeks and sleepy eyes!

2. Polar Bear Bedding Set by Lulu and Nat, and 3. Sleeping Bear Storage Bag by Tellkiddo, available at Bobby Rabbit.


This soft cotton polar bear bedding set is available at Bobby Rabbit and is hand-printed all over with hundreds of mama and baby polar bears! Made from soft cotton, it comes in cot bed and single sizes, and is perfect for both boys and girls. The sleeping bear storage bag by Tellkiddo is also available in store.

4. Felt Polar Bear Head by Fiona Walker England


Image Credit: Mocking Bird Store

The Fiona Walker felt animal collection is one of our favourites – and we were thrilled to discover that it also includes this polar bear! Hang him over the bed or on the wall for a fun feature that your child will adore. READ MORE

Best Toddler Toys and Gifts for Christmas


OMG! Christmas is almost there and you don’t know what to choose for your little ones. Toddlers presents require playful and flashy products that help them to create wonderful memories while they develop all their abilities. Play gives your children a great opportunity to practice new skills (movement, balance, creativity and pretend play) at their own pace by following their unique interests.

Furthermore, a gorgeous design will add a cute touch to all their spaces. This is the case of this toddler Rocking Horse, as stylish as funny. What about the cute Doll bed and that funny Cloud Light White? We are sure they are imagining lots of stories with that teepee!toddler-toys

It’s important to offer some open-ended toys for our kids. They spark kid’s imagination, inspire creativity, and can be used by your children in a variety of ways. Here some gift ideas: wooden cars and girl set by Pinch Toys; the Grimm’s Monochrome Tunnel, and Joupii by Patrick Rylands. Make them build their own universe with these fabulous wooden pieces! READ MORE


Time for Fun Accessories! 20 Wall Hooks for Children’s Rooms


One of the crucial aspects when decorating the room is choosing the right accessories. Once we’ve already furnished the room and we’ve selected the interior style we know that the most difficult task still remains: choosing the small original twists that will give the children’s room a unique personality.

We want to help you out so here are 20 ideas for cool and fun wall hooks and hangers for children’s bedrooms.

Children’s Wall Hooks in Scandinavian Style (and a touch od fun)


Is your children’s bedroom decorated in Nordic style? Knowing how trendy this style is at the moment you’re surely looking for cute accessories to add to their room.

If you love the combination of white, black and wood, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these wooden hooks for children. They will serve as a wall decoration with their simple forms whenever nothing’s hanging from them. Furthermore, April Eleven always combines Scandinavian vibes with a sweet French touch.


The hooks designed by Stephanie Gérard from Wawomb are another great option (they are perfect for a monochrome kids room). We like their urban mood: cars, buildings, houses, but also you can find suns and clouds.


At Tresxics, you have many hooks and decorative hangers to choose from. This is one of our favourites: a cloud wall hanger  + 20 repositionable raindrop textile wall decals. Complete the decor in your own way!

Whimsical Kid’s Wall Hooks


Love, love, love these solid beech wood wall hooks with the friendly Toto created by Rock & Pebble. It is a set of 3 decorative wall hooks with 3 different screen printed faces. Ideal for hanging your bags, scarves and accessories. Brighten up your wall with Toto!


Add a touch of glamour to your walls! It’s easy with these designs created by Nuki. These unique wall hooks are handmade from natural wood and individually painted with eco water based varnish. We like their simple yet playful shapes drops, triangles, circles, houses and hexagons. READ MORE

We are Cotton: the Gift of Simplicity


In a world increasingly full of shopping options it can be quite overwhelming to find the right clothes for the most important member of the family, your newborn baby. We want to make it easier for you by presenting our latest favourite brand of baby clothes: We Are Cotton.

We are sure you will fall in love with their minimalist designs and the quality of their products, not to mention the immense amount of care that goes into each piece.


