Our little ones’ world can also be Bohemian, as this style matches kids’ philosophy. It’s full of freedom, colours and creativity. If you like that casual touch in the children’s room, we suggest creating a very Bohemian space. Here are five rooms to get some stunning ideas, like this one from Pink Rug co where details are just a few but all of them are really well selected. An ethnic rug, some handmade accessories, a decorative branch and a chest of drawers with vintage-style wood.


In the kids’ room created by @sannehoop, and seen on I love queen Charlotte, we can find other ideas where natural and casual items are the focus of attention in Bohemian atmospheres. Trendy wicker baskets and branches to decorate the walls are used to create a Bohemian space, as this style uses everything to build something beautiful. A very natural and delicate atmosphere full of personality.


Babies can also have that Bohemian spirit so parents will enjoy while they create a cool space for them, like this one from Almostmakesperfect. The mobile over the crib is really original and modern but the most Bohemian touch is provided by those ethnic fabrics on the ladder and, of course, the wicker chair and basket.


In this room from Belivindesign, we can find a Bohemian soul with that funny mix of fabrics, a vintage and casual touch for space. They create a space to read and rest with just some mats and colourful cushions with different shapes. The Bohemian world allows crazy mixes! The final party look is created with those great garlands.


Baba Souk offers another wonderful idea, with that colourful rug full made with dyed recycled textiles. Recycling is another philosophy from the Bohemian world, so we can find lots of vintage elements and fabric leftovers. The rug immediately upgrades your decor with a boho-artsy vibe and fills the whole room with joy!

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