One of the crucial aspects when decorating the room is choosing the right accessories. Once we’ve already furnished the room and we’ve selected the interior style we know that the most difficult task still remains: choosing the small original twists that will give the children’s room a unique personality.

We want to help you out so here are 20 ideas for cool and fun wall hooks and hangers for children’s bedrooms.

Children’s Wall Hooks in Scandinavian Style (and a touch od fun)


Is your children’s bedroom decorated in Nordic style? Knowing how trendy this style is at the moment you’re surely looking for cute accessories to add to their room.

If you love the combination of white, black and wood, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these wooden hooks for children. They will serve as a wall decoration with their simple forms whenever nothing’s hanging from them. Furthermore, April Eleven always combines Scandinavian vibes with a sweet French touch.


The hooks designed by Stephanie Gérard from Wawomb are another great option (they are perfect for a monochrome kids room). We like their urban mood: cars, buildings, houses, but also you can find suns and clouds.


At Tresxics, you have many hooks and decorative hangers to choose from. This is one of our favourites: a cloud wall hanger  + 20 repositionable raindrop textile wall decals. Complete the decor in your own way!

Whimsical Kid’s Wall Hooks


Love, love, love these solid beech wood wall hooks with the friendly Toto created by Rock & Pebble. It is a set of 3 decorative wall hooks with 3 different screen printed faces. Ideal for hanging your bags, scarves and accessories. Brighten up your wall with Toto!


Add a touch of glamour to your walls! It’s easy with these designs created by Nuki. These unique wall hooks are handmade from natural wood and individually painted with eco water based varnish. We like their simple yet playful shapes drops, triangles, circles, houses and hexagons.

Playful Children’s Hooks


How fun are these? These colourful wall hooks are made of certified wood, and I’m sure that this set will help your children to keep the tidiness in their rooms.


Set up a hanger that fits you! Pennxero is a modular storage system that uses pencils instead of hooks to keep your items organised. A great idea!


How cool is Monsieur Hook? This set of 3 coat pegs certainly will add a touch of personality and style to your kid’s room.


These wall hooks are a collection from the brilliant Becky Kemp of, made in collaboration with Lucie Kaas. Based on the characters of the popular kokeshi dolls, you can choose from Karl (Lagerfeld), Salvador (Dali), Coco (Chanel), Ziggy  and a superhero or a pirate designs.

Animal Children’s Wall Hooks


We all know that decorating children’s rooms with animals is always a hit, since kids love all these little animals: from home cats to jungle creatures. If you want to decorate the walls with some original hooks, here you have some ideas from Ferm Living or Sebraanimal-hooks

These colourful wall hooks will fit perfectly in any nursery, child’s room or hallway, right?

Flamingo Wall Hook by Hello Knobbly

Who doesn’t love flamingos? So for those who adore them, you can pick from these wall hooks for their bedroom. These make a stunning wall decoration, too.


For the minimalists among our readers, you can pick these bear hooks or the wooden animals (pictured below) whose silhouettes will look great in contrast with white walls.

minimalist-wooden-childrens-hangersChildren’s Hooks in Beautiful Colours


Add a touch of difference to your kids room walls with The Peggy Clips. A combination of functionality and funkiness designed by Japanese Megumi Ito for Lucie Kaas.


These large wooden wall hooks are ideal for hanging coats, bags, clothes, towels or just as a wall feature! We like the combination of colours and patterns: birds, confetti and stripes!

Minimalist Children’s Hooks


Minimal style is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and functionality, and that’s why simple hooks are a great match for this tendency. You can see some examples here like these black dots or wooden drops.


Moose-shaped Children’s Hooks


Moose are an excellent choice when it comes to hanger shapes since their horns are perfectly suited to the task of holding items. Hence, it’s not surprising there are so many hanger ideas inspired by this animal.

What do you think of this brainstorming session? There are certainly enough wall hooks for all tastes, sizes, shapes and themes. You will surely find your favourite one!

First image of the post: This post would not be complete without a product from Red Hand Gang. Their wall hangers are hooks are the sweetest addition to any little one’s nursery, bedroom or playroom!