polka-dots-room-top-image-1Polka dots have been around forever and they never go out of fashion. I love them for clothes, for home decor but most of all for a kids room. This simple dot pattern is so playful and stylish and can easily add bags of charm to a kids room. What’s more, they bring an instant sense of cheer and joy and always make me want to smile.

I love the idea of a dotty kids room where you have a feature wall of polka dots. There are lots of ways of doing this from wallpaper to wall stickers to hand painting the dots. And you can go for lots of dots or just a few. Whatever way you choose, you will end up with a beautiful and playful room. Here are some delightful polka dot rooms for kids to inspire you:


This dark green imperfect dots wallpaper make such a stunning feature wall. You don’t need to decorate with anything else as we can see from the picture. Add just one or two small decorations and you’ll end up with a space that is simple and striking.

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If you love your monochromes, then simple black dot wall stickers are your friend. Use them sparingly or use lots but your wall will look beautiful without any effort at all. I especially love black polka dot stickers paired with natural tones and lots of white like in the room above.


Here’s a room using just a handful of small grey dots and they still add so much.This gorgeous room is all about keeping it minimal and simple and those few dots finish off the decor so beautifully.


Before you think it’s all about minimal dots, lots and lots of tiny dots work really well too.In this room, they’ve used a scallop pattern wallpaper formed out of thousands of tiny dots. The result? Beautiful. It’s playful and sophisticated at the same time.

polka-dots-room-5Gold is an underused colour in a kids room but works so well when used sparingly. One of the prettiest ways to use gold is to have some dotty gold wall stickers. I love what they’ve done in the room above — by placing the stickers in this way, it looks like the room is being showered in gold dust.  How magical!

polka-dots-room-6Love a bit of colour?  Then this last idea is for you. A few colourful dots on the wall can highlight a design feature or just add a playful touch to a kids room.  In this room, using these polka dots around that branch shelf is a great idea. And that shelf is pretty cool too!

Little or lots, large or small, polka dots are a playful and stylish option for a kids room. With very little effort and a bit of imagination, you can transform a room in minutes. Which is your favourite look?

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