We Are Cotton‘s concept stems from trying to find that natural simplicity with which babies are born in their designs, materials and sources. Because of this, the entire collection is made from organic cotton — an eco-friendly natural fabric, GOTS certified to boot! You will notice that the fabric is extremely soft and beneficial for the baby’s skin: you won’t have to worry about itches and rashes, it will help maintain body temperature and it’s also breathable. Clearly a fantastic match for your baby’s pure delicate skin so you don’t have to worry about the fabric’s effects on your little one.

But We Are Cotton goes one step beyond and also guarantees that the entire process is local (they are based in Barcelona), demonstrating that they truly care about their impact on the environment and the people working for them, which in return shows in the high quality of the final product.

wearecotton-baby-clothes-6 wearecotton-baby-clothes

Their first collection is for babies between 0 and 24 months old, both boys and girls. Sticking to their minimalist concept, We Are Cotton presents a small yet perfectly sufficient amount of models and colours, perfect for those who feel overwhelmed by too many choices and those who prefer quality over quantity.


Christmas Guide: Gifts for Babies


Christmas is almost here and we have probably thought about the present for our little ones. Our kids make us know what’s their favourite toy and what is the latest novelty we must include on their Christmas list for Santa Claus. However, babies are not so clear yet. Sometimes, we don’t know what is the best option for them…well, here you are a Christmas guide to make a successful decision. Are you ready to get the perfect gift for a baby?

Of course, toys are always a good way to make them happy, have you take a look at the Main Sauvage Latérite Doll? What about a gym to develop their physical skills? The Reach Baby Gym by Oskoe  is perfect. It can be used with a wide range of hanging toys or with the optional Moon Mirror and Star toys. They spend a great part of the day sleeping so they will love this Sleepy Grey Bunny Soft Toy by Bebemoss, available at Bobby Rabbit. Furthermore, this bunny has been lovingly handmade in Turkey by a community of mothers. Do you want a fun yet practical baby gift? This playful Mini Blanket – Bear by Donna Wilson will keep them warm and safe! READ MORE

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Hues & Fables, Beauty and Simplicity on Your Walls


Wall art is an important element to include when you are trying to create the perfect atmosphere for little ones, so it is always a joy to discover beautiful art prints that are full of charm. Hues & Fables creates colourful prints that transform kids’ spaces into magical places where they can dream, enjoy their childhood and create happy memories.


Image by @brookecastelstylist. Available at Hues & Fables

Founder and designer Kristin Poh created Hues & Fables after having her daughter Olivia Autumn. Olivia gave her the inspiration to create wonderful images that combine colour, charm and lots of fun to promote children’s cognitive development through playful art that they can enjoy.


The motto “less is often more” best describes Hues & Fables’ stylish prints. They are simple yet eye-catching, and they will make attractive focal points on the wall, even with minimal décor elements in the room.

4-hues-and-fables-melange-no-1-printMélange No. 1

Every single print is produced using archival pigment inks on premium media so they will look nice on your walls for a long, long time. Their design is timeless and versatile, and can work beautifully in different types of décor and interior styles including Scandinavian, minimalist, eclectic and even vintage. Suitable for nurseries, toddlers’ and kids’ rooms, they will grow with your child so you won’t have to replace them for many years!

5-hues-and-fables-red-delicious-printRed Delicious 

Sometimes all you need is a bit of simplicity to achieve wonderful results. Choosing simple and beautiful wall art can add a special personal touch to your child’s space, and Hues & Fables has a great selection of cool prints to help you transform your child’s space into a place that is inviting, cosy and fun!


Pictured at the top of this post: Olivia print.

+Info Hues & Fables

A Chair, Thousand Options. Let’s Imagine with Spyntex!


We really love original and creative furniture whose design transforms every space into a magical atmosphere. Spyntex chairs are a good example of it. These breathtaking structures (created with 60 loose elements) can be turned into a swing chair, a chaise longue, a kids’ slide, home accessories…imagination has no limits!

