When was the last time kids jumped, made a mud cake, caught bugs or planted a seed? Our daily urban life is plenty of stress and—sometimes— it make us forget those important, funny and  enriching experiences that every child must try sometimes. Some educators from Danish green schools created a list of 27 things, maybe you know them but remembering them is always a great idea. They are really useful to help them to explore the world around them…


  • Falling into the water
  • Walking barefooted on the snow
  • Swinging with a rope
  • Eating food from nature
  • Building a shelter
  • Building a dam in a river
  • Mudding themselves and being cleaned with a hose
  • Experimenting any kind of meteorological phenomenon
  • Exploring the beach, the forest or the countryside
  • Finding ice in a puddle
  • Hearing wild world’s stories
  • Listening to the sea and forest’s sounds
  • Flying a kite
  • Going sledding


  • Playing with grass
  • Listening to a bird’s tweet
  • Smelling the rain
  • Smelling a forest
  • Fishing
  • Trying the sand and soil’s taste
  • Rolling downhill
  • Knowing what is life and death
  • Jumping into the puddles
  • Holding a fish or any other creature
  • Climbing trees
  • Climbing as high that they are not able to go down
  • Looking how a tadpole becomes a frog

Free and natural games are still possible, they are crucial providing them a happy and complete childhood…Maybe they (or even you) haven’t tried all these thing yet so…What are you waiting for?

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