We really love DIY toys. They are a wonderful way to spend time with our kids while we train their imagination and, furthermore, every piece is unique and customized so they can add all the details required to have their perfect toy!

Today we show you some playthings to make with empty IKEA cardboard packagings. The Swedish company is a cardboard box seekers’ paradise, as most its furniture comes in flat-packed boxes. Why not turn this empty boxes into fabulous fun for your kids?  Here’re some ideas to try with your kids.

DIY Cardboard Stage

ikea-childrens-crafts-cardboard (2)

Do they love playing roles? Well, here you are a way to offer them a great stage with all the elements they can imagine! Some boxes and lots of creativity to get the best scene! You can even add some curtains to get one of those classic stages…they will love it!

 DIY Cardboard Box Town

ikea-childrens-crafts-cardboard (3)

You just need a box and some paint and… voilá! You get this great cardboard tow box. They will spend hours playing with it. You can also create their own track for cars!

Cardboard landscape for your train

ikea-childrens-crafts-cardboard (4)ikea-childrens-crafts-cardboard (5)

What a wonderful cardboard world! Have you seen that landscape plenty of mountains and rivers? It’s as beautiful as easy to make! Just cut some of the boxes and use some tape to get those realistic mountain tops with snow.

DIY Jumping Jack

ikea-childrens-crafts-cardboard (6) ikea-childrens-crafts-cardboard (7)

These funny little friends are full of life and imagination. Jumping Jack will soon become the lovely roommate every kid will love. A rabbit, a cat, a bat…whatever they want! Creativity has not limits!

+ info: Ikea

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