Recently we’ve been spotting more and more blush interiors everywhere. We’ve spotted blush walls in bathrooms, living rooms and even kitchens.  While we are loving this beautiful blush trend for every room in the house, we’re especially keen on it for a kids room.

Blush has a softness, a warmth and calmness all in one which is so perfect for a kids room. Blush mixes well with lots of colours, but we love it best with monochromes, greys and greens. Alternatively, we are also very partial to a wall to wall blush bedroom.

Here are some more blush rooms that we’ve fallen for and we think you will too:

If not an all blush room, white and blush make a great combination too. But it doesn’t have to be blush walls with white decorations. Instead, here we’ve got a white backdrop with lots and lots of blush decor from rugs to baskets to bedding and more. And the white background makes these blush coloured decorations pop even more.

We are loving this whimsical blush room. We love how the colour blush lends itself to so many moods and styles of room. Here blush is complemented with touches of green which is another colour combo that works so well. But most of all, we are loving the moody, magical feel that all the blush decorations help create.

Blush and grey feels like it’s a match made in heaven!  It doesn’t matter what shade of grey you use, from lightest to darkest, it just works so well with blush.  Both colours are calming and warm so, together they create a wonderful, inviting space for kids.

An all blush room can look super stunning by mixing different shades of blush from the palest to much darker tones. We are loving the combination of the soft blush bedding against the dark wall – just beautiful.

There are lots of ways to create a blush room for your kids but from all the ways, we are definitely very partial to an all blush look with different shades of blush.  What’s your favourite look?

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