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Rylee & Cru SS17: Welcome to the Circus

Rylee & Cru is a childrenswear line founded by illustrator Kelli Murray and inspired by her own little ones. She worked for 6 years in the fashion design industry before taking the leap the into freelance design to pursue her art and illustration work more full time. After having her daughter Rylee, she became more interested in kid’s fashion and started dreaming about starting an own clothing label, combining her skills as an illustrator with her background in fashion design and merchandising. Rylee & Cru offers quality basics that are each hand garment dyed, giving them a soft vintage feel...

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Kids’ Rooms – Safety and Amusement Packed in One

Post by Molly Milson Having a newborn is a wonderful feeling, but being a parent can also be quite demanding. You have to take care of your child and keep it safe every hour of every day. That’s why designing their rooms is challenging, especially if you’re trying to provide them with amusement as well as protection. Your kids’ room has to inspire their creativity and make them want to explore the world, but also ensure maximum safety. Here’s how you can create such a room and successfully combine a playground and a shelter for your child. Proper beds A...

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HUZI’s Cosmos: Design for the Curious Mind

Huzi is a fantastic design company that embodies everything we love about modern-day minimalism. Their goal is to create objects that won’t be abandoned in a couple of months but rather timeless, sustainable, high-quality pieces that will be treasured for generations to come. By investing plenty of time and resources designing each set, Huzi delights us with thoughtfully crafted products that promise to enrich our lives. Today we want to present you with their Cosmos set, a toy for the entire family that will bring everyone together through the power of imagination. Who hasn’t claimed at some point during their childhood that they...

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Summer Fun by Baby Bottega

Baby Bottega is one of those boutiques which fills kids and parents’ lives with colour, fun and beauty. Well, these factors are the main ingredients of every summer, especially if you are a kid and you spend your sunny days enjoying on the beach, exploring and playing with some of the colourful items selected by Baby Bottega. Daisy, the founder, is really good at finding talent all over the world and collecting it to offer the best selection of designer products for kids you have ever imagined. Today we want to introduce you to our must-have summer products for...

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Owl & Dog: Books to Play, Toys to Read

If there is something we love is discovering a new and witty concept. If you feel the same way, you’re in for a treat thanks to Owl & Dog Playbooks. The genius couple behind this company is responsible for a collection of children’s books combining two often juxtaposed elements: the owl representing wisdom and the dog representing playfulness. Why not bring them together while honoring the ritual of book reading? Their belief in reinventing books as we know them has led them to create this fabulous series of interactive, didactic and fun objects. The goal is for children to experience...

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Smallprint Kids Books: Open Your Children’s Imagination

Post by Jenny Thomas from Smallprint Make reading an essential part of your children’s lives is one of the best gifts you can give them. Books are one of my favorite ways to foster imagination in children. Reading quality books sparks the creativity, enriches the vocabulary and can throw open a window to the world. Books provide inspiration and reflection, and improve communication skills. Reading a book doesn’t have to be where the story ends. Kids can have fun creatively expressing what they have read or an opportunity to invent new characters or stories. Furthermore, reading provides parents with more chances to...

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lötiekids Summer’17 Collection: Indöchîne

lötiekids is a very special kids’ clothes brand where versatility, design and comfort play a main role. These unisex garments specially designed to allow kids enjoying their childhood in the most relaxed and original way. Their clothes are designed to ensure that kids feel free to move around and play. Furthermore, every single piece is made of natural materials and created to ease the task of dressing for both kids and parents who dress them. Let’s know more about the last collection of this amazing brand from Barcelona. Titled ‘Indöchîne’, this collection features t-shirts, dresses, pants, skirts, playsuits, and...

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The Half Gray Room – An Inspirational Monochrome Kid’s Room

Post by Tamar Mor Today, Tamar Mor from Roomer Design share with us one of her kid’s room designs: a monochromatic, fresh shared bedroom for two boys. You will find a gray children’s room plenty of fun details and practical solutions. The key to a monochromatic space is to stick to the one color (in this case, the bottom half of the room was painted in gray) but draw interest by adding splashes of color with pillows, prints, and other décor accessories. The two young boys living in this room in Tel Aviv, Israel, needed to upgrade their toddler beds into...

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Animaze – Playful Multifunctional Furniture System

Is it a toy? Is it a piece of furniture? Yes, it is! Everything is possible with this amazing furniture that can be turned into funny animals which can create chairs, a rocking horse, a console table…Those little friends have been designed to wake up kids imagination while they decorate their room in a very funny way. Just some basic shapes and several pairs of eyes are enough to create a wonderful universe where furniture is alive and everything is possible. We all know that kids are always imagining magic things around them. Well, their dream has come true...

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Drawing to Heal: Refugee Kids and the Magic Wall

There are children who are faced with adult problems, kids that are forced to leave their country for economic reasons or to escape war. A war that is like a monster that destroys everything around it: houses, schools, hospitals and many, many lives. Some brave kids start a new life in a new country, in order to find a better future where they could enjoy their childhood. But it isn’t easy, they find a new language, economic problems, and fears. This is we like initiatives like The Wall of Dreams and Nightmares, in Madrid. During the last weeks, a group of...

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Design Expo for Kids by afilii

Ready for some live inspiration? We’re so excited to tell you about the amazing design expo for kids taking place at Ventura Lambrate in Milan next week. The people behind the curtains are the inspiring afilii – platform for design + architecture for kids. They will be in charge of introducing you to 14 young designers and up-and-coming brands from seven different countries. The theme bringing them all together at this exhibition is their focus on high quality, original design and sustainability — all the values on top of our own list. We think they are an amazing bunch of creative minds and we...

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Creating an Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Nursery

Finding ways to keep your family safe and happy is priority number one on any parent’s list, and those parents expecting a new little one are sure to be searching for ways to outfit a nursery with the most comfortable and secure features. Creating an eco-friendly nursery is simple and affordable, and finding cute, sustainable features is easier than ever. It’s also never been more important to focus on energy efficiency; keep costs low and your new bundle of joy comfy with a few energy efficient home improvements. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to...

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