SPYNTEX is a versatile self-assembly household product made from a number of unified interlocking bars. It offers complete design freedom and can be transformed into an amazing range of stylish and practical items such as furniture, home accessories and toys! Infinity possibilities in one object.


Everything was so funny that Raimonda Klimasauskaite, one of the production team members, thought that it can’t only be enjoyed by adults so they designed a special line for kids with lighter materials and smaller pieces. Raimonda has a great experience in kids’ design and she considers that it could be a great way to develop children’s creativity and promote children-adults interaction while they spend funny time together.

Children will love this great opportunity to create, build, imagine and transform a simple structure into whatever they want. It’s like a functional and cool building game to decorate every single space with a playful touch!


There is a special version for kids so they can enjoy their own chair in a suitable size. We are sure the whole family will enjoy a lot! Creativity will wrap those joy moments together! As you can imagine, they are much more than a simple piece of furniture, it’s a ticket to a magical place where nothing is what it seems to be…Furthermore, there is a great app to share your creations and get some inspiration from other Spyntex chairs!! READ MORE

6 Ideas for Painting Children’s Rooms


If you are familiar with the decorating world, you’ll know that one of the ways to change a room without having to splurge is to paint the walls and renew the room’s colour. We have a few ideas to share regarding this topic that will inspire you to paint children’s rooms in a creative way and choosing the right shades.

There is something for everyone: for mums who want a fun touch, those who look for something versatile and timeless and those who love bringing out their creative side.

 Chalkboard paint for children’s rooms


Even though white will give us tons of options, if we want the kids to have a fun space for themselves chalk paint is a great option — black paint on which they can draw and paint with chalk. It can’t get any cooler than this! It’s the perfect paint for a game room, or to paint one corner of the bedroom. Keep in mind that it’s black and will take some light away, but it will instead add creativity and fun!




 Painting children’s rooms with murals


Who doesn’t like children’s murals? They are perfect to bring an artistic touch to your kid’s room. The ones we are showing here are really colourful, but can you choose one in black in white if you prefer something more neutral.

eva-tuytelaersVia READ MORE

A Romantic Girl’s Room with Vintage Accents


Vintage and romantic looks? Bring them our way! If you love to daydream you might really enjoy this children’s room’s bucolic decoration by Ursula from  Room to Bloom. For this girl’s room, she opted for a soft grey-based style with pink and vintage accents. We love the combination of colours, wallpaper and pretty furniture pieces she has put together in one single children’s room.

Most of the furniture is white, but Ursula added warmth with some natural timber and lots of sweet décor accessories: fairy lights, a sheepskin rug, some prints and beautiful handmade dolls.

Play Corner in Soft Shades



Room to Bloom is showing us in detail all the great corners in this romantic children’s room. They have wisely selected this gorgeous children’s wallpaper in beige and brown shades, but there are many more interesting things we’ve spotted. Our favourite: the adorable play corner. It features some DIY wooden boxes for toy storage (they’re vintage apple crates on castors) and a teepee which could become the new favourite reading nook. READ MORE

Amazing Dreamy Playgrounds to Wake Up Kids’ Imagination


We really love those people who try to build a better world by creating beautiful things. Monstrum, a wonderful Danish company, knows how to turn kids’ dreams into a reality with their fantastic playgrounds.

As you can see, they seem an actual party for senses. They are not only beautiful and safe but also a great way to train their motor skills and imagination in the coolest possible way. Lots of breath-taking characters and structures appear in streets all over the world to transform daily leisure into a real fairy tale where kids can play, dream, imagine and, of course, enjoy!


Monstrum was created in 2003 by the designers Ole Barslund Nielsen and Christian Jensen and its purpose was to create special urban leisure areas where kids could have the chance to have a very exciting experience where both design and art could play a role in their development. READ MORE

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Cosy Warm!

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit


Image Credit: Chloe Uberkid on Instagram

Autumn is here – and that can only mean one thing: blanket season! So, we thought we would share some of our favourite finds, from cosy knits to snuggly fleeces that are perfect for any modern home.

