Desks are a must since they start school until their finish their degree. Yes, a desk is a piece of furniture which is really useful. However, it’s clear that they can’t use the same one when they are 5 and 23. It’s a size matter. Today we show you some ideas for those first desks. These ideas are full of charm to get unique bedrooms with their own soul.

Desks with Vintage Touch


We really like this kind of desks. They are perfect for the little ones and they remind our school desks. They are like the typical desk which could be opened at the top to keep books and those things. Although materials can vary we can´t deny that wood adds a lovely touch. The chair is also similar to those used at schools, its simple design will be the perfect complement.

Small Desks with Funny Chairs


Maybe you want a simple desk, just a table with a couple of drawers, or without them. A flat surface is enough to work properly. Maybe a wooden board attached to the wall could be an option. In those cases in which we look for simplicity, imagination is a must. Take a look at this funny chair with rabbit ears; it’s the perfect partner for this kind of desks.

A Custom-Made Desk


Custom-made furniture is an advantage when there is not much space. Maybe it’s more expensive than standard pieces but it’s clear that it looks better. Use the whole wall as a desk, and it also uses this corner to include drawers. Extra storage is always a good idea.

A Funny Desk



Finally, here you are an example of desks which makes us fall in love. Do you remember those house structures used in beds? Well,  this desks also uses this idea. Yes, a house-shaped closed desk which will become the perfect refuge to do homework or just to read a book.

Images via: kinderkamerstylistvtwonennofredbloglovinlivelovehome