As we are starting a new year, maybe you are considering a change in your little ones’ bedrooms. It’s the perfect moment to think about the kind of change we want to perform and how to do it. Today, we bring some inspiring spaces, from cute bedrooms to study and play areas.

Creative Zone + Storage


Bedrooms are designed to rest, there is no doubt. However, kids’ needs are different from ours. They may require a space to play. If we don´t have a specific room for this purpose, we have to share the space. We really like the solution provided by this room. It lets the bed on one side with the purpose of creating a huge chalkboard wall where they can draw. The best thing about it is that home walls won’t suffer. In addition they can start a new drawing every day.


Apart from this artistic zone, we really love the storage area. We must remember that kids have clothes but also toys. If we use the same room as bedroom and play area, toys must be easily organised. Pay attention to the boxes at the wordrobe’s bottom, they are easy to to take and keep, perfect to keep their toys.

Let’s Colour!


We love colourful kids’ rooms. It’s true that there exist a trend of one-colour spaces  or atmospheres in which walls are not covered with  bright colours, however it doesn’t mean that this is not a good option. In this case, furniture and textile pieces avoid colour to provide the wall with all your attention with that flashy wallpaper. Natural light is an advantage in this case.

In addition, we also like the use of that colourful garland, not only on the wallpaper but also on the walls. The garlands spread those bright colours all around the room, in contrast to that white furniture and exterior light.

A Very Elegant Montessori Bedroom


It’s clear that we love Montessori approach. We like the bedroom style created by this system (similar to this one). The low bed which provides  them with Independence, carpets to play on the floor and  light colours to avoid too much stimulation.


Materials selected for the room (from the bed or shelves to the toys) must also be underlined. This is why there are lots of wicker and wood as well as natural fabrics on the bed and also in the rest of the room. This room is very inspiring and perfect for those who look for a simple decoration avoiding too many colours.

A Space to Play and Learn


If we are lucky enough to have extra space to play and learn, it’s even better. Pay attention to this option. It’s a cute white room (both the floor and the walls). This allows textile, plants, toys and books to provide colours as one of the key concepts in this space is to provide kids with lots of educational materials as well as a tee pee which is- of course- a must.

Images via: myscandinavianhome