When Tessa from Nu Interieur decided to update her children’s rooms, she knew that they must be beautiful, functional and include the kids’ tastes. Here you are two simple children’s rooms that are really cool.

Here we bring you lots of ideas with basic tones with white as a background. Pay attention, you will learn how to turn a small space into a cosy place.

Lieve’s children’s room



As you can see, these rooms are located upstairs and the ceiling’s drop limits the space. For this reason, you should take advantage of every corner. The bed, the shelves and the bedside table are customised to avoid useless spaces. Provided that the shelf is white, it doesn’t create the feeling of saturation in the room. That lamp matches the wooden bed and the floor to get an atmosphere plenty of harmony.

The study area is a must and that corner is great to place a table with simple details. Child’s personality is shown in photos and toys.



This room’s main feature is its peaceful appearance. Tones are light: some blues and greys mixed with natural wood tones. We love some details like this wallpaper with stars or that cloud on the wall as if it was a sky or the textiles on the bed in this light blue. Fabrics and natural wood are also typical of Nordic style which inspires this bedroom.

Bente’s children’s room


This room also uses Scandinavian style to create a simple and delicate space with some touches of colour. Owls are the child’s favourite animal so they are also present in the room. Including things they like is always a good option. In general, we can see a delicate and feminine room with some personal touches that provide enliven it.



Storage is very necessary for small spaces so they have used the lower part of the bed. On this way, they can keep everything ordered in a simple way and they have space enough to have-even-their own doll’s house to play. The mirror is perfect to add light and brightness. They are some designer’s tips to create comfortable atmospheres from small spaces.


Here, we can also find a study and reading area. A simple table with furniture in basic tones is a perfect combination. This kids’ decoration makes us remember that less is more again.

Have you been inspired by those kids’ rooms?

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