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MON Collection: Nordic Design made in Madrid

Struggling to find a way to give more personality to your home and please your kids at the same time? Look no further, MON Collection is here to make a stylish impression on the whole family. Picking up on the booming Scandinavian trend, these designers from Madrid have created a fabulous collection inspired in the animal world. Their unique twist on naive art adds a touch of warmth and a child-like sense of awe to small decorative items such as prints, place mats, cushions, pencil cases and tote bags. Let us tell you about all the details that made...

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PALOPALÚ: Wooden Toy Nostalgia with a Modern Sustainable Twist

Tired of finding the same uninspiring toys in every shop? Worried about your children getting too much screen time and not developing abstract thinking skills? We have found a brilliant solution: Palopalú‘s gorgeous handmade wooden toys. The creators’ objective to provide a sustainable product with great design and functional qualities really comes through the entire collection. But most importantly, we love give the idea of giving children the chance to develop their imagination thanks to the unlimited number of games they can devise with these unique pieces. Keep reading for a quick peek into Palopalú‘s beautiful reinterpretation of classic toys. Remember playing Tangram? We have fond...

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Kids Room Tour: a Playful, Eclectic, Shared Room

Post by Surabhi Agrawal Today we have invited Surabhi Agrawal from Third Eye Chic Fashion to share her inspiration for designing her girls’ room and some of her favorite pictures. This shared girls’ bedroom is sophisticated yet playful, practical and whimsical at the same time. She has mixed and matched old and new pieces, creating a very personal space, where art prints are one of the room’s focal points. A bedroom to grow and change, with lots of little touches that the kids will like. I can hear the girls 50 years from now: “Oh, my first bedroom was...

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Grey and White, Neon and Bright: Eloise’s Room + Discount Code

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit In the spring of 2013, as she was about to become a big sister, we set about creating a brand new ‘big girl room’ for our daughter Eloise: a room that would spark her two-year-old imagination, but that could grow and evolve with her as she got older. Now she is six, and we are happy to say that she is just as excited about her bedroom as she was four years ago – and a few little accessory changes aside, no major re-decoration needed! We have always believed that when it...

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Room Tour: Two Amazing Girl’s Rooms in Nordic Style

Post by Marina Cabero Today, the instablogger Marina Cabero show us her daughter’s rooms. They are two really whimsical spaces where the girls can comfortably sleep, play and read. Marina loves the combination of a white & black base with pops of colour and uses simple yet playful accessories to brighten up the decoration and add a touch of humour. Changing the accessories is an easy and effective way to refresh a room and Marina constantly rearranges them. You will recognise some brands, such as Tellkido, Miniwilla or Amayadeeme. Read on and find out two beautiful girl’s rooms plenty of cheerful and...

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5 Low Cost Storage Ideas for The Kids’ Room

A new year is starting and we need to order everything so we think that these storage ideas for the children’s room will be really useful. We also know that we need to save, so we can use some of these charming low-cost ideas. Can’t you believe it? Recycled Wooden Boxes for Storage Take a look to the storage space we show before on Petit and Small: wooden recycled boxes, pastel tone paint and green tones to be combined with the decoration. If you have wooden boxes at home can you don’t know what to do with them, hang them on...

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Colourful Clouds and Rainbow Showers

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Image Credit: Paulina Arcklin for Petite Amelie It’s true: clouds don’t have to be grey and gloomy! In fact, we’ve spotted so many colourful cloud rooms and raindrops on our recent internet travels that we thought we would share a few of our favourites. As all of these rooms show, clouds can add a splash of colour to your child’s space, sparking even the youngest of imaginations and creating the perfect dreamy feel. Here are our top ten: 1.Giant cloud and raindrop wall feature (pictured above). We love the use of colour in...

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To the Wild: Trendy Design Meets Exploring Spirit

Are you looking for an original addition to your children’s room? Look no further, Spain’s new To the wild‘s got you covered. Trendy and minimalist along the lines of the ever-so-popular Scandinavian style, To the wild will surprise you with their elegant yet playful ideas and inspiring themes. We think their explorer themed collection will especially suit those parents hoping to encourage their children’s imagination and appetite for adventure. Ready to hear more about what they have in store for us? The brand’s overarching theme is that of discovery and playfulness, those wonderful characteristics children possess in abundance. In order to materialise it,...

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New Year… New Sparkle!

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit We are just beginning a brand new year, so how about a touch of magic and sparkle to set off 2017 in style? Whether your plans are to re-decorate your child’s room, or simply to add a few new pieces to freshen up their space, you will never go wrong with a scattering of metallic gold and silver! So, today we are bringing you some of our favourite sparkly goodies from around the world to help you make their room a little bit more magical in the New Year. Pictured above, from...

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Minimuhuu Covers Your Little Ones’ Dreams

Bedding is a very important element in every kids’ bedroom, especially in the first years of their lives when they spend a lot of time in contact with sheets and blankets. This is why quality is so important. Their soft skins must be covered with the best materials and the most comfortable fabrics to guarantee their security and welfare.The French brand Minimuhuu offers a cute choice of 100% organic linen bedding collections to take care of your little sleeping beauty! As we have mentioned above, quality is a key concept, but we must also consider design if we want...

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A Calm and Modern Botanical-Themed Nursery

We’ve seen this scene in a million films: new parents getting excited about having their baby room done, and it never seems to get old! There is a reason why this opportunity turns almost everyone into a creative eager decorator, this new person coming to his or her own space that you get to create to welcome them into the world is pretty special. Not to mention the amount of time you will spend in there together! You might as well make it nice. We still get very excited every time we discover a new gorgeous children’s space created by a talented interior designer (what...

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10 of the Best … Polar Bears

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Image Credit: Boo & Bear It’s winter over here in Europe – so what better theme than polar bears! Cute, cuddly and perfect for boys and girls alike, polar bears make a great unisex theme for nurseries and kids rooms, whatever the season. We have hunted down our favourite polar bear finds, and here are our top ten: 1. Mr Sleepy Bear by Boo & Bear Top of our list (pictured above) is this snuggly polar bear cushion by Australian brand Boo & Bear. Mr Sleepy Bear is made using soft merino...

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