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Who said grey was boring? Taking a look at these rooms, we realize it’s a basic colour with lots of possibilities, even, in a children’s room. By adding some prints like this wallpaper and some touches of colour, like these mustard brush-strokes you will get something really cool!




The Nordic style makes us fall in love with every example. It´s always simple but lovely and shocking at the same time. Pay attention to these great ideas with grey, black and white. This amazing duvet cover with a wolf can´t be more gorgeous and the rug provides a warm touch, something that’s usually missing in rooms with these tones. The rest of the details – from the Lego pieces to dolls- will help us to create a cosy and customized space.

The Animal Print Shop by Sharon Montrose

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In this room, we can say the wallpaper is the main point of attention. It contrasts with the stripped carpet and with the storage basket, mixing shapes to create dynamism. Everything looks soft with this designer beds and the cute soft toys.


You can opt for light grey tones which never will be too much. This room is really simple. It could be even dull, but it stands out for some original details like the wool cloud and the golden frame, lovely and very easy to make!


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This is a really peaceful space. We don´t know if we love it for children or for us. The idea of the wooden headboard with the message is very original. If you want something simple, just combine all textiles with the same tones or with white.


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What is attracting in this room is its great combination of textures and prints. Clouds, spots and animal print are mixed with cotton and plush blankets. It creates a great feeling which isn’t boring at all.


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More ideas with deep tones in children’s rooms. Those white balloons become the focus of attention, it’s like they were flying over the room. Wood contrasts with that minimalist furniture.



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Here you will find lots of ideas which will paint your mind in grey. The result —as you can see— is elegant and childish at the same time.