DIY: Shelf For Books Made With Ikea’s Spice Rack


Once again, we are talking about Ikea hacks. Well, this time you don’t need to hack a lot to get this shelf from the famous Ikea’s Bekväm Spice rack. We know that the better way to attract them to reading is presenting it in an accessible way. Try to think like they would do it. A colourful shelf will attract them to books! Don’t you think?



You can find lots of ideas on sites like Pinterest. The assembly is very easy so it is and advantage for parents. Furthermore, you can choose the color because is made of wood in light tones. It can be adapted to kid’s room and its colour range. It can be placed in an accessible corner and, in addition, it is —by itself— a great colourful and decorative element.


This photo shows the original model, presented in a basic way without painting. It looks also cute. Provided that the Internet is plenty of great ideas, you will find inspiration everywhere to use this storage shelf. Try it and you will confirm that they will be more attracted by reading.

So let’s go! Try this idea hack!

Photos: Pinterest Via: kidsmopolitan