Today we visit the paly room to play kitchens, something that is always a trend. Everybody has played imagining that we were chefs at home or even outside, collecting things from the forest.What would you have said if you had had one of these toy kitchens with all their details? There is no doubt you would had had a wonderful time like your kids if you include one of them in their play room.

Kids’ shops offer lots of models to satisfy kids. But you can also create your own copy with some furniture and accessories to play in the kids’ room. The will become little chefs!

Chic and Functional Toy Kitchen


Via Micasarevista

This toy kitchen is chic and very romantic with all those textile checkered details and the wicker lamps. Th structure can be easily made with useless modular furniture you have at home. We are sure that kids will be grateful and they will take advantage from their toy. This idea has everything, from a fridge, an oven, a larder and a shelf to keep all the accessories.

Their room must include these amazing spaces to help them to imagine all those imitation games they like. Furthermore, it’s a good way to stimulate their creativity while they add things to the kitchen and have fun.

Retro Handmade Toy Kitchen


Via Flickr

This retro touch is really fun and it will help you to decorate their play room in a beautiful way. This retro toy kitchen has been made with furniture turned into a toy and matching accessories. The small kitchen shows a classic touch and they have used the spice racks to keep their little toys.

Ikea-style Toy Kitchen


Via Decopeques

This toy kitchen is really modern and shares Nordic Style. It’s made with Ikea furniture, creating one of those surprising Ikea hacks we really love. A black and white toy kitchen which matches perfectly with the Scandinavian kids’ room. That beautiful garland adds a bit of colour and party atmosphere that turns these corner in their special play area.