My Little Fashion Creation

This shop offers a huge selection of kids’ decorative elements and accessorizes for their daily routines. They are always looking for the coolest designs from the best brands to offer their quality. However, you can also find exclusive pieces that are only available on their site.

My Little Fashion tries to be a showcase for designers so its range of products always includes modernity, quality and, of course, style.

They offer a great variety of children’s pictures, friezes with different motifs like animals, cars, flags…all of them from quality brands like Lilipinso and Co.  or MIMI’lou, lovely garlands by Engel or the cutest mobiles for babies by The Butter Flying. All of these products are a guarantee of quality and good taste.

As far as lighting is concerned, there are special elements where details are carefully considered. You can find lots of options, from the trendy and elegant garland of lights to those original animal-shaped night lamps. Every single piece will be an extra value in your decoration, once again, created by important brands like La Case or MIMI’lou

Their offer also includes lovely Lilipinso soft rugs, made of acrylic with an anti-slipping back to guarantee kids’ safety. These rugs’ shapes will help them to dream awake: clouds, stars, circles, cars…What about cushions? Muusa is another brand you can find in this shop. It offers amazing animal-shaped cushions with different colours and sizes. If you are looking for something to organize their room you have lots of suggestions here: baskets, hangers, puffs…

Every single detail must be considered to create personal and cool atmospheres and all of them are here!