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Best Toddler Toys and Gifts for Christmas

OMG! Christmas is almost there and you don’t know what to choose for your little ones. Toddlers presents require playful and flashy products that help them to create wonderful memories while they develop all their abilities. Play gives your children a great opportunity to practice new skills (movement, balance, creativity and pretend play) at their own pace by following their unique interests. Furthermore, a gorgeous design will add a cute touch to all their spaces. This is the case of this toddler Rocking Horse, as stylish as funny. What about the cute Doll bed and that funny Cloud Light White? We are sure they...

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Time for Fun Accessories! 20 Wall Hooks for Children’s Rooms

One of the crucial aspects when decorating the room is choosing the right accessories. Once we’ve already furnished the room and we’ve selected the interior style we know that the most difficult task still remains: choosing the small original twists that will give the children’s room a unique personality. We want to help you out so here are 20 ideas for cool and fun wall hooks and hangers for children’s bedrooms. Children’s Wall Hooks in Scandinavian Style (and a touch od fun) Is your children’s bedroom decorated in Nordic style? Knowing how trendy this style is at the moment you’re...

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We are Cotton: the Gift of Simplicity

In a world increasingly full of shopping options it can be quite overwhelming to find the right clothes for the most important member of the family, your newborn baby. We want to make it easier for you by presenting our latest favourite brand of baby clothes: We Are Cotton. We are sure you will fall in love with their minimalist designs and the quality of their products, not to mention the immense amount of care that goes into each piece. We Are Cotton‘s concept stems from trying to find that natural simplicity with which babies are born in their designs, materials and sources. Because...

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Christmas Guide: Gifts for Babies

Christmas is almost here and we have probably thought about the present for our little ones. Our kids make us know what’s their favourite toy and what is the latest novelty we must include on their Christmas list for Santa Claus. However, babies are not so clear yet. Sometimes, we don’t know what is the best option for them…well, here you are a Christmas guide to make a successful decision. Are you ready to get the perfect gift for a baby? Of course, toys are always a good way to make them happy, have you take a look at...

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Hues & Fables, Beauty and Simplicity on Your Walls

Wall art is an important element to include when you are trying to create the perfect atmosphere for little ones, so it is always a joy to discover beautiful art prints that are full of charm. Hues & Fables creates colourful prints that transform kids’ spaces into magical places where they can dream, enjoy their childhood and create happy memories. Image by @brookecastelstylist. Available at Hues & Fables Founder and designer Kristin Poh created Hues & Fables after having her daughter Olivia Autumn. Olivia gave her the inspiration to create wonderful images that combine colour, charm and lots of fun...

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A Chair, Thousand Options. Let’s Imagine with Spyntex!

We really love original and creative furniture whose design transforms every space into a magical atmosphere. Spyntex chairs are a good example of it. These breathtaking structures (created with 60 loose elements) can be turned into a swing chair, a chaise longue, a kids’ slide, home accessories…imagination has no limits! SPYNTEX is a versatile self-assembly household product made from a number of unified interlocking bars. It offers complete design freedom and can be transformed into an amazing range of stylish and practical items such as furniture, home accessories and toys! Infinity possibilities in one object. Everything was so funny...

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6 Ideas for Painting Children’s Rooms

If you are familiar with the decorating world, you’ll know that one of the ways to change a room without having to splurge is to paint the walls and renew the room’s colour. We have a few ideas to share regarding this topic that will inspire you to paint children’s rooms in a creative way and choosing the right shades. There is something for everyone: for mums who want a fun touch, those who look for something versatile and timeless and those who love bringing out their creative side.  Chalkboard paint for children’s rooms Via Even though white will...

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A Romantic Girl’s Room with Vintage Accents

Vintage and romantic looks? Bring them our way! If you love to daydream you might really enjoy this children’s room’s bucolic decoration by Ursula from  Room to Bloom. For this girl’s room, she opted for a soft grey-based style with pink and vintage accents. We love the combination of colours, wallpaper and pretty furniture pieces she has put together in one single children’s room. Most of the furniture is white, but Ursula added warmth with some natural timber and lots of sweet décor accessories: fairy lights, a sheepskin rug, some prints and beautiful handmade dolls. Play Corner in Soft Shades...

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Amazing Dreamy Playgrounds to Wake Up Kids’ Imagination

We really love those people who try to build a better world by creating beautiful things. Monstrum, a wonderful Danish company, knows how to turn kids’ dreams into a reality with their fantastic playgrounds. As you can see, they seem an actual party for senses. They are not only beautiful and safe but also a great way to train their motor skills and imagination in the coolest possible way. Lots of breath-taking characters and structures appear in streets all over the world to transform daily leisure into a real fairy tale where kids can play, dream, imagine and, of...

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Cosy Warm!

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Image Credit: Chloe Uberkid on Instagram Autumn is here – and that can only mean one thing: blanket season! So, we thought we would share some of our favourite finds, from cosy knits to snuggly fleeces that are perfect for any modern home. Top of our list is this fabulous monochrome rainbow fleece blanket, designed exclusively for Jaxon James by Sweet Little Tinkers (pictured above). The colour will work with virtually any bedding you choose, whilst the rainbows and tassels keep it cute and ‘kiddy’. Likewise, this soft organic cotton cloud blanket...

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What’s New at Bobby Rabbit: Introducing Winter 2016

Post by Nicky King from Bobby Rabbit Toys and accessories, available at Bobby Rabbit. With Autumn upon us and Christmas just around the corner, we are thrilled to share with you our brand new Winter 2016 collection, available now in our online shop! If you are familiar with Bobby Rabbit, you will know that our products are a fun mix of playful and stylish, appealing to both kids and grown-ups alike. You may also be aware of our unique, creative approach to room styling: we take our products and bring them to life into eclectic, real life spaces to...

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Boooo! The Cutest Halloween Costumes from Pinterest are Here!

Via Halloween is coming and it’s time to think about a cool costume to scare everybody. If you need some inspiration to get an original look, Pinterest is your place. Today we show you some of the ideas you can find on this site where creativity is shared by everybody. What a fright! You won’t be able to choose! Baby Halloween Costumes Via Croissant Costume Who says that babies can’t be even sweeter? Look at this delicious boy! Oh, Happy Day! Brings this little one directly from Paris with his chic mum taking care of him. We are sure...

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