Top of our list is this fabulous monochrome rainbow fleece blanket, designed exclusively for Jaxon James by Sweet Little Tinkers (pictured above). The colour will work with virtually any bedding you choose, whilst the rainbows and tassels keep it cute and ‘kiddy’.

Likewise, this soft organic cotton cloud blanket by Scandi kids interiors creators Farg Form is sweet and dreamy whilst looking beautiful in any room setting or pram:


Image Credit: Bebis

We adore this new reversible knitted cotton blanket by Swedish brand Miniwilla and not just because it is covered all over in cool bunny rabbits! It is knitted locally from 100% oeko-tex certified cotton, and is perfect for snuggling on cold winter days:


Image Credit: Miniwilla READ MORE

What’s New at Bobby Rabbit: Introducing Winter 2016

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit

accessories-and-toys-for-little-treasures-available-at-bobby-rabbitToys and accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit.

With Autumn upon us and Christmas just around the corner, we are thrilled to share with you our brand new Winter 2016 collection, available now in our online shop!

If you are familiar with Bobby Rabbit, you will know that our products are a fun mix of playful and stylish, appealing to both kids and grown-ups alike. You may also be aware of our unique, creative approach to room styling: we take our products and bring them to life into eclectic, real life spaces to spark little imaginations and start to tell a story of their very own (to see what we mean, have a read of our Bedtime Stories and see how you can re-create these looks in your home).


Monsters and Moondust, children’s bedroom by Bobby Rabbit.

Let’s begin with our brand new Monsters and Moondust bedroom, pictured above. Taking our best-selling teepee bed, we created a space filled with fun toys and accessories in smart navy blue and mustard yellow (one of our favourite colour combinations for this season). Starring our favourite robot cushions and Noodoll monster toys, with one or two other characters hopping into the story too, the room tells an exciting story of adventure and space exploration that really captures a child’s imagination.


Toys and accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit. READ MORE

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Boooo! The Cutest Halloween Costumes from Pinterest are Here!


Halloween is coming and it’s time to think about a cool costume to scare everybody. If you need some inspiration to get an original look, Pinterest is your place. Today we show you some of the ideas you can find on this site where creativity is shared by everybody. What a fright! You won’t be able to choose!

Baby Halloween Costumes


Croissant Costume

Who says that babies can’t be even sweeter? Look at this delicious boy! Oh, Happy Day! Brings this little one directly from Paris with his chic mum taking care of him. We are sure you are becoming the focus of attention!



And what about a bat costume? What an easy way to create a complete Halloween look!! Just some black clothes and cardboard and you can create a lovely bat!

Beetle Baby Costume


Another costume idea from Oh Happy Day blog. We only can say that those girls are really genius! This costume is especially adorable for the crawling baby in your life, don’t you think?

Kid’s Halloween Costumes



Mime Costume

We are sure your kids have a stripped T-Shirt (it’s a must in every wardrobe), add black trousers and some makeup and you will get a chic mime costume, you can customize the face, do you prefer a happy or a scary one? Some red lipstick will be the final touch! READ MORE

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How to Create Special Kids’ Spaces with Hanging Canopies


We all know that we have to consider children’s needs when we decorate a room for them. It’s important to limit every area and its function to make their lives easier and help them to differentiate all the activities they can develop in that space. Of course, they will require a study, play and rest area but also a cosy place where they can play, read or simply relax. Hanging canopies are the perfect option to fulfil this need, they are not only cool but also a functional way to create their own corner to spend time with their friends and dream awake.

Today we bring you the most beautiful options to include this special piece in every single kind of atmosphere, getting always a wonderful and dreamy result. Are you ready to fall in love?

Canopies in the Play Area: Creating a reading nook


When kids are playing, their imagination wakes up to take them to the most fantastic places, a canopy will make them imagine princes and princesses’ adventures or stories about exotic places where they have their own kingdom. Include some cushions and a cute rug and you will get a perfect refuge! Magic is in the air!