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We have learnt a lot of things of the DIY world. It is not only a great source of entertainment for kids while they use recycled materials we have at home but also a good way to add that exclusive touch to the kids’ room. Don’t miss these 3 ideas to get a customized and special space.

Firstly, we can change the wall by creating an imaginary house with some paint. They have added a funny wooden hanger so it’s more realistic and a fireplace with balls inside it. It’s like they had a secret space and it’s a good way to change the room with just a few details. Furthermore, if you use a tone similar to the wall it will be unnoticed but you can use the colour you want. Use the walls as a canvas to create your own murals and add a “that” touch to the room.


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This kids’ shelf is the most original one we have ever seen. A plane that seems to be flying in the room! It’s made of wood and metal, both materials are suitable for Nordic rooms without many colours. It’s a very funny detail although you must admit that you have to be an expert to create it, don’t you think? Do you dare?


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Finally, we are taking  a look to the study area in the kids’ room to find an original and cute desk. It can be folded and hidden when they are not using it to draw or study and it’s inspired by rabbits. It’s the perfect addition to the list of decorative ideas with rabbits we have seen in many others kids’ rooms. If you like working with wood, here you are a functional piece which takes a little space and means a great difference for the decoration.