Naked Lunge

What: Naked Lunge is a concept store with special stuff that makes it unique. There’s no doubt is has been created by a designer because of the art you can find in all their products.

What Can You Find: Original creations by their own brands: Young Double Naked Lunge and Make a Doll. The first includes handmade dolls and clothing while the second is a service that offers you a customized doll handmade painted specially for you. This is why their products are so worthy and special: they are simply exclusive. There’s good taste, a great style and lots of talent in every piece. A part from the above mentioned, you can also find some soft furnishing and handmade clothes at the shop. The mix of materials and –again-original designs are the key concept. Toys, cushions, clothes, activity books for kids…creativity has not end here! Roxanna Webster, the designer, has a lot of ideas to show! This shop will be always able to surprise you!

Specialities: The quality of their unique handmade products is the main element of the brand. They are carefully made and this is something that can be perceived by customers. Art is present in their whole range of products, turning it into a daily element of our lives. It proves that good taste can be everywhere, in every single element

Curiosities: You can choose the material of your doll: cotton, linen…Everything is completely customized and exclusive for you. The clothes line has been launched this year, fun is the concept they have tried to transmit and they have really done!


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