Nogi Bogi

What? This original brand was born when  Noga, its founder, had her first baby, Carmel. She wanted to find the softest fabrics to cover her and provided that she loved design and crafts everything was perfect to create her own brand. All her handmade products for kids are created especially for them with lots of love, that love which is present when you welcome your little one. This need of protection is what invites us to look for the most special and careful ítems for your baby,this is exactly what you can find in Nogi Bogi.

Quality materials like cotton or tricot are an important element to create the best products in order to guarantee kids’ safety and confort.

What Can You Find? Baby blankets, hats, bags…all of them have been carefully designed for babies and they show lots of colour, bright and joy. Their daily life is becoming happier with these funny textiles. Designs are amazing and a bit mad, we really love them!

Apart from aesthetics, we must mention quality and comfort. Provided that they are created for kids, all of them are carefully produced with the best materials, only the best for your little one.

Specialities: High quality handmade pieces with an amazing design. They are their key concepts.

Curiosities: You can order your personalized pieces with your favourite colours and designs!


Child Care

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