School starts again and we must plan the course to get the best results. We have always said that having a special and comfortable space to study is crucial to keep their concentration and help them to work properly. There are some aspects we must consider before creating this kind of atmospheres. Let’s see some of the “must” required by the perfect study area. Just a clue: Functionality!

The first step is to limit  their space, they must feel it as their own place to work so they can organise and keep everything according to their preferences. Having their own space will help them to see homework as a “special mission” for them so they will be glad to fulfill it!

Study Zones for Kids: White with a Touch of Colour



Yes, we are talking about a workspace but it’s also a children’s atmosphere so colour is an important element to decorate their work area. Colours are the perfect encouragement to be creative and wake up their senses. Furthermore, they will fill the room with joy and fun, avoiding the link between homework and boredom. Both bright and pastel tones are perfect for painting their work routine!

Monochrome Kid’s Workspaces



But kids’ atmospheres can go beyond beautiful colours. These are the perfect examples of it. You can create funny and lovely spaces with just black and white tones. As you can see, dynamism is present in all these spaces and we are sure that their efficiency will improve while they work in these clear and cool spaces!


Kids Study Areas: Vintage-style Desks


WOW! What a furniture! These pieces will wrap every corner with an antique charm and lots of personality! Our little artists will create their best artworks on those wonderful desks! Vintage style is plenty of creativity and inspiration, don’t you think?



 Kids Study Areas for Two


Sometimes, kids are forced to share study areas but this is not necessarily negative. Of course, you should provide a suitable desk (individual or shared) and, if you choose it properly, they can work together and help each other. This is a wonderful idea to save space and help them to keep their concentration even if their siblings are playing up!


Well, this is all you need to know about creating study areas, are you ready to start?

First picture: Aurore Sfez for Doolittle Magazine. This colourful kids workspace styling features some of our favourite products, such as the desks from Les Gambettes, the shelves from Petite Friture and the paper boat lamp from Goodnight Light.