Take your kids to a forest and you will find a wonderful time while they climb the trees, play with branches and are surprised by things on which we don’t focus any attention at all, like the strange shapes of some trees or those tiny beings that only exist in their imagination. Why not include all these elements in their room’s decoration?

We have lots of ideas to take advantage of every single branch with and original shape. Even some sticks can be also used as part of the kids’ furniture. Kids can be adapted to everything, that’s true, so including a part of that funny forest will be a great element to wake up their imagination!

Decorating a Kids’ Room with Branches and Natural Sticks


Via Roomido

A little tree is growing on their bedside table; this will be a great surprise for kids. They can decorate it as they prefer or you can do it for them in order to bring out your inner artist. We recommend these great colourful garlands which add a party touch to the whole set.branch-sticks-decoration3

Via Alisaburke

Combine several wooden elements to create that harmony in the room. A little log transformed into a hanger is the perfect complement to those decorations with branches which  look like horns! That’s a really original idea that everybody can do at home. We have fallen in love with them!

Clothes Hangers Made of Branches



Are you fed up with traditional wardrobes? Here you have a cooler idea with a great branch to hang your kids’ clothes. No more identic products without personality? Here you are a wonderful idea, a tent created only with a stick and some fabrics according to the traditional way. There are lots of ideas to decorate the room with branches!

Shall We Make A Bedside Table With a Log?



A DIY idea found in Pinterest to have a special bedside table. A thick log previously sanded to avoid splinters. You should paint one of the halves. That’s a great detail to a Nordic Style bedroom, especially if we use those trendy pastel tones.

More Details to Decorate A Kids’ Room in A Natural Way


Via Hiboocha


Via Childreninspiredesign

Including pictures or beautiful images is a must in every kid’s rooms.  You can create a simple frame with four sticks or just hang the pictures from the branch. You will create a rustic atmosphere and the pictures will be shown in the most original frame!


Via Architizer

A real forest grows in their playroom, it´s one of the best ideas we have seen. They will have the greatest times climbing the branches and enjoying their own park. They are going to spend their whole day there!


Via Pimpelwitstyling


Via Pimpelwitstyling

Who said that sheleves were boring? This is a clear example of a funny shelve with its own life. If you think wood is too basic, you can add some colourful wall stickers like those spots or just creating DIY shelves with sticks and some ropes.


Via Remodelista


Via Decopeques

Using a simple stick to make a canopy and create a peaceful and romantic atmosphere is a great idea. It seems one of those refuges we create outside but in the children’s room!


Via Latonyayvette


Via Marie Claire Maison

If you are not sure about it, you can only include some branches as a complement to créate a space where they are not the focus of attention. That’s a good idea to start with this trend. We really love it so we will probably include big branches that can be transformed in refuges, shelves or frames, it’s a great option to add a natural and rustic touch to the kids’ room. You will see how their imagination transforms sticks and branches into everything you can imagine!