Does he or she have a favourite color? That’s probable. They like living surrounded by colours: blue, green, red, yellow…They often know which is the perfect one for their room. Furthermore, kids love rooms where they can keep and show their little treasures: toys, cushions, posters and their favourite books. Sometimes they have a lot of them, don’t you think?

Today we will show you 10 eclectic and colourful rooms. Dare break the rules, play with textures, rugs and blankets, mix prints and colours…To sum up, have fun decorating and creating an exclusive kids’ room.


Original mixture of blue and yellow. Pay attention to the details: pictures with different frames, rabbit-shaped lamp and a stool used as a bedside table. Via


What about this Moroccan rug and this green Ikea’s furniture? Via


Lovely combination of new and antique elements in soft tones! This house is plenty of happiness! Via


Mix of cushions with different prints and textures. Great! Via


This homemade hanger is lovely! Via


Colour everywhere! Orange, green, pink…An energy shot for kids! Marimekko and Littelephant’s details are perfect for this funny room! Via


Painting the bed or the wardrobe with a bright color is always a great idea. The room will show a new look! Via


I love this choice for a kids’ room. The rug is the focus of attention. That’s a great option for cold floors. Via


Mobiles and color bedding can change every room. Try it now! Via