What? This chic French shop is located at Rue de Nazareth, Paris. It’s a mix of great taste, light and inspiration for kids.

What can you find? Lots of inspiring treasures for kids: vintage kids’ furniture, toys, kids decoration and many ideas to decorate their spaces with special touches! Every piece is a special element to complete your decoration. Toys are also as special as unique pieces that can be found those charming spaces of Paris’ streets.  The bird created by Architechtmade, facemaker cubes by Miller Goodman or the wooden koi by Happy Industries are  a good example of it

You can find products created by different brands such as Stack and Scare cubes created by Uncle Goose, Cushions by Oeuf NYC or soft toys by Lucky Sunday or Pomme Rouge.

Lovely Panton junior chairs, wallpapers and designer cribs by Kalon Studio. They offer everything to create trendy and cool spaces for children!

Specialities: They select the coolest designer products to bring you the great range of items. Great taste, sophistication and trends are the right words to define this wonderful shop that will make you fall in love with it.

Curiosities: Julie Ansiau was chosen to create their look book and the result is great! This talented photographer has been mixed with the best kids’ stuff to surprise us with lovely images that have been carefully created. The brand’s image is impeccable and it’s shown in every single picture.



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