Instagram is always surprising us. The huge choice of things we can find on those wonderful accounts is amazing. Today is @Vasili.lights turn. This account shows lots of different options of very special products: 3D paper lamps.

A Jellyfish Over Our Heads


Although there are many models included in the different atmospheres of this account, this pink jellyfish seems really interesting. The jellyfish perfectly matches every atmosphere. It’s soft, with tentacles that seem to hug us.


You can place it over a table, a sofa or a bed. A great effect which makes kids feel closer to the sea. Is there any animal more interesting than jellyfish? Take a look at its hypnotic movement in your kids’ room.

Goldfish-shaped 3D Paper Lamps


It seems that sea is always linked to these lamps. This is what we can see in those atmospheres with this goldfish. A charming fish that shows its delicate fins, so night can be lighted up to wrap your kids’ room with a cosy look.


We really like the combination of these lamps with other types of hanging elements such as pennants. Fill the atmosphere with dynamism and colour. In addition, you can also use the lampshade (without light) can be used as a cute mobile for a crib, don´t you think?

A Cute Lamp Collage

If these lamps are nice individually imagine the result if you combine them. You can mix several animals, such as fish and jellyfish. A complete aquarium to make your kids dream about deep oceans.


What about turtles? Why not fill the whole room with turtle-shaped lamps? We are totally in love with them. The black and white version can be that “special touch” to every kids’ room.

Pictures from @vasili.lights

All the models at Vasili Lights