What? Sometimes we talk about these brands which have been created by parents who weren´t able to find anything special enough for their kids. This is another case. Negar, a mum from Switzerland, was looking for pictures to decorate her kids’ room. She found it too difficult, then, she looked at “Scherrenschnit”, a traditional technique of paper cutting and decided to apply it to create unique and original designs. This is the origin of CouPure and we and finding more about it!

What Can you Find? Everything started with pictures for kids’ rooms but now, they offer personalized wall art, lovely quotes collection, postcards , invitations, birth announcements … everything is simply lovely!! You will want every single product because of their sweet design and magic look. There are several themes, you just need to add your kids’ name, the font, their birthday and some special options and you will have a customized piece of art for their little kingdom! We have told it before but…we can´t choose only one!

Specialities: Wall art was the origin so it´s the brand’s star product, we can see love in every carefully created design and-as it is customized- you are “creating” this special piece for your kids, this details every parent is looking for.

Curiosities: One of their latest products, birth announcements offer you the perfect way to inform everybody about your mum’s great news!



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