If our little ones love a specific theme, maybe we could consider the creation of a themed room. It’s a great idea, as we can decorate it in an original way with just some details. So today we bring 3 themed ideas to decorate children’s rooms.

We start with ideas inspired by the sea and the beach, a great theme to decorate kids’ rooms every summer. Chango shows a wonderful shared kids’ room with anchors and blue tones.

Kids Rooms Inspired by the Sea

We’ve found a great sea-inspired room created by oh.eight.oh.nine. Tarina has chosen soft blue, white and grey tones which show the colour of the sea according to the light on it. The accessories remind us the ocean theme: the world map rug from OYOY, the whales’ print (Coco Lapine KĒTOS) add a vintage touch. There are other details such as the decorative boat or the whale-shaped cushion.


Tropical Kids’ Rooms


We get more inspiration and show a tropical theme. The first picture shows a nursery full of colours inspired by the jungle. You don’t need a lot to get a special kids’ room: a bold wallpaper (think in tropical leaves or exotic birds) in beautiful tones.



Live Loud Girl brings another wall which has taken us into the jungle. There’s no doubt that this wallpaper is perfect to get a great summer space. It’s funny, colourful and very cool.

Kids’ Rooms Inspired by The Circus


We finish with one of their favourite themes: the circus. They love its colours, sounds and animals and it’s a funny inspiration for every kids’ bedroom. This kid’s space is plenty of little yet cheerful details such as the leopard rug or the circus poster. The wall is the focus of attention and shows a good selection of prints.

What do you think about these themed rooms?