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When we think about the decorations of the children’s room we use to consider it as a whole but, sometimes, we fall in love with a specific part where they will feel comfortable. They are great because all of us need our own special space and refuge.

If we want to offer them their own corner, we must decorate it carefully, with special touches. Funny garlands with fantastic illustrations to stimulate their imagination and to get a children’s touch. There are many ideas you must know. Get inspiration to create your own perfect kids’ corner!



If you have an extra space in their room, why not to create a playing area? A place where they can become bosses, with furniture designed for them and games to spend all their day with lots of fun. They will want to stay there forever! Furthermore, if you like combinations, you can choose an eclectic style like this one where unique antique and modern pieces are mixed.


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Creating a space in a kids’ room is a way to use an “useless” space to turn it into a wonderful thing. This idea can be implemented with some simple textiles and some little details to create a space where kids can read or have a rest. This time, they have chosen different textiles but with much white to be combined with a Nordic kids’ room. Is there any kid who does not love being on the floor?


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We have mentioned that wallpapers are a good way to change the look of a room. They are the perfect complement to limítate every space with a funny wall which will become the focus of attention. Some poufs made with natural materials and some textiles you have got a space plenty of personality!

Have you been inspired by those magic corners?