We think baby & kids’ clothes have to be comfortable and give enough room for kids to move around all day. A careful selection of fabrics and dyes is also essential in children’s clothes production for avoiding allergic substances. And finally, a fun and playful approach is always welcome (they’re kids!).

Rompers, playsuits, leggings or shorts are good options for a comfy summer look, don’t you think?

Today we’ve picked up some looks and brands that offer easy-to-wear clothes, unisex basics for the little kids. From minimalist to funky style, here are some new labels and outfits that caught our attention.

5 Cool Looks for Babies & Kids


Jack & Hedley – When we saw this collection on Bloessem kids, immediately we fell in love with its minimalist garments. You can find with basics with a neutral colour palette, marble leggings and tees with text for kids aged 0 to 4 years.


Hugo Loves Tiki  – It’s a unisex brand that is inspired by the European lifes. French language and food  are two sources of inspiration for the label’s prints and illustrations. A fun, simple and cool collection!


Mad about Mini – It’s a unisex fashion label that creates basics for babies and toddlers aged 0 to 2 years. They offer three unique prints: crackle, lazy leopard and otus owl, easy to mix and match.


Rags apparel – It’s a US based label that offers comfy and cool rags for the whole family. Take a look at their rompers and tees for infant and children.They’re irresistible! (photo)


Sweet Luka Mo – We’ve discovered this label thanks to the lovely Marie from CozyKidz. They make modern, sustainable baby and kids’ clothes built to withstand fun times, drawing our inspiration from city life, the local arts, and the adventures of urban